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Sick Bricks Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Help You Win Against the Bad Guys

In Sick Bricks, you play the role of Jack Justice, the silky smooth hero who will be trying to restore Sick City back to glory. You will be up against Overlord Omega and his goons in this brand new Android/iOS title, developed by Spin Master Studios. If you’re wondering what Sick City is and what it’s all about, it’s a city with all kinds of offbeat characters, and over ten wild neighborhoods and over 100 enemy hideouts to explore. Things can get really interesting in this swipe-and-slash game, and even more so once you’re able to port your own real-life brick characters into the game. But before doing that, we advise you to check out our share of Sick Bricks cheats and tips.

1. Seek And Destroy

You’ll occasionally chance upon a random object in the game, may you be exploring the city proper or one of the many enemy hideouts. Tap on these objects, because if you’re able to destroy them, that’ll drop bricks that you can use in your objectives to restore Sick City and the buildings within.

2. The Dash Can Be Very Useful

The dash’s main purpose, as you’ll find out, is to help you evade traps, but you can also use it to avoid certain enemy attacks. When it comes to melee attacks, it can get a bit hard to use the dash, but you’ll definitely be able to use it against ranged attacks. These ranged attacks are usually slow enough to allow you to get out of the way, and if you aren’t able to do so on time, you can always use the dash.

3. Use Your Special Move Often

Each of Sick Bricks’ heroes have special moves corresponding to them, and you’ll be instructed on how to activate them. Since these moves can take out an enemy or two with just one tap, it certainly wouldn’t hurt for you to use them. And we advise you to use those moves often, because the game doesn’t take too long to recharge them, or for the special moves to “cool down,” in other words.

4. Drive The Police Car Around To Get Easy Money, Blocks And Experience

After completing the police barricade mission with the help of Officer Kuffowitz’s police car, you’ll have the vehicle all to yourself, provided you spot it east of the plaza where he’s doing his duty. Go to the car, tap on it, and drive it for up to 20 seconds to get yourself bricks, experience, and money without breaking a sweat.

5. Choose The Right Characters

Most people prioritize the use of characters with ranged attacks in Sick Bricks, as the melee attack mechanics usually leave you vulnerable no matter what you do. But characters with ranged attacks can hit a moving target, which makes them so useful regardless of where you are in the game. That would make the likes of Katie Kantmiss and Alex Awesome, particularly the former, the most reliable if you’re looking for characters who specialize in ranged attacks. Katie’s special move is also quite effective in taking out hordes of enemies.