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Star Wars: Force Arena Guide: How to Get More Cards and Build the Ultimate Deck

We’ve got more Star Wars: Force Arena tips and tricks for you, as we keep on covering Netmarble’s new Android and iOS CCG based on the Star Wars franchise – that’s all the movies in the series, from the first one all the way up to Rogue One. For starters, you’ve got more than 80 characters included in here, covering all of the films. The game also allows you to compete against other players from around the world, either in player-vs-player combat or as part of a guild, and if you want to beat more players and truly succeed in this game, it goes without saying that you need to have a formidable deck at your disposal.

As the case would usually be when the enemies you’re facing are actually controlled by real-life humans on their phones or other mobile devices, there are also specific things you should be doing in and ahead of those card battles; you can’t just trot out a group of cards willy-nilly and expect to win all of the time. That’s why we aren’t just talking about the ways to add more cards and build a powerful deck in this exclusive Star Wars: Force Arena strategy guide, but also some simple tips that will ensure you of more victories, if not a win every time you play.

1. Open All Card Packs, All The Time

The game is quite generous in giving out card packs to players, and the main mechanic therein is based on something called Play Points. You’ll get some Play Points for each battle you take part in, and once you reach the ten-point mark, you’ll get a free card pack. You can also redeem free card packs every four hours, so you should have your in-game notifications turned on so you can redeem them ASAP.

If you win a card battle, youll also get a random card pack as a prize. There is a bit of a caveat – actually a huge one – and that’s the fact that you’ll have to wait before you open your pack. You’re also limited to opening just one pack at a time. Your card pack reward for winning would be based on your tier, so if you’ve got a choice, open the higher-tier pack before the lower one. With strategic time management, you can easily find yourself opening up a ton of packs and getting a ton of new cards each day.

2. You Can Also Buy Card Packs

If you really want to get something substantial out of your card packs, you might want to consider spending Crystals, which are the game’s premium currency. Try saving up your Crystals as much as possible, because if you can afford it, you should go for the highest-priced card packs, as they’re guaranteed to come with a Legendary card – that’s a leader card, and we did go through some of the better ones in another Star Wars: Force Arena guide.

But even if you can’t afford the highest-priced packs, you can opt for the more expensive ones in general, and still be guaranteed a lot of cards, especially rare ones.

3. Complete More Missions

Both the Basic and Special missions can gift you with card packs, or if not, you may be given the option to choose one Rare or Epic card to add to your deck. It should be in your best interests to complete as many missions as you could, because the more missions you complete, the more cards you can add to your deck.

4. Buy Cards In The Shop

As a word of warning, it can get quite costly to level your cards up as you go along. In general, you want to save your Credits and not spend them too frivolously. But if you’ve got enough on you, then you may go to the Shop, see which cards you can add to your deck, and buy them. Of course, you won’t be spending too much on the common cards, but you might have to spend a pretty in-game penny to get the rarer, more powerful cards. But since it’s better to focus on leveling up the cards you actually have, this isn’t something you should always be considering.

5. Use The Trader

The Trader feature gets unlocked once you make it to level 3, and this allows you to exchange ten more common cards for one of a higher rarity tier. It’s also possible to trade a unique card for a legendary, or conduct a trade between two legendaries.

6. General Deck-Building Tips

Although we’ve given you more than a few in our previous Star Wars: Force Arena strategy guides, we believe that these bear repeating, as you can’t expect to get the most out of your ultimate deck unless you actually know how to play the cards.

First of all, the old CCG standby applies – you want a good balance of expensive and cheap cards in your deck. Most of the time, you won’t get the most out of a set of cards that’s mostly composed of high- or low-energy cards. Next up, we advise using combinations of leader cards and their corresponding Unique units. If a Unique card matches up with their Leader, e.g. Chewbacca to Han Solo, that’s going to give you a nice boost that can help you out in your battles.

High-cost cards may appear to be game-changers, and they could be in many occasions. But if you play them all alone, they might not do you any good unless you’ve been playing the game for a while and know what you‘re doing. You should also limit your Support cards to just one – while having them around does help, having too many of them may compromise the strength of your squad, and leave you short-handed against most opponents. And lastly, make sure that you’ve got a high-health tank card out there to protect your high-damage, yet squishy cards. Any CCG or RPG veteran knows what we mean here – tanks may not do much on offense in most cases, but their high health points makes them ideal for soaking up damage and diverting attention from high-damage/low-health units.