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Stone Skimming (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Stone Skimming is a unique casual mobile game from French gaming giant Voodoo. It takes inspiration from that childhood game everyone is familiar with. All you have to do in Stone Skimming is throw a stone into the water and make it skip over the surface. The farther your stone goes, the more money you will make. The game starts out quite innocently. You throw a few stones and they skip for a few meters before falling into the water. Things get interesting once you learn how to upgrade your skills. Soon, you will be throwing stones that would travel for thousands of meters. If you can master the perfect throw, you will even get a power bonus. As you learn to throw even further, you will be able to unlock new stones and other items. Make sure you avoid the obstacles, though. Don’t forget to check out our collection of Stone Skimming cheats, tips and tricks in order to beat your high score!

1. Make The Perfect Throw, Here’s How

When you are about to throw a stone, you will get a bar with a moving marker. You need to tap at the precise moment when the marker is in the red zone in order to make a perfect throw. Doing so will give you a power bonus that will allow your stone to travel further. It will take some practice before you can consistently perform the perfect throw, so don’t get discouraged if you fail a few times. Aside from perfectly timing your initial throw, there is another thing you should do. Make sure you pay attention to your stone and tap on the screen right before it hits the water. This will make the stone bounce higher, giving it more traveling power.

2. Steer The Stone

how to get a high score in stone skimming

While your stone is airborne, you will be able to steer it by swiping left or right. This is an important part of the game because there are plenty of things that can stop your stone from going far. There will be mud islands, debris, and other obstacles in the water. If you don’t steer your stone away in time, it will slam right into the obstacles. Pay close attention to the horizon so you can easily anticipate any incoming debris.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

There is an alternative way to earn money in the game if you don’t feel like grinding. The game gives you offline earnings when you are not logged in. The amount of money you earn depends on how much time has passed since you logged off. With that in mind, you can use the time lapse cheat to get a lot of money without having to wait. Just simply log off from the game, head into your device’s time and date settings, and move the time forward a few hours. When you log back into the game, you will have a pile of cash waiting for you. You can then spend all your money on upgrades then log back off to reset the time on your device. After that, you can repeat the trick as much as you want, or until you have maxed out the possible upgrades.

4. What To Upgrade

Stone Skimming gives you three performance stats that you can upgrade. These are Strength, Speed, and Skipping. Strength increases the height of the stone’s flight. Speed, on the other hand, allows your stone to cover more distance. Skipping affects the stone’s height and distance after it skips from the surface of the water. Make sure you upgrade all three equally in order to maximize the value of your money.

5. Watch Ads For More Money

After you run, you will be given the chance to double your earnings by watching a video advertisement. Make sure you accept this offer when you have a good run. Of course, you are free to accept it every time you receive the offer, but it might not be worth the time spent if you watch a 30-second ad just to double a few bucks. Don’t forget that you will also occasionally receive free upgrade offers instead of cash. These upgrades should be accepted no matter what since they save you a lot of money in the long run.

It is time to throw some stones in Stone Skimming! Just remember the cheats, tips and tricks listed above and you will be breaking distance records in no time!

Richard VanDyne

Friday 14th of September 2018

Can you get the prizes even after you hit a clam to pass the distance . I passed but didn't get the prize


Tuesday 24th of July 2018

How do I get to throw the gems or what level do I need to be to get the gems