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Storm Casters Ultra Cheats: 5 Killer Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Storm Casters Ultra is an exciting new game developed by Get Set Games for iOS mobile devices The game can be filed under the dungeon crawler RPG category, and it’s from the same company that gave us Mega Jump and Mega Run. According to the game’s description , you’ll have to find and collect rare (over 70 of them) Battle Cards which contain new spells, use your powers to fight enemies, and evolve your character until you turn into a mighty Storm Caster.

This game starts out with your character “lost and alone,” having just escaped from your burning village, as you face the entrance of a dungeon. That’s where the adventure kicks off, though that adventure will undoubtedly be easier if you follow our list of Storm Casters Ultra cheats, tips and tricks. Let’s get to them.

1. Hit And Run

This holds true especially in the early parts of the game, where you meet your first enemies. They only use melee attacks for the most part, so what you should do here is to hit and run, and always be on the go. There’s no need to move that close to an enemy, as your hero automatically fires at whichever enemy is closest while you’re holding down the attack button. Be on the go and stay on the move and you’ll usually be fine.

2. About Locking Your Cards

Before entering a dungeon, you will be asked whether you want to lock one of your three random cards. Locking cards allows you to keep them even if you shuffle for new cards. But before you choose a card to lock, you should, of course, look at them first and make a wise choice that could meet your needs. If you need or want gold, for instance, you should lock a card such as Gambler’s Dice or Trader’s Bond. Also remember that shuffling cards requires gold, and that there are cards that work better with other cards.

3. There Is No Energy Limit

Unlike other dungeon crawling RPGs, there are no energy constraints in Storm Casters. Yes, you will be under time pressure, but as you earn more gold, you’ll get more time and become stronger in your attacks. And the main thing is that there isn’t an energy limit – you can keep on running without having to worry about running out of the proverbial gas.

4. Keep That Bomb Card Stashed Until You Need It

The Blast Bomb is one of the starter cards, and it’s an especially useful one, as it allows a random chance of blast bombs dropping in the dungeon. If you play this card, the blast bomb will explode on top of your hero, dealing a whole lot of damage against your enemies. That’s all well and good, but this card is best saved for boss battles, where you’ll need to inflict much more damage than usual.

5. Explore For More Gold If You’re Out Of Time With Not Much On You

In the event that you don’t have any weapon power-ups or item cards, with your time ticking, you’ll want to leave a floor and try to explore for additional gold. The time pressure may be hard to deal with, but it just takes practice – you’ll soon know the best times to push forward and the best times to take a breather and explore for gold.