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Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena Tips, Cheats & Hints to Defeat Your Enemies

Multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, games have exploded in recent years with such titles now making appearances in the mobile gaming world. Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena is the newest contender in this genre and is available for Android and iOS devices. This free to play game boasts of intuitive controls that are made specifically for mobile devices. March onto the classic three-lane map and work with your teammates in order to achieve victory! If you find yourself on a losing streak, you can always check out our Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena tips, cheats and tricks to help you win!

1. Make Sure You Have A Stable Connection

The golden rule for any MOBA game is to never play with a bad connection. Not only will you most like have a bad time playing, you will be taking your teammates down with you. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before starting a game. Keep in mind that the game synchronizes the battles for ten people. Your opponents will happily chop your head off if they see that your character’s delayed reactions. Stay connected if you want to stay alive.

2. Focus On A Couple of Heroes

As of this writing, there are 26 different heroes in Strike of Kings. It is highly likely that more heroes will be added in the future. As a beginner, you don’t need to master all of these heroes right away. In fact, trying to master them all will just get you overwhelmed and stuck. Just pick a couple of heroes that you like, preferably with different roles. Focus on mastering the heroes that you pick. Make sure you know more than one hero just in case your first choice gets picked by someone else.

3. Farm Enemy Troops

If you are familiar with MOBA games, you will know just how important last hitting troops are. Doing this will give you added gold that will be crucial in building items you need. Last hitting means dealing the killing strike to an enemy. This takes a lot of practice, especially since different heroes have different damage output. Practice last hitting troops with normal attacks because this will be your bread and butter in the beginning of every game. During the late part of the game, you can abuse your skills in order to clear more enemy troops quickly.

4. Learn Alternate Builds

There are dozens of items available for you to build when playing Strike of Kings. While there are recommended items for you to equip on your hero, you should still explore other possible builds. The reason for that is every game is different. You can’t expect the same set of items to be effective each time. There will be games wherein you need to adjust according to the situation. For example, if your team has fallen behind, it might be better if you pursue lower cost items first instead of still pursuing an expensive item.

5. Communicate With Your Team

Always remember that you are playing a team game. A lot of new players get frustrated when their teammates make mistakes. The problem is, a single player cannot win the game alone. That is why instead of focusing on your team’s mistakes, you need to communicate with them properly in order to win. Getting frustrated will only make your team lose even more.

It’s time to queue up and battle players from all over the world in Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you in order to win!