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Slopey Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Improve Your High Score

Rolling across the screen is easy. If you want a real challenge, try zooming down a slope. Slopey is a new endless runner created by PennyBox for mobile devices. In Slopey you are rolling down an endless slope that is full of obstacles that you need to avoid. Enjoy travelling through a funky 3D world with some retro vibes. Unlock new skins for your ball so you can keep rolling in style. The farther you go, the higher your score will be. Of course, that also means the game’s difficulty level will go up. You will need lightning-fast reflexes to be able to keep going. When you reach the advanced stages of the game, you will have a whole lot of obstacles and twists thrown your way. If you find yourself struggling to get a high score, don’t worry. You can always rely on our list of Slopey tips, cheats and tricks for some help!

1. Aim For The Platforms

If you want to get a high score in the game, you should try to stay alive for as long as you can. That won’t be easy if you don’t know what to focus on. Instead of taking the obstacles one at a time, you should prioritize aiming for the next platform. The good news is that platforms are usually located in the same three lanes. That makes it a lot easier to come up with a plan on how to get there. You just need to keep practicing in order to consistently make it to the next platform. Once you master hitting the platforms, dodging the obstacles will be a minor problem.

2. How To Dodge Obstacles

There are two types of obstacles in Slopey. The first one is the stationary type. Stationary obstacles usually appear in threes, and they are often lined up in the same lane. That makes it easy to avoid them if you know how to look ahead. The second type of obstacle moves back and forth. This can be tricky since you could get hit just as you try to pass through. You will need to practice the timing for passing through these obstacles in order to dodge them. It will take a few tries, but once you have it down, you would be able to do it consistently.

3. Unlock Secret Balls, Here’s How

There are several balls available for you to unlock. Most of them can be unlocked by opening chests. You get chests regularly, so it is just a matter of waiting and opening them whenever they are available. Don’t forget to turn on your push notifications, so you don’t miss any chests that pop up. Other balls require a bit more work to unlock. They will have tasks next to them that you need to accomplish. For example, one ball will require you to play 30 games. Another one will ask you to beat your own high score 15 times. To do this quickly, you should aim for it while your high score is still low. Just beat your current high score and get yourself killed right away. This way, you will be able to beat the score again in you next run.

4. When To Pick Up Gems

As you roll through the levels, you will notice some gems scattered throughout the course. You can pick them up to collect them if you want. However, keep in mind that they currently have no real purpose. This will surely change in future updates, though. It is a type of currency, so the developers are surely planning to add content that can be unlocked or purchased with the gems. With that said, make sure you don’t sacrifice your run for the sake of picking up gems that may or may not be useful in the future. Pick them up only when they are easily accessible during your run.

It is time to rake in the points in Slopey! Just follow our tips and tricks listed above in order to get a high score! If you know other hints for the game, feel free to reach out by leaving a comment below.