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SpongeBob Moves In Cheats & Tips: 4 Excellent Hints You Should Know

Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob Moves In is a mobile game based on the popular cartoon series, and, as you can see, an official title from the series’ parent network. According to the game developer, Plankton “has a few evil plans to ruin the beginning of summer for the people of Bikini Bottom,” and your job is to destroy Plankton’s plans and “make the Krusty Krab even more popular” by means of a new recipe. It’s a city builder / simulation game where you can essentially create your own version of Bikini Bottom, add some landmarks including, but definitely not limited to the Krusty Krab, and encounter the cartoon’s other iconic characters, such as Patrick, Squidward, and others.

Having given you the basics of the game, we’re now going to offer some really cool SpongeBob Moves In cheats, tips and hints that can help you progress through the game and create your best version of Bikini Bottom possible.

1. Don’t Make Too Many Foods At The Same Time When You’re Starting Out

In other words, you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t overextend yourself by making too many types of food simultaneously, considering that you won’t really need them if you’re just beginning the game. Having backup items and saving for a rainy day is fine to a certain extent, but having too many items may occasionally cost you more money in the long run. In short, take it easy – only focus on what you need when in the early stages.

2. Don’t Spend Any Jelly On Expediting Processes

We know how it can be. You may love your mobile gaming, but may also have far more important things to worry about than waiting for processes to complete. As such, you may find it tempting to spend some jelly to make a building, cooking, or growing task complete faster. We advise you against this – you’ll need your jelly for more important things later in the game, particularly premium homes that may earn you more rent money.

3. Keep Yourself Busy

While waiting for all that growing, building, and cooking to wrap up, you can keep busy in a few other ways – you can clear shrubs and other greenery to make way for future plots, add decorations to spiff up the appearance of your town, and more. You don’t have to sit around idle waiting – make yourself productive even if you’re not doing what you would normally do in the game.

4. Moving Buildings And Decorations Is Free

Sometimes you may realize you didn’t place a building or a decoration where you really want it, or may change your mind after the fact. That’s fine – you can move buildings or decorations without paying anything. In fact, you can just place these things anywhere and organize them later on once you’ve settled down. Sometimes this is a better way to make a better-looking Bikini Bottom – think of a good layout instead of laying things out arbitrarily and on the fly.