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Severed Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints for Mastering the Game

DrinkBox Studios has released a new mobile title for iPhone and iPad users called Severed, a remake of the PS Vita hack-‘n’-slash title of the same name. This game puts you in control of a one-armed warrior named Sasha, and she’s on a mission to exact revenge as she wields a living sword and tries to search for her family. With just one tap, you can discover hidden secrets, solve puzzles, and battle enemies. And as you progress further into the story, you’ll be able to unlock new abilities, navigate Sasha’s “RPG-style” skill tree, and, of course, solve more mysteries.

Overall, this is a simpler game than the RPGs it may take some influence from, but it’s still an in-depth gaming experience that may need a couple tips here and there to help the newbies get acquainted to the mechanics. But even if you’ve been playing the game for a couple days and have gotten far enough in it, we still recommend checking out our list of Severed tips and tricks. We’ve got tips for players of all experience levels here, so be sure to read on and read carefully!

1. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

When navigating the strange world around you, look around regardless of the area you’re currently in. Drag on the screen with two fingers, don’t tap on the edge; simply tapping like the game suggests you should do may have you missing out on some important items. In games like this, it’s always a good idea to try breaking or grabbing anything you see in a trial-and-error process, and if you work around the edges, there’s a lot you could miss out on. Try smashing items which look like they can be smashed, because there’s often a good chance they can. Pots and vases, obviously, should be smashed, as they may come with some power-ups within. Another gimme here would be the glowing items, which can always be interacted with.

Aside from dragging your fingers on the screen, you should also fully utilize the mini-map, which you can find on the top right side of your screen. Tap on that map so you can search for darkened rooms that you haven’t visited yet. While some of the areas in the game are not necessary to explore in order to progress further, you’ll still want to check them out, as there may be some upgrade material waiting for you to collect.

2. More On The Mini-Map – Check The Details

You also want to navigate the other parts of the mini-map if you’re double-checking whether you’ve fully combed an area and unlocked everything there is to unlock. Tap on the Details tab within the mini-map so you could see how much you’ve explored within any given area, or if you’ve got some secrets you have yet to uncover for yourself.

3. Work On Filling Up That Combat Meter

When doing battle with enemies in the game, it’s important that you attack with the goal of filling up your combat meter and maxing it out. So how do you do this? As it’s obviously more than just spamming attacks at the enemy, you should first wait until an enemy begins their attack, then swipe the opposite way across their limb, right before the blow hits them. That’s going to allow you to pull off a counter-attack, which is just what you need to get that meter moving.

4. Study The Moves And Tendencies Of Your Enemies

This is especially essential when you’re trying to fight more than one enemy simultaneously. Monitor the attacks of each enemy; if you see that the border of an icon is filling up, the enemy is winding up, so to say, and preparing to launch an attack, with the attack happening once the border has been filled up. Again, you want to counter just at the time they’re about to max out their meter. Tap on an enemy’s icon to toggle between enemies, and do this whenever you’re focusing on a bad guy who’s all set to strike. Also chip away at the health bar of an opponent, regardless whether they’re ready to attack or not. Just be sure you’re fighting smartly and not attacking them when they’re blocking you.

5. Go For The Longer Swipes

Another handy attack tip would be to go for the long swipes, instead of the shorter ones. Dragging your finger from left to right or vice versa will allow you to deal out the most damage possible, and that too could get the combat meter moving.

These would be our tips and tricks for Severed. In case you know other hints for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!