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Snakebird Guide & Walkthrough for Levels 0-10

Snakebird is a unique puzzle game from Noumenon Games, where you will follow Redbird, Greenbird, and Bluebird on a quest for an amount of fruit beyond any bird’s wildest dreams. As the word Snakebird combines both snake and bird, your goal is to be the longest possible bird, assuming the right shape for various tasks, with the tasks including pushing, lifting, teleporting, or just defying the laws of physics. This is a simple, yet deceptively challenging title, so if you prefer casual games but want something more unique and difficult, this could be the game for you.

To summarize this game’s mechanics, this is a physics-based puzzler with multiple levels, though the game does charge you a nominal fee to get the full version. The free version is a “lite” version of Snakebird that lets you play from levels 0 to 10, though for some reason, levels 8 and 9 are not available. So if you’ve downloaded this game and can’t seem to get the puzzles right, check out this Snakebird walkthrough for the game’s first ten levels (except the ones that aren’t available, of course).

Level 0

This is more of a tutorial level, as it allows you to learn the different ins and outs of Snakebird. You’ll be allowed to move your bird one space at a time, and the game will also let you set up a grid in the options, making it easier for you to move around. Move around the platforms found right above you so that you can familiarize yourself with the gravity and the general physics. The trick here is to make sure your snakebird doesn’t fall off a platform, so be sure that at least one part of it is on a platform so it won’t drop off.

Get the two pieces of fruit and enter the rainbow portal, and you’re good – no challenges whatsoever to Level 0.

Level 1

The first thing to do here is to go for the green fruit located on the left. That will allow you to move one block and extend your body. Once you return, your snakebird should be perched on the cliff’s edge. After that, grab the red fruit and enter the portal.

Level 2

The directional actions here are as follows: Left (four times), left, up, right, up (banana), left, up, right (eight times). After doing that, grab the strawberry and enter the portal.

Level 3

Those first two actual levels may have been pretty straightforward, but this is the level where you will first be dealing with spike blocks. If your snakebird makes it way to one, you’ll be pushed back to the last move before you hit the spikes.

Go right, grab the cherry, move straight in order to straighten your snakebird out and make it upright, go left, go down, go left twice, go down. At this point, your snakebird’s head will be touching the ground, but your body won’t drop down to the spike. It will still be extended, and you can then go for the strawberry. Repeat the method you used to make your snakebird upright, and that should give you all the wiggle room you need to cross over to the other side and make it to the next level.

Level 4

Go down from the left side, all the while ensuring your head is sticking out to the right side. That will allow you to land on the platform between the spikes. Go right twice, go down, go left, go down, go down, go left twice, go up, and go right twice. Circle around from there and you’re all good to go.

Level 5

Go up twice, then left, up, right, up, and right. Grab the orange. You’ll drop down after moving up, and once you’re down, go through the two platforms on the right side, and circle around from the top so you can gobble up the strawberry and move on to level 6.

Level 6

Go right twice, up, right three times, up two times, left two times, up, right two times, down two times, left two times, up three times, then straighten out. Go left to grab the orange, go down, left three times, up twice, right, down, and everything should be smooth sailing from then.

Level 7

At this level, you will be in charge of two snakebirds, and that’s where everything really gets difficult. Tap on the snakebird you want to control so you can switch from one to the other; the inactive snakebird will be “napping” while it waits for you to activate it again.

Greenbird left. Bluebird left three times, up, and left. Greenbird up, right, up twice, left, up, left twice. Bluebird left, up twice, right four times, up, left three times. Greenbird left. Bluebird left, up, left. Greenbird up, right, up twice, left, up, left thrice, up, right. Bluebird up, right, up twice, left twice, up, right. Greenbird right. Bluebird right, down, right, up, right. Greenbird up, left, up twice, right, up, right toward rainbow goal. Both snakebirds should be able to get in.

Level 10

Look at the long vertical pit located in the middle of the level – fall into it by going up, right, and up until you straighten out. Move right so you can grab the peach. Go right thrice, up, left twice, and left as you make your way out of the pit. Grab the orange, and make sure you’ve got enough space so you can move back onto the ledge platform. Enter the portal, and you’ve just completed the free version of Snakebird.

Leffe Determeijer

Friday 8th of January 2021

The level 7 guide is wrong, at some point bluebird has to do another right.