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Super Hotel Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Richest Man in the World

Super Hotel Tycoon is a quirky idle game for Android and iOS devices, that puts you in charge of your very own hotel business. While that sounds fancy and glamorous, you actually start off with a rundown business with a single room. That’s because the hotel you will be managing was just handed off to you by your best friend who impulsively started the business without knowing how to run it properly.

Right before he goes bankrupt, he hands over the reigns to you. It may not be the best way to start a business, but with a little work, you will be able to add more rooms, improve the interiors, build additional floors, and even get extra income from small businesses. Soon, you will be able to make enough money to build new hotels in exciting locations like Paris and Tokyo. Stay with us and read our Super Hotel Tycoon beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies in order to build a hotel empire and become the richest man in the world!

1. Unlock New Rooms

As we mentioned earlier, you start the game with just one room. You can have up to four rooms in each floor. There are three floors in the initial hotel, and you will be able to add more floors to it later on. Make sure you prioritize unlocking the rooms at the bottom of the hotel. These are the cheapest rooms to unlock, so it makes more sense to open them up and have them make money instead of holding on to your cash while you wait until you have enough to unlock the higher floors.

how to unlock new rooms in super hotel tycoon

All rooms make the same amount of money, regardless of the floor. The only difference in income would be the upgrade level of each room. This is another reason why there is no point in unlocking a room on a higher floor first.

2. Open Up The Business Areas

On the left side of the hotel, above the reception, are the business floors. These floors give you extra income, but they cost a bit more than the rooms you unlock. Unlike the rooms, you only get one business per floor and it costs a ton to upgrade them. That being said, it is still a good idea to unlock them as soon as you can afford them because they add to your overall income. Just make sure you still prioritize the rooms since those make up the bulk of your income.

3. Upgrade The Bottom Rooms First

Just like with opening up new rooms, it makes sense to upgrade the rooms and businesses starting at the bottom. Upgrade costs increase as you go up the floors, making it less efficient to spend on higher floors. The game gives you three upgrade options, which you can toggle at the top right area of the upgrade screen. You can purchase one upgrade at a time, ten upgrades at a time, or the maximum possible depending on your available money.

how to upgrade the bottom rooms in super hotel tycoon

It is generally a good idea to stick to the ten upgrades per purchase. The single upgrade option will take forever, especially when you reach higher levels. Choosing the max option will make your upgrade uneven. When upgrading, you will notice a bar beside each room in the upgrade screen. When you fill up that bar, the room will transform to the next class. For example, a Standard Room will transform into an Economic room once you fill up the bar. The higher the class of the room, the more you will earn from it.

4. Multiply Your Earnings, Here’s How

how to multiply earnings in super hotel tycoon

On the left side of the screen, you will see an orange 2X icon. Tap on it to open an ad offer window. This is where you can watch video advertisements in exchange for doubling your earnings for 2 hours. You can watch consecutive videos to extend the 2-hour buff duration for up to a maximum of 6 hours. When you max out the 6-hour duration for the first time each day, you get bonus Diamonds, the premium currency of the game. Make sure you always have the 2X buff activated in order to maximize your earnings. Even if you are busy, try to return to the game every 6 hours to reactivate the buff. Unlike in most other idle games, progress slows down by a lot in this game if you do not have the 2x buff activated. It will take you forever to reach the next star rating if you rely on your basic income.

5. Increase Your Hotel’s Star Rating

At the top right section of your screen is a star icon. Tap on it to see your hotel’s current star rating, the perks you were able to unlock, and, most importantly, the requirements for the next star. You will see those requirements at the top right of the star window. It usually involves unlocking all the rooms in the current hotel then upgrading them to a certain level. Once you meet the requirements, you just need to have a specific amount of cash then tap on the Rate button in the star window.

how to increase hotel star rating in super hotel tycoon

Every time you unlock a new star, you get another floor for your hotel along with a new business and a few more rooms. You also get to raise the maximum level of your existing rooms further. Upgrading your hotel’s star level is also a common requirement for leveling up your existing businesses.

6. Hire Hotel Staff

At this point, you’re probably wondering what to do with your Diamonds. The best thing to do with them is to spend them on your hotel staff. Tap on the bellhop icon at the top right of your screen to open up the staff menu. You can hire different kinds of managers that will help boost your income in some way. The most important manager you can hire, though, is The Hotel Manager. He increases all kinds of revenue for your hotel, so make sure you prioritize unlocking and upgrading him.

how to hire hotel staff in super hotel tycoon

The Room Manager and The Business Manager increase revenue from room pay and businesses respectively. You should upgrade them after The Hotel Manager since they both impact your basic income. The last two are the Offline Manager and Serve Manager. The Offline Manager increases your offline earnings while the Serve Manager increases your earnings when you are online. Choose who to invest more in depending on how actively you play the game. If you are offline a lot, choose The Offline Manager. If you can keep your device online, the choose The Serve Manager.

7. Keep An Eye Out For Investors

super hotel tycoon investors

Every few minutes, a speech bubble will pop up on the right side of the screen. It will either contain Diamonds or cash. Either way, just tap on it as soon as you see it. This speech bubble is from a potential investor. He will offer you a certain amount of Diamond or cash in exchange for watching a video advertisement. Always accept this offer, especially if he is giving you Diamonds. Investment offers scale depending on your progress, so you will be able to earn a considerable amount depending on what your current income is.

8. Double Your Offline Earnings

how to increase offline earnings in super hotel tycoon

As with any other idle game, you earn money when you are offline. When you return, all your earnings will be presented to you, and you will be given the option to double it by watching a video advertisement. If you were away for a significant amount of time, it is best if you accept the offer. Doubling your offline earnings will give you a great boost in income that can be used to upgrade several rooms or businesses. The only time you can safely decline this offer is if you were only away for a few minutes and the earnings would hardly be worth the time you spend watching an ad.

9. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

Aside from getting Diamond investments, the only other way to earn premium currency for free is through Achievements. The game rewards you varying amounts of Diamonds depending on the milestones you reach. The bigger the milestone, the better the reward will be. The milestones could be about the number of customers you have welcomed into your hotel, the number of rooms unlocked, the investment ads you watched, and so on.

super hotel tycoon achievement rewards

Tap on the trophy icon to see which Achievements are close to being completed and focus on those. You will see a red dot on the trophy icon if there are rewards waiting to be claimed. Claim them as soon as possible then invest them into your hotel staff.

10. Open Up New Hotels

After all your hard work, you will eventually be able to reach five stars in your initial hotel. There isn’t much to there other than wait for more money to roll in. At this point, the only logical step is to open up a new hotel elsewhere. Open up the map and check the other locations available. There are different requirements for each location, so they won’t all be available right away. Just tap on any available location to start your new hotel there.

Building a hotel empire isn’t easy. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Super Hotel Tycoon beginner’s guide to ensure your success! If you happen to know additional tips or strategies for the game, please let us know using the comment section below!