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Sheep Frenzy! Cheats & Tricks: 5 Awesome Tips to Rescue Sheep

Sheep Frenzy! is a new mobile game by Adam Zurek, which is available for iOS and Android platforms. The developer claims that his creation is reminiscent of those “old handheld electronic games.” The rules are indeed simple, but at the end of the day, it can be quite challenging, as he claims – you control the bar with only two buttons, as you prevent sheep from falling into the “abyss.” Basically, you’re rescuing sheep through the use of this bar, and gaining points as you prevent them from falling into the pit. These sheep also happen to have special abilities, and the most valuable sheep is especially hard to rescue. Having said that, let’s move on to our collection of Sheep Frenzy! cheats, tips and hints to help you boost your score and save more sheep.

1. The Game Starts Out Easy, Gets More Difficult Gradually

Starting out in the game, you won’t have much trouble as there will only be one sheep dropping. But soon enough you’ll see two sheep, three sheep, and more sheep than that, which makes things harder as you go on. As sheep generally bounce at the same height and at the same speed, try to monitor the sheep that drops first before the others.

2. Play The Game With Two Hands And Tap As Quickly As Possible

You’ll have an easier time rescuing those sheep if you use two hands to play the game. Have one thumb tapping on the left of your display and the other thumb tapping on the right side, and tap as quickly as possible. This will hold true especially when you’re dealing with multiple sheep.

3. Unlock More Sheep By Scoring More Points

In Sheep Frenzy!, the number of sheep you unlock will be related to the number of points you get per turn. There is no premium currency in this game, so that’s one less thing to worry about. But take note that Sheep Frenzy! is a casual title, and there’s a little caveat to unlocking more sheep. We’ll talk about that in the next tip below.

4. New Sheep Don’t Impact The Gameplay

As we talked you through how developer Zurek described his game, you’ll remember he said that the most valuable sheep are hard to rescue. In reality, though, these sheep bounce the same way and at the same speed – they only look different from the “stock” sheep you get at the start. This isn’t unusual in the world of casual gaming, so set your expectations when it comes to unlocking new sheep.

5. Switch To Airplane Mode To Play The Game Without Ads

Playing without ads is a great way to improve your focus – let’s face it, it can be annoying to see advertisements pop up in the middle of your game. With that said, there’s nothing wrong with putting your device into airplane mode or turning off your Wi-Fi so you can play without ads. But do play with the ads on from time to time – remember, by viewing those ads you support the game developer.