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Smash Fu Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Smash Your Way to Success

Smash Fu is a new mobile game from Bit Free, which is now available for iOS devices. This is a title that builds on the Piano Tiles mechanic, as you “unleash your tapping fury” in this new casual arcade game. Your goal is to keep on smashing bricks, round after round after round, en route to becoming the “Smash Fu Legend” the game says you should be. You can collect several smashables in the game, create your own melonhead smashable with your own photos, complete daily missions for free gold, compete with friends for high scores, and even take advantage of 3D Touch support, if you own the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

We could continue on and on about the game, but we don’t really want to waste your time, instead, we share with you a list of Smash Fu tips and hints that are designed to help you smash more bricks, score more points, and unlock more new bricks in the game.

1. Know The Basics Of Smash Fu

In this game, you can tap on a total of three things. The main thing you want to tap on is the bricks, as tapping and smashing those bricks will allow you to beat the level. Your objective is to miss as few of those bricks as you could. The gold bricks that also appear in levels can be tapped on as well; these are going to earn you gold. Lastly, you can also tap on the cookies, which allow you to restart a round if you’re not able to complete it. If you miss three bricks or tap on/hit dynamite, you automatically lose the round.

2. Take The Bonus Levels Seriously

Remember those bonus levels/mini-games in Super Mario Bros and other titles that allow you to double down on your coins, but put you at no real risk of losing? You may not take those too seriously, but you definitely want to pay close attention to the bonus levels, which appear after every few rounds in the game. You’ll have to tap all the bricks that get thrown in the air, but you’ll also have to avoid the bombs that also get thrown up. If you complete these bonus levels by hitting all the bricks, you’ll get a substantial point bonus.

3. What Do The New Bricks Do For You?

You can use the gold you earn in the game to buy new bricks. But unfortunately, the only thing those new bricks can do is change the way your game looks like; remember that this is a casual arcade game, which means you should expect as few bells and whistles as possible. Then again, there may be a certain benefit to using certain types of bricks in the game. Bricks with a high contrast are easier to discern; that means it will be easier for you to find out what you should tap and what you shouldn’t tap. That’s not the case with the default bricks, which are of a similar red hue to the dynamite.

4. What Is The Melonhead Brick?

Also available at the in-app store is the Melonhead brick, together with other special versions. The Melonhead brick is slightly costlier than the other special options, and with good reason – this brick allows you to have some fun with the pictures in your phone, customizing the melon-like brick in the process. And while you can create your own smashable items in the game, you won’t be able to use them unless you buy them with your in-game currency. A bit of a gotcha there, but at least it’s with in-game currency, and not real-life money.

5. Pass The Final Round To Get The Ninja Brick

The Ninja Brick is the one and only brick in the in-app store that you cannot unlock. Obviously, this is a very special brick to be made unavailable for purchase or unlock, and that’s because you can only use it and unlock it if you’re able to beat the final level in the game.

And this completes our quick guide for Bit Free’s new iOS game, Smash Fu. If you happen to know other hints, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, don’t hesitate to let us know!