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Super Cat Tales Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Complete More Levels

Super Cat Tales is a new iOS-only platformer from FDG Mobile Games, and in here, you are placed in the role of Alex the Cat, as you search to find your feline siblings and explore a mysterious island. You’ll have to use two thumbs to control Alex and his siblings, which means climbing, swimming, jumping, and running, though you’ll need to use the right cat for the job. All in all, there are six cats with their own special abilities, more than 50 levels, and cute graphics that go well with the premise of the game. Can you find them all, and how far can you go in overcoming the various challenges that lie ahead of you?

Need help in finding more of Alex’s siblings? Having trouble completing any of the game’s levels? This isn’t really the most difficult of mobile games to play, but it won’t always be a walk in the park. This list of Super Cat Tales tips, cheats and tricks will show you what to do to complete more levels, as well as meet more of the other cats in the game.

1. Replay Levels To Collect All The Bells Needed

There will be times in the game where you’ll need to have a given number of bells so that you can continue. These bells are randomly placed in the levels, and while you some of them are right there for the taking, others are more cleverly hidden. You might need the help of a cat to find those bells, and you will be able to unlock cats as you complete more levels. If you aren’t able to find the bells in your first go-around in a level, you can always go back at a later time and replay the level.

2. Meet The Cats

We won’t give you the lowdown on all the cats in Super Cat Tales, but we can start you out with some basic information on where to find the first three, and what these cats do. First off is Brutus, whom you will first meet in World 2-2. He’s the big cat, and he specializes in breaking through those white blocks with his powerful dash move. Shinji appears in World 2-7, and he’s capable of surviving strong currents as the best swimmer among the six cats. And in World 3-Home, Kuro will be introduced as the miner cat, allowing you to see your way through dark areas in the levels.

Although those abilities are explained straight away once you encounter those cats (and the others) for the first time, they also have some hidden abilities. Using Shinji as an example, he can dash into the water to skip across; he’s not just good in swimming, apparently. Hold down on your screen in the direction you’re moving in so you can have him skip left or right.

3. Be On The Lookout For Hidden Levels

There are some levels that have more than one finish line. Look carefully in all of the levels, because you might see an unusual finish line. Normally, they’ve got the standard black and white checkered design, but if a finish line is red, that means there’s a hidden exit leading into a secret level. For example, you’ll see one on World 3-4 near the regular exit. Look for the water current where you and Shinji need to pass by, and you’ll find the secret exit at that point. Don’t rush through the levels with this mind, and explore carefully.

4. Collect The Red Coins Once You See Them

Go for whatever coins you see in the levels, may they be the common coins or the far rarer red coins. If you’re able to collect all the red coins in a level, you’ll get a bell for your troubles. Keep in mind, though, that not all of the levels come with red coins; they also look very much like the common coins, so it may be easy to miss them at times. Just keep collecting those coins whenever you see them, and don’t think of the color. Unless, of course, they’re obviously red ones.

5. Don’t Disregard The Dead Ends

The dead ends in this game might seem just like that, but if you look carefully, you might see some hidden stuff. Look for that open space when the screen stops scrolling, and look around carefully. Who knows, you just might find one of the required bells in there when the screen shifts abruptly. Also make sure to look above you and below you. One example would be in World 2-Home, as there’s a key and bell found below Windy Harbor. Unless you actually go there, the screen won’t scroll accordingly, so keep that in mind when you’re in that level.

And that’s all there is to it. If you’ve enjoyed our set of tips and tricks for Super Cat Tales, or know even more of hints, that we haven’t listed in this guide, feel free to drop us a line!