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Shred It! Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Extra Mile Studios’ casual title for Android and iOS, Shred It!, may sound like a game where you have to “shred” on the guitar by matching the right notes. However, it actually isn’t – it’s an endless snowboarding game where you go down a never-ending hill in a beautiful paper craft world and a sublimely atmospheric and ever-changing landscape. The challenges you have to face here include a dynamic weather system that will affect you as you pull off snowboarding tricks and collect more leaves. There are also wildlife hazards, and Extra Mile claims that all runs in this game are different from each other.

In the world of casual gaming, the main objective usually is to score as many points as possible and go as far as you could, if the game is endless. So if you’ve just checked this game out, we suggest that this be the next thing you check out – a beginner’s guide featuring a few useful Shred It! tips and tricks.

1. Spend The Paper Clips On New Characters

The game allows you to earn paper clips for successfully completed challenges and tricks, for gathering feathers, or simply for logging into the game. As such, they serve as the game’s main form of currency. However, you shouldn’t use those paper clips arbitrarily; buying new boards or costumes only change the aesthetics but don’t have any effect on the gameplay. Instead, you want to use those paper clips to unlock new characters, as each character in the game is different from each other in terms of skills.

2. All Characters Are Different

We did mention this above, but it does deserve to be listed as a tip on its own. That said, all the characters available in this game have special skills. Rufus can bark to scare off the wildlife, Cosmo is able to double-jump, Pengz’ small size allows him to go on runs without ducking, and Frappe doesn’t get his controls inverted if you pass through an ice patch. We recommend getting all characters and using them based on which part of the game is most challenging for you. For example, you’ll want to choose Rufus if wild animals interrupt your runs way too often.

3. Enter The Checkpoint Challenge

While it’s great to try beating your highest score or topping your friends’ high scores in “classic” endless mode, there’s another game mode you might want to check out, and that’s the Checkpoint Challenge. In here, you are tested by how well you manage the limited time that you have, and that would mean trying to extend your time as much as possible. You can do this mainly by collecting feathers; ten of these would give you extra seconds. Pulling off tricks is also a good idea, as that could increase your combo score and give you more clips. Also avoid hitting obstacles so you don’t slow down.

4. Take Advantage Of Daily Logins And Challenges

As mentioned, you earn free paper clips simply for logging in at least once a day, and they can really add up quickly. You can also take the daily challenges, which are like quests as they require you to, for instance, collect a specific number of feathers. That’s another way to earn free clips, so do check out the dailies if you could.

This is our collection of Shred It! cheats, tips and tricks. If you know any other useful hints for the game, please let us know!