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Sloper (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Slide Your Way to the Top

Balancing on the edge of precarious slopes with no walls on the side to stop you falling into nothingness! You can take a deep breath of relief as this situation does not involve you but a brave rubber ball that you control in this latest release into the motion balance arcade game category. Sloper is a motion control game that blends elements of balancing and arcade games into a delightful and addictive mixture. The game has been developed by Voodoo games and is similar to some of the previous releases from the French developer such as Twisty Road and Splashy. Sloper is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game comes in a reasonable package size of only 113 MB and includes eye catching graphics as well as intensity sensitive music which really helps to glue you to the screen of your smartphone for hours on end. The latest update to Sloper brought with it some minor bug fixes and took place on 5 March 2018 and bringing the game to its latest version 1.2. The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game.

Sloper is an arcade motion control game that is meant to be played by kids and adults of all ages and backgrounds. This means that even if you have never played a game from this genre before, the in game tutorial and gradually increasing difficulty level will ensure that you do not feel too uncomfortable and put down your smartphone from frustration only a few minutes into playing Sloper. A colorful and attractive environment along the way also serves to keep players especially kids involved in the game as they usually have a very short attention span for these types of games which do involve some thinking on the part of the player as well. The initial in game tutorial will do a good job to familiarize you with the basic controls of the ball in the game as well as all the important key points that you need to remember if you want to progress beyond the initial stages of the game.

However, it is during the higher stages of the game that you will really start to feel pressurized by the rapid rise in difficulty. This rise in difficulty is mainly characterized when the ball that you control in the game starts to move at a very fast speed so much so that it becomes very hard for you to respond fast enough in order to prevent the ball from slipping over the edge of the thin suspended track. The game does not offer any help when this situation arises and it will be almost impossible for you to progress any further in the game without any external help or guidance. This is the part where this guide comes in to save the day because if you follow the tips and tricks mentioned here, it will not only lead to a faster completion of the higher stages but you will also be able to attain a much higher score every time you practice which is sure to make you famous among your family and friends. So stop waiting for miracles to happen and pick up your smartphone to begin your journey towards the top in Sloper!

1. Overcome The Fear Of Falling

Sloper is one of the many motion balancing games available on the market but while most of the games offer a protective barrier or railings on either sides of the balancing platforms, Sloper introduces a high risk element into the game play by giving no protection from falling at all. This is a mind trick played by Voodoo games in order to distract and confuse the casual gamer by inducing the fear of falling whenever you move the ball anywhere on the thin platforms. Therefore one of the key tips that will enable you to progress much further in this game is to defeat this fear of falling down and balance the ball like you would if you had railings or protective barriers in place. This thinking will greatly help you to perform a smooth control of motions with the ball that you are controlling and you will be fearless while swiping to control the ball on the screen of your smartphone.

Overcoming the fear of falling down does not mean you blindly start making sudden motions because overconfidence in your abilities to handle the ball can also lead to an embarrassingly low score and you will have your friends and family laughing at your attempts to control the motion of the ball. In Sloper, there is a trick movement ratio which allows you to cleverly slide your way out of any situation no matter how dangerous it might seem at first sight. This ratio is achieved by moving the ball under your control quickly to the edge of the platform but then sharply tilting your phone backwards so that it immediately stops moving ahead. For this trick to work you must have had tilt motion control enabled from the main menu settings before starting to play the game as it cannot work with swipe motion controls.

With enough practice of this technique you will soon see a marked difference in your performance near the edges of the platforms and you will gradually become much more confident in your ability to control the ball. Once you give enough time to practicing this trick and very soon you will be able to make a curved motion with the ball under your control whenever you are near the edge of a platform simply by rotating your phone in a curved path. Do not try to attempt the rotating motion of your phone to make the ball go in a curved path from the beginning though as you need to know when to stop and how much to tilt your phone and these things can only be learned by practicing the steps mentioned for this specific trick. Remember practice always makes perfect and this is such an addictive game that once you begin to master control over the ball, you will not be able to put down your smartphone for hours on end so be patient and reap the rewards as they come.

2. Flying To The Highest Score

Sloper has one of the most unique and interesting ways of giving you a real challenge during every level that you play. This is the bonus point moves that you can perform in the game which allow a multiplier to be placed upon your score while the moves are being executed. The easiest way to give a nice boost to your current high score on any level is to start performing high jumps while flying off from the edge of a gradual or sharply sloped platform on any level. The number of motions that you are able to perform while in the air is not restricted and it all matters on your skill and mastery over your reflexes. There are some main kinds of jumping motions and you can perform Combos by chaining together multiple motions to achieve a high score multiplier which will further boost your score on the level.

This is why before playing an intense session of the game, you should make sure that your phone is well charged and you have enough stamina to keep swiping away on the screen of your smartphone for so long. One of the best tricks to earn a high score in Sloper very fast is to use the fly feature of your ball to the maximum limit. This means that whenever you find yourself on the edge of a slope with a slight inclination, swipe harder to gain speed and get a huge amount of points for as long as you stay in the air. The more speed that you have before you leave the edge of the slope, the further you will be able to fly through the air before landing on the next platform. This technique however requires a good mastery over the control of your ball because flying through the air is only good as long as you are able to land on the next platform.

You can practice your landing by estimating the speed and intensity with which you need to fly off every time and try to start doing this from the earlier levels because even if you fail and drop down into nothingness, you will not have to start again from very far off. This again is completely dependent upon the mastery that you have been able to achieve over the control of your ball while playing the game and also to a certain extent upon the motion control method that you have selected from the main menu settings before the start of the game. Generally, most players tend to find the swiping motion control mechanism easier for achieving high flying time through the air because you can control the speed with which your ball moves forwards simply by increasing or decreasing the intensity of swiping your finger across the screen of your smartphone.

However, if you want a truly exhilarating experience with an adrenaline rush involved then you should definitely go for the tilt motion control mechanism at the start of the game. The tilt mechanism allows you to get completely immersed within the levels and you start to feel like you yourself are actually jumping off the edge of the platforms rather than the ball under your control. This mechanism is much harder to master of course but offers a true arcade gaming experience once you are able to achieve a certain confidence over it. To gain higher speeds than are ever possible with the swipe control motion, you will have to tilt your phone forwards until it is nearly vertical to the floor and the screen is almost out of your view. This will make viewing the motion of the ball almost impossible but if you practice enough and are able to estimate the time it takes the ball to reach the edge of the platform, you will have gained enough speed to achieve the highest multiplier for your score while flying through the air.

3. Be Clever To Beat The Game

In Sloper, there is no restriction on how many times you can repeat a level and you can abuse this feature to always get ahead of the difficulty curve in the game. The main problem which most players face is the lack of coins available to upgrade features like obstacle dodger and speed booster in order to tackle a hard level or many precarious platforms with huge distances in between them. By repeating certain early levels which guarantee an easy accumulation of coins you can avoid being stuck in a loop for all the time that you will be playing the game. This will grant you an amazing advantage during the higher stages because once you move past a certain number of platforms, the developers have made it very hard for you to be able to land the ball successfully after flying off from the edge of the previous platform.

At the end it all comes down to how much time you can spare for this epic time wasting game. This factor becomes all the more apparent when your friends and family also install and start to play this game as it introduces a highly addictive competitive edge to this already addictive arcade game. Be mindful of the fact that swiping away to slide your way to victory and dodging hundreds of obstacles is a very addictive experience and you will find yourself unable to think about anything else while you are senselessly swiping away on the screen of your smartphone. So pick up your phone and begin your journey towards sliding to the top in Sloper!