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Super Cat Tales 2 Guide: Tips & Tricks to Beat All Levels

Alex the cat is back with a brand-new adventure in Super Cat Tales 2! The highly anticipated sequel to Super Cat Bros lets you meow away a boring day once again as Alex takes on the mysterious invaders of Nekoland. Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game guarantees hours of intense platform action as you go through over 100 levels of colorful pixel art challenges. This time around, you can explore villages and equip items that will help you take down your enemies.

Uncover the hidden secrets of Nekoland and drive off the invaders once and for all. You can also unlock new cats to play with in order to keep things interesting. Choose your favorite cat hero to stomp your opponents with. The game’s simple controls make it easy to pick up but nearly impossible to master. Be sure to read our list of Super Cat Tales 2 tips, tricks and hints if you want to beat all the levels!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

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Super Cat Tales 2 has one of the simplest controls you could possible find in a platformer. You only get to tap left or right, and double tap if you want to dash. If you come across a gap, you will automatically jump. If you encounter a wall, you will automatically climb it. That does not mean, however, that the game will be easy. In fact, the simple controls can sometimes be the reason why the game is so hard. Timing and presence of mind is important because you need to be able to make that split-second decision of which direction to tap. When you get to a vertical corridor, you will need to tap in the opposite direction of a wall just as you jump towards it in order to jump off it. This takes a lot of practice to master, so don’t be discouraged if you struggle with it at first.

Once you are used to controls, you can start aiming for Perfect runs. If you take minimal damage throughout the level, you will earn a Perfect bonus. You will also notice a crown on the level marker when you return to the level selection screen. Once you attain a Perfect rating, you won’t need to replay it unless you are missing some bells.

2. Use The Right Cat

As we mentioned above, there are several cats available that you can unlock. These new cats are not just for aesthetic purposes, though. Each one has a unique ability that can help you overcome obstacles. For example, the default cat has the ability to climb walls without getting tired. Other cats will get exhausted after climbing for a while. If you encounter a stage with particularly high walls, you will need to revert to the default cat in order to complete it. Another example is Sergeant McMeow’s ability to dash through enemies without taking a time penalty. This can help you breeze through levels that are filled with monsters. Some cats are better for fighting, while others are for getting over obstacles. Learn to switch between your cats in order to complete levels with ease.

3. Find Those Bells

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Each level has up to three bells hidden in it. Take time to explore each stage in order to find these bells. You might need to go back to earlier parts of a stage to look for bells. Other bells are hidden in places that you think may be out of reach. Try to go through areas in unconventional ways. You will be surprised how many passages are hiding in plain sight. Keep your eyes peeled for bells that are in odd locations. If you see a bell that looks impossible to reach, there would most likely be a trick to getting to it. Sometimes, that trick would be to use a different cat. If you can’t figure out how to get to a bell, try to replay the level once you have unlocked other cats.

4. Master The Speed Runs

One of the goals you will have in Super Cat Tales 2 is to complete levels in as little time as possible. When you are aiming for a speed run goal, you will have to play differently. Ignore all the bells you see and dash as often as possible. Sergeant McMeow is perfect for speed runs because you can just keep dashing through enemies without worrying about penalties. You will need to practice a bit in order to memorize the layout of each level. Once you know a level like the back of your hand, you will instinctively make all the right jumps and turns without having to slow down.

5. Pick Up A Lot Of Coins

how to unlock new cats in super cat tales 2

In Super Cat Tales 2 coins are scattered throughout each level. When you start out, you won’t have much use for coins but you should collect them anyway. You will gain access to shops once you reach Hikari City. Complete that level and you will be able to go to the shops by tapping on the button on the top right corner of the screen. You can purchase various boosts from the shops. Boosts provide different benefits for players. The band aid, for example, reduces stun time and only costs 250 coins. Another example is the genie lamp that doubles your coin earnings, if you can spare 5,000 coins to buy it.

The best item to spend your coins on depends on your play style. If you are struggling to complete levels, you may need to buy the band aid or scuba to make things easier. If your priority is to get all the bells, the cape and shovel may be the right items for you. The genie lamp’s double coin bonus is great and you are free to save up for it if you aren’t in a hurry to buy the other items as well. Otherwise, you may want to prioritize gameplay items that will make replaying levels easier. The last thing you want would be to miserably crawl through the levels just so you can afford that 5,000-coin price tag.

Nekoland needs your help! Gather your cat heroes and save the day with the help of our Super Cat Tales 2 tips and tricks above! In case you’ve come across additional tips for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comments!


Tuesday 16th of April 2019

you can earn cats,info,and bells with the magic flute