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Sky Hoppers Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints To Succeed in the Game

Several weeks ago, we saw the release of Binary Mill’s new casual title for Android and iOS, Sky Hoppers. This platformer puts you in control of one man (or robot, pig, or even a “giant piece of sushi”), jumping from one platform to another and following the path. However, this path will fade out over time, and the platform underneath you will start to collapse. That’s going to make things challenging for you, though if you do well and go far enough, you can collect more of the game’s 50-plus characters.

As you can see, this game is a very simple title that doesn’t really take too long for one to learn. But then again, this is a game riddled with multiple challenges, and one that requires players to have several gaming skills, such as speed, precision, and memorization. Fortunately, we could help you get farther than you previously did, as we’ve come up with a couple of Sky Hoppers tips and tricks for you to check out below.

1. Redeem Those Freebies

Upon playing Sky Hoppers for the first time, you’ll receive a free gift. Well, maybe not immediately, as the freebie becomes available to redeem within a minute of your first game. In any case, you should receive enough coins to buy a new character, and after that initial gift, the free rewards will vary. As the time in between these freebies becomes longer and longer, you might want to leave your notifications on for the game so that you don’t forget or are given a heads-up on when you can claim your free gifts.

2. Your Memorization Skills Matter

Memorization is what counts the most when playing Sky Hoppers. It will take some time to get this down pat, but what you want to learn here is how to memorize the right path as quickly as possible, while remaining in motion. As such, there is a lot of multitasking involved, to go with having a sharp memory and being quick about things. Don’t let this daunt you, as a little practice could go a long way in games like this. It also helps a whole lot to stay focused in Sky Hoppers.

3. Use Smaller Characters

For most players, using a smaller character is more beneficial, as the default character (the flying pig) tends to be too large, blocking the path ahead for many a player. Springy has been singled out as a nice, small character to use – he’s a spring, which makes him a tiny character that doesn’t obscure much of the view ahead. Use Springy and other small characters and you might be able to advance a little further in the game.

4. Use Shorter, More Economical Swipes

The mechanics of the game will require you to constantly swipe on your screen, and that could make Sky Hoppers quite a fatiguing game to play. But you can work around this by using shorter, swifter swipes; you may need to be more careful when doing this as you may slide off a platform, so don’t make your swipes too quick.

For now, this is our collection of Sky Hoppers tips, tricks and hints. If you’re playing the game and managed to come up with additional tips, don’t hesitate to share them with us!