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Street Dude: Homeless Empire Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies and Make the Hood Great Again

Do you aspire to become a homeless person? Have you ever wondered about what adventures await the life of a hobo on the streets? Do you relish the thought of rummaging through every trash bin on sight? Well, your answers to all these questions are probably a hard, resounding “NO!”. But what if, just what if, you can experience a unique virtual adventure as a man of the streets, with trash bins as your unlimited source of everything and the entire hood as your kingdom to conquer?

street dude homeless empire cover

SayGames’ Street Dude: Homeless Empire lets you take on the role of Sam, a bum down on his luck but has what it takes to be more than just another anonymous homeless guy. Starting your adventure with literally nothing but the rags you are wearing, Street Dude: Homeless Empire takes you through a long and winding journey not just through the suburbs, but also through various locations that offer rewards and challenges you certainly would never expect.

Just like every other hyper-casual game from SayGames, Street Dude: Homeless Empire is as simple as it comes, with gameplay mechanics and a user interface that even complete beginners will surely easily understand. The basic idea revolves around getting items off of trash bins and other sources and spending them to expand the map, hire henchmen, or trade for other commodities. You only need 1 finger to move about and interact with everything as picking up, paying, and even attacking enemies are all automated.

street dude homeless empire boss

The game is very easy for the most part and you will find yourself quickly making progress through the initial areas and challenges. Admittedly enough, grinding for specific materials can be tough at the latter levels and enemies slowly become troublesome as well.

If you have just started your adventure or are somewhere in the middle of it and want the fastest and most efficient way to become king of the streets, we have you covered. Read on and check out our Street Dude: Homeless Empire Guide for a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to make the hood great again!

street dude homeless empire gameplay

1. Focus On One Target At A Time

Street Dude: Homeless Empire sets you up ready and able to expand your territory as soon as you jump in on the adventure. As a beginner, it might take you a while to realize that the trash bins and other resource spots around have a one-time use but each one replenishes its supplies in just a minute or so.

street dude homeless empire power

There is an abundance of trash bins and other containers to rummage through in Street Dude: Homeless Empire and most areas will also often present choices concerning how you move forward. While this can rally excitement and motivation, having several choices available all at once can also become a source of confusion. In this sense, it becomes important to take a breather and focus on one task or target at a time.

street dude homeless empire target

In some cases, there will be similar requirements for the same expansion target but a little later, a new item will be introduced, which comes from a different source or a product of crafting. So long as there are choices on how you should proceed moving forward, it will always be best to focus on one task at a time, with the easiest one to accomplish being the priority.

Tasks are largely in line with opening up new areas but some shops or NPCs trade one resource for another, provide upgrades for weapons, or even people who will work for you for a price. As a general rule, you should consider these side by side with the expansion objectives and spend resources on them as soon as you can. For the other hobos to hire, though, you will only be able to do that once you have defeated all 5 bosses in the area.

street dude homeless empire tasks

2. Choose Your Perks Wisely

Street Dude: Homeless Empire might initially appear to be an endless looping hyper-casual game but it follows a progression system that will surprise most casual game players. Unlocking areas as well as reaching new levels give it a role-playing game feel while maintaining the simplicity and relative ease of casual games.

With every expansion you unlock as well as every enemy you defeat, you earn experience points. Experience points fill up the yellow meter beside your portrait and once it is full, you reach a new level. Each new level reached not only gives you a new title but comes with an increase in your general stats. Beyond that, you will also get to choose 1 from among the 3 perks presented to you. Perks are permanent and can no longer be changed once you claim them, so be sure to choose wisely each time.

street dude homeless empire perks

Considering each type of perk available, we can consider each one to be of equal importance. Whether it will give you an HP boost, an attack increase, or a speed buff, each one will certainly make you stronger moving forward. Some perks also increase the number of items you can obtain, whether from bins and storages or piles of resources, you can grab through the respective ad campaigns. If you are having a difficult time choosing from among the available perks, simply consider your personal preferences and play style and go for what you feel suits your needs best.

Street Dude: Homeless Empire often presents a premium choice of sorts from among the 3 perks to choose from when you level up. The golden border and background of the perk should already hint at how better it is compared to the other 2 choices. Although you will have to play a 5 to 30-second video ad to claim it, these perks are well worth the effort since they are a percentage higher than regular perks.

street dude homeless empire perks 2

3. Master Boss Strategies Easily

Collecting resources and unlocking new areas within the zone is just a fraction of the measures of progression you have in Street Dude: Homeless Empire. There are enemy hobos that continue to pop up in certain locations and will continue to be aggressive toward you once you get within a certain proximity of them. Initially, the enemies will not be a problem at all but expect to face stronger ones as you proceed further with your journey.

street dude homeless empire enemy

Within each zone, Street Dude: Homeless Empire provides you 5 bosses to defeat. The first 4 ones will drop a key and you will need all 4 keys to unlock the area where the zone’s final boss awaits you. Each boss has a lot more HP than the minions you fight randomly and each one also has a special move or weapon. For the most part, the bosses’ relatively larger physique can be intimidating especially combined with their unique appearance. However, each one is susceptible to practically the same tactic you can use over and over.

street dude homeless empire chinatown

About 4 of every 5 bosses in each zone is a melee weapon users. This means that they have close-range attacks and must go near you to try and damage you. These bosses will generate red marks that indicate their attack’s area of effect. Whether it is a circle around them or a line in front of them, simply avoiding the red marks will keep you safe from their attack. Note, however, that there is a boss that moves toward you while spinning around, so be sure to keep a safe distance from them while they are attacking.

street dude homeless empire boss enemy

There is always a boss enemy that is armed with a gun or ranged weapon. These bosses will not have those red marks and, given that they have ranged attacks, will not have to move close to you to deal damage. These bosses are not necessarily more difficult than the other ones. There are long gaps between the time they shoot at you although some of them will shoot multiple times before pausing to reload.

street dude homeless empire attack

For all bosses, whether melee types or ranged types, you simply need them to launch an attack, then proceed to attack them afterward. The same dodge and strike tactic applies to everyone and you can easily manage to defeat them without taking damage. Running around in circles will do the trick for most of them, especially the ranged types.

Running around any boss and waiting for them to strike before coming in close for a series of attacks will work flawlessly across all boss enemies. If anything, just avoid being too greedy and only land hits well within the period between the bosses’ attacks.

Defeating any boss does not just give you a huge chunk of experience points and a key. Some of them have clothing you can acquire if you go near their passed-out bodies. Once you are close enough, there will be a quick indicator of securing a gear from them and while the garments do not affect your stats, sporting a different look every once in a while can reduce or eliminate monotony.

street dude homeless empire garment

4. Hire As Many People As You Can

Unlocking every area in the zone and defeating all 5 bosses does not necessarily mean you are done with that zone. Although you will be moving to the next one for your next adventure, finally being the boss of the current zone has additional perks that you should fully enjoy. If you came across some NPCs in certain areas who say that they will follow you if you become the boss or anything to that effect, now would be the best time to get back to each of them.

street dude homeless empire zone

Although the map in Street Dude: Homeless Empire will not show you the locations of these NPCs much like other important locations, the map still presents your current location and the layout of the whole zone. You can view the map by tapping on its icon at the lower left side of your screen and you can scroll in any direction as each zone is a lot bigger than what it can show on the screen.

street dude homeless empire map

The map shows you and the location of the bosses. Red areas are to be conquered as well. Some icons look like trashcan lids and these let you fast-travel to different areas instantly. In any case, what you would want to do after conquering a zone and becoming its boss is to head back to where your potential henchmen lie waiting and spend whatever resources are needed to recruit them.

The cost of hiring the other hobos is not that much. Part of its challenge is that you may have forgotten where some of those resources can be obtained given that clearing a zone would mean you have gone through a lot of scavenging already.

hiring hobos in street dude homeless empire

In terms of finding the needed materials, there are arrows scattered across the map to help you find the way. You can always choose to pack up more than what you currently need to ensure that you will always have more than enough of every resource. While a lot of the resources in the next zone will be different from the current one, there are still plenty that you will have some use for later, and some can be traded for more generic ones like cash, which will be useful throughout your adventure.

You might get the impression that your newly-recruited henchmen will always be by your side to defend you from enemies in the zones you have already conquered. However, henchmen will only help you gather resources from that zone. As much as you may not readily need the resources they gather as you will be adventuring on the next zone, you can never really tell if those resources will be needed for other zones you will travel to later.

Having henchmen is required for you to generate idle income, which naturally comes in the form of resources. This means that while you can readily proceed to the next zone after defeating the fifth boss in the zone, it is best to recruit followers immediately. While you are at it, you might as well hire everyone you can in the zone as more recruits mean more resources earned idly.

street dude homeless empire offline income

Conquering a zone and finally becoming its boss is not the end of the challenges within that zone. Rival gangsters will randomly attack the zone and you will have to be around to defend it. In these instances, your hired helpers will do their best to defend but will always likely fold without your help.

Whenever your enemies successfully attack your territory, they will be able to steal some of the idle earnings your troops have collected in your base. Likewise, having conquered more territories give rise to a higher probability of being attacked.

defending a region in street dude homeless empire

5. You Can Gather Resources While Idle

Although you will continue to earn resources idly even if you are offline and away from the game so long as you have hired help, every new zone or even new area you come to in Street Dude: Homeless Empire will often require resources or materials that are relatively new to you. In this sense, you will have to rely on manually gathering these resources to continue unlocking new areas as well as be able to afford upgrades and trades.

Resource spots have cool-down periods before a new set of items is generated. While it takes just a few seconds for each bin or container to be restocked with items, it can seem painstakingly long if you are actually in front of it waiting. Given that the farther your adventure progresses the more resources you need to move forward; it can certainly become a grueling chore to keep manually collecting specific resources you need.

street dude homeless empire bottles

Alternatively, what we can recommend is for you to consider gathering resources idly. You can just stand close to a trash bin or any resource spot and leave your device on for a few minutes or so to continuously gather items while you do something else. You can choose to find a single source of items but it is best to find a pair that you can both reach while standing still. Even if you will only be facing one as you collect some loot, you will automatically face the other so long as it is within proximity.

Another thing to consider while doing this is to ensure that there are no enemies that will spawn close to you and attack you while you are not looking at your device. In as much as your character will switch its attention across loot sources while gathering items, the same does not efficiently apply when you are being attacked. This means that even a relatively weak enemy can easily off you if you are on AFK mode.

street dude homeless empire resource

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Street Dude: Homeless Empire has its share of video ads. Some pop up at milestones while you play, like when you have just fully paid to unlock a new area and so on. These video ads, regardless of their length, can be skipped in just 5 seconds.

Despite that, some players may still find the presence of these ads annoying or even distracting. It is important to keep in mind, though, that video ads exist in free mobile games, most especially casual and hyper-casual ones to ensure they will be available for everyone to enjoy for free as well as sustain its continuous development.

street dude homeless empire ad boost

In any case, Street Dude: Homeless Empire is not an online game and you can always opt to play offline by simply turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data. While playing offline is guaranteed to prevent any kind of video ad to pop up, it also prevents you from taking advantage of the game’s numerous ad boosts.

The skippable video ads that randomly pop up are the only ones that do not give you anything in return for watching them. For the rest of the video ads you will see, each one carries benefits that are hard to resist so chances are that you will voluntarily want to play as many of them as you can.

One of our favorite ad boosts appears when you go back into the game after a short or long break. As a sort of welcoming you back, you will earn idle resources collected by your henchmen. Before claiming it, you will be presented with an option to play a 5 to 30-second video ad to double the amount of every resource you will get. We already mentioned premium perks early on and whenever you are presented with an opportunity to grab them, you should naturally go for it.

street dude homeless empire bow

Finally, there are resource piles scattered across the map and these resource piles will always offer huge chunks of resources that you coincidentally need for the nearby objectives. Although there are always alternatives to patronizing resource piles, rummaging manually through bins for several minutes or going idle farming as we discussed earlier will net you the same amount of resources being offered, getting those resources within 5 to 30 seconds is effectively a tremendous speed boost.

Speaking of freebies, you will also have access to a bow a little later in your adventure but arrows will not be as easy to acquire. Inside the shop that you can access via the shopping cart icon on the lower left side of the screen, you can claim 10 arrows for free once every 24 hours. You will probably be hesitant to expend arrows on most enemies you encounter but if you struggle with any boss, arrows will make any battle easier.

street dude homeless empire ammo supply

There you have it! This wraps up our guide for Street Dude: Homeless Empire. Hopefully, the tips we shared with you will be sufficient to make your entire adventure at least half as easy to progress. Just in case you stumbled upon something we have yet to discover, you are very much welcome to tell us about it in the comment area!


Saturday 23rd of September 2023

Good morning, I'm on livelo 86, I can't move forward in the game, I'm in the colline dell opulenza, someone tell me what I have to do, thank you


Wednesday 19th of July 2023

Does the game max out at some time? Seems I don't have anything else to do.


Wednesday 14th of June 2023

I fell behind a trash bin full of juice boxes and can’t get out. Any ideas?

Floydette CrazyD

Tuesday 18th of July 2023

@M, Bring up the map and teleport somewhere. Or restart the game as it always puts you a little further away from where you logged out.


Tuesday 25th of April 2023

Looking for the 2nd green key in China town. Or the 3rd. I'm pretty good at these games and went back over 5 times. Maybe I wasted the first key because now I can't unlock what's next... Help would be fukkin sweet


Friday 7th of April 2023

What are the shelters for?