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SIEGE: Titan Wars Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints You Should Know

It’s time to test your mettle in epic army vs army battles! SIEGE: Titan Wars is a real-time strategy game for Android and iOS devices. In SIEGE: Titan Wars, you will command an army of troops and battle against players from all over the world. Assemble your troops and collect legendary heroes. Upgrade your cards in order to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. If you need help in creating a winning strategy, don’t worry because you can depend on our SIEGE: Titan Wars tips and tricks for some much-needed help!

1. Support Your Titans

Titans play a huge role in helping you win your battles. However, they cannot do all the work on their own. You have to make sure they have the support they need in order to dish out the maximum damage. While they have considerable amounts of health, they are not invincible. That means they can easily get wiped out if you let them face the opponent’s army alone. A good strategy is to send out your other troops first and wait until they are near the target before deploying your Titan. This way, your supporting troops will help mitigate the incoming damage, thereby allowing your Titan to survive longer.

2. Keep The Phantom

The Phantom is one of your first Titans in the game. While most games would have you discard your starters as soon as you can, the Phantom is one troop you should actually hold on to. On top of the fact that it deals as much damage as an Orc Thrasher, it also deals additional damage on structures and castles. What’s even better is that it has a chance to resurrect if the opponent does not destroy its tomb within the time limit. That’s like having a Titan with two lives!

Of course, there is a good chance that your opponent will also recognize the usefulness of the Phantom. That means you would most likely be encountering opponents who will use it against you. When that happens, make sure you neutralize it efficiently. If the opponent sends troops surrounding the Phantom, try to take out the troops with area spells. This will help ensure that your troops will focus on attacking the Phantom’s tomb when he dies.

3. Plot Against Titans

Since they are the strongest units in SIEGE: Titan Wars, it goes without saying that you should expect to go up against Titans in almost every game. In fact, most players build their troops around their favorite Titan. With that in mind, make sure you bring along troops that are effective against Titans. An example of this is the Werewolf which deals bonus damage against Titans.

4. Play Aggressively

If you want to succeed in SIEGE: Titan Wars, you will have to be aggressive. Do not wait around for what the opponent will send your way. Keep them on the defensive by starting strong. This way, even if your attacks start to slow down mid-game, you will still be able to maintain your lead because they will be busy catching up on their defenses.

Winning a war requires careful planning and fearless execution. You can achieve the ultimate victory if you follow our SIEGE: Titan Wars tips and tricks!