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Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Every Game Mode

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is USERJOY’s new mobile RPG, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. Based on the popular anime and manga franchise, Seven Mortal Sins, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY continues the adventure of its main protagonist, Lucifer, as she embarks on various adventures along with a cast of peculiar characters from the franchise. Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is a sure treat for fans of both the anime and manga adaptations, but will equally be enticing for turn-based strategy RPG enthusiasts.

The game exhibits its share of unique features and mechanics and on your first dive into the adventure, the menus, icons, and overall design of the game should already give you a good idea of what it has to offer. The animation style as well as the voice cast stays true to the franchise and the story and combat gameplay and animations perfectly captures the bizarre and comedic ambiance that fans of the franchise love.

seven mortal sins x-tasy tips

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY lets you go through a relatively quick and straightforward tutorial session on your first dive and every new feature you unlock moving forward comes with a brief guide as well. There are plenty of upgrade options and game mechanics to learn and understand but nothing too complex, ensuring that even complete beginners will have little to no trouble picking the adventure up and making progress within it.

If you are, however, raring to have a strong team across every content within Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, then we have you covered. Our Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY beginner’s guide comes with tips, tricks and strategies to dominate every challenge in the game!

1. Reroll For More 5-Star Heroes

A conventional element of turn-based strategy RPGs is having a team instead of a solo character to play through its contents, which naturally mean that recruiting characters over time forms part of its mechanics as well. Just like loosely similar mobile strategy RPGs, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY employs the gacha method of acquiring new heroes to join your roster.

There are, of course, plenty of other ways for you to be able to earn more characters as you make progress in your adventure but, for the most part, the best ones can be largely secured from the recruitment system. With probabilities and luck being an integral aspect of gacha pulls, players naturally look for the best opportunities to go for rerolls as early in the game as possible and if you are fairly new to the concept of gacha and rerolling, then we will provide you with a gist of what it is all about.

seven mortal sins x-tasy reroll

In Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, much like most strategy RPGs, the characters to recruit are primarily categorized by their rarity or star grade, making 5 star characters being at the top of the rarity chart, meaning that these characters are the most difficult to obtain. As such, what you would naturally want is to have as many of these 5 star characters as possible early on to have an easier journey through your adventure.

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is actually generous in that the first 10x gacha pull you make guarantees to give you 1 of 3 pre-selected 5 star heroes. What makes it even better is that you can reroll, or discard your current pull and make another attempt, for free for and also for an unlimited number of attempts. Beyond nabbing the best 5 star hero from among the choices, you may also want to try and grab a 4 star hero on the side. It most certainly feels that it is impossible to grab more than 1 5 star hero here.

seven mortal sins x-tasy dragonblade furka

Following your first 10x gacha roll, which is free, you can claim rewards from your mail and go for at least 2 more 10x gacha pulls. This is what we consider as the best point in your adventure to attempt a reroll. If you are the type who would rather proceed with your adventure regardless of which heroes you start off with, then you can skip the reroll part. Otherwise, be sure to be ready to invest a little more time in the rerolling part a nothing is guaranteed regardless of how many times you go for a reroll.

For starters, it is important to use a guest account first if you are going for a reroll. On your first dive into Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, you will be asked to sign in using different social accounts or play as a guest. You should choose to play as a guest first and proceed to finish the tutorial up to the point where you can perform 10x gacha pulls using tickets you received as rewards.

If you happen to nab at least 1 other 5 star hero from your extra gacha pulls, then it should already be worth it as 5 star units are difficult to obtain outside of rerolling. You can also target specific characters available for the open banners but it is up to you and the amount of extra time you can spare.

seven mortal sins x-tasy account

If you are very much happy with the 5 star characters you nabbed following the additional 10x pulls you did, be sure to link your progress to a social media account. To do so, hit the account button on the main screen, click on “Connect account”, and choose the best option to link your progress to.

If you want to reroll, then you can hit the account button as well but this time choose “Account Settings” and then choose to switch account. Although we have yet to come up with our very own tier list for Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY yet, we feel that Furka and Garcias are among the characters you should aim for in your rerolls.

2. Follow The Goals

Once you have completed the tutorial and continued on with your journey, whether you opted to reroll or not, you will see plenty of icons on the home screen basically making you itch to check them out. An exclamation mark atop an icon or banner indicates a required action on your part. Although you can certainly check them out later, we recommend peeking into each one as rewards and freebies may just be waiting for you to claim them.

seven mortal sins x-tasy goal

Once you have cleared all the indicators, you can go on your merry way to progress your adventure and while you are free to make progress any way you choose, we recommend adhering to the next goal as much as possible. You can see the next goal on the lower left side of your screen. Clicking on it unveils your next objective, along with the rewards you can earn from it as well as a “GO!” button to take you there instantly.

Goals are basically your best guide towards progression, most especially as a beginner. It takes you through such objectives like moving forward with the campaign, taking on newly unlocked game modes, as well as strengthening your characters through the various means available. Only one goal will be present at a time and adhering to completing targets one at a time lets you claim rewards for accomplishing them sooner.

seven mortal sins x-tasy devotee

Naturally, there will come a point in your progress when the current goal will simply be beyond your current capacity. It may require you to beat a level that has power requirements beyond what your team has or perhaps require you to make upgrades but have lacking resources to do so. In any case, scenarios like this are unavoidable but are there for a reason, given that every step you take will likely trigger an exclamation mark on any of the icons and banners that you need to check out.

We recommend pursuing goals as among your top priority. However, feel free to check into icons and menus that require attention as doing so may help provide you with the means to accomplish the goal at hand or at the very least make it easier for you to do so.

3. Maintain A Balanced, Synergistic Team

Despite having character rarity grades or even tier lists that make some heroes appear more desirable than others, simply lumping together the characters you deem are individually superb will not guarantee in leaving you with a strong team. Rarity grades can be indicators of strength in most cases but given that your adventures in the world of Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY are centered around having a team of 5 characters mean that what you should aim for is one that is balanced and synergistic.

Having a 5-star character in your roster certainly gives you an edge especially in the early part of your journey. What is best to consider if you have more than one is to choose on you would like your team to work around with. It is okay to consider other 5-star units if you have them so long as they complement your central hero but lower grade units may fill the gap better in some instances.

seven mortal sins x-tasy team formation

Next to rarity grades, it is important to consider each character’s elemental affinity, which is one of 3 types available in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY. There are STR (Red) types, TEC (Green) types, and AGI (Blue) types. Red elemental units have an advantage over green types and green types have an edge over blue types.

A unit that has an elemental advantage over her enemy will deal more damage as well as incur lesser damage from that enemy. Elemental advantage also affects probabilities of evading attacks as well as inflicting negative status effects.

Considering elemental affinities, we recommend going for a main team with a good mix of all elements. There are more challenges that have enemies belonging to a variety of elemental affinities and what you would want to avoid is to have your entire team disadvantaged in a battle or stage where all enemies belong to a superior element.

seven mortal sins x-tasy character

Although there will particularly be game modes where having a full team of heroes having the same element will excel, what you would want to focus on at first is a team that will do fairly well across most, if not all, challenges ahead of you.

Each cast in your employ will have different sets of stats as well as unique abilities. Although there are no specified character classes or roles in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, a quick review of each one’s stats and skills can give you a fairly good idea of what the hero specializes in. This stands as yet another important consideration for you to take relative to choosing the members of your ultimate team.

DPS units are a popular choice of characters to consider at the center of your team but, like everything else, a full team of damage-dealers will not be the most suitable choice across all challenges you take on. Some units may not have as much potential to inflict raw damage but may have support abilities that either strengthen your team or weaken the opposition.

seven mortal sins x-tasy battle

Some units will also be naturally built more for defense as a result of their stats and skills. In this sense, it is recommended that you peek into what each unit in your roster can do as you mix and match them to form your ultimate team.

You can access your characters via the cast icon at the bottom of the main screen. From there, you can select the cast list to view details attributable to each cast member you have unlocked as well as other functions. You can create or edit your team’ roster under the formation menu. You simply need to tap on the character icon to add or remove them from your current team. Note that you can prepare different team formations and rosters for different needs but for starters, focus on team for now.

4. Exercise Prudence In Enhancing Some Heroes

Recruiting more and more heroes, either from the gacha or through various sources of rewards, form a big chunk of the fun and excitement that comes with your adventures in the world of Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY. You can form your main team early on in your journey but you should stand ready to make changes to your roster at some points in your progress.

seven mortal sins x-tasy power up

These changes can be brought about by the acquisition of new characters that you may find more appealing for your team, or availability of resources and upgrade materials that ultimately make one character more viable than others.

No strategy RPG is complete without the tons of upgrade and enhancement processes involved that can further strengthen your characters and Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY certainly does not fall short in these features. Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY holds an abundance of ways for you to make each of your heroes stronger and will naturally require the consumption of resources for each method. Although some of these enhancement materials maybe abundant in the early part of your adventure, you should make it a habit early on to exercise prudence in utilizing these resources.

seven mortal sins x-tasy rank up

The most basic way of strengthening your heroes is by levelling them up. Every member of your team that you take into battle earns experience points but these are naturally not sufficient for you to continue progressing through higher level battles and challenges relying on them exclusively. Fortunately, granting instant EXP to your favorite characters is the easiest way to increase their stats and overall strength.

Within the cast menu, you can choose level training and select the character that you want to level up. Note that characters have a level cap which is primarily dependent on their star grade. Be sure to consider heavily investing on a character only if you are certain that she will be useful in your team for the long run. Characters whom you feel will be replaced later on should not be a priority at all.

seven mortal sins x-tasy transcend

Each character in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY can also be ranked up and this is the process of increasing their star grade. Regardless of their initial rarity or star grade, each hero can be ranked up to 6 stars. Ranking yp requires evolution gems, which are primarily farmed from Evolution Abyss. Higher rank ups naturally require more gems so be sure to perform this function only on characters you are certain will be in your team for a long time.

Another way to strengthen your characters is to transcend them and this is a process that further increases the hero’s level cap. Transcending, however, lets you sacrifice other characters for points that contribute to the hero’s transcendence. Sacrificial characters of the same elemental affinity give the character more transcendence points. In this sense, it becomes additionally important for you to consider main characters that have different elemental affinities.

seven mortal sins x-tasy skill up

Each cast’s skills can also be enhanced and this is where duplicate cards of characters become useful. In addition to coins needed for each upgrade, you also need to sacrifice extra copies of the hero whose skills you want to enhance. Alternatively, cast members may also inherit skill levels from one to another provided that both the cast members are of the same rarity with the one passing the skill levels having them on at least level 2. Inherit Gems are also required to initiate this process.

5. Push Forward With The Main Campaign

Pursuing the main campaign is often the most basic activity we would recommend prioritizing in most RPGs. It just so happens that Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY holds a plethora of other activities that form part of its goals feature on top of progressing through the main campaign. While we believe that goals should be your main pursuit, being temporarily unable to progress through it should have you pushing forward with the main campaign next.

seven mortal sins x-tasy stage

The Main Campaign in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is divided into stages with 10 sub-stages each. There are rewards to earn in each battle you engage in on top of random rewards for its completion. You consume stamina with each attempt you make on each stage. Given that you will have an overabundance of stamina most especially at the early part of your adventure, efficiency dictates that you should empty it out as much as possible before you leave the game.

There are some rewards that depend on the star rating you obtain after clearing a level. Surviving through it guarantees you a 1-star rating and completing it with less turns that pass generally lead to higher ratings.

seven mortal sins x-tasy ratings

In any case, you should not worry much about ratings first as your primary goal relative to the main campaign is to move forward as far as you can as possible. This is because there are some features and game modes in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY that are locked behind milestones attributable to your progression in the main campaign.

Beyond being a great source of EXP for your main team cast members as well as a source of various valuable resources, battles you engage in also earn you rank EXP. Your account rank affects how much stamina your stamina cap is and the higher it is, the better. If you cannot push forward with the campaign and still have plenty of stamina left, make an attempt to secure a 3-star rating in stages where you failed to do so. This will earn you gems, which is a premium currency you can use for a wide range of purposes.

seven mortal sins x-tasy level cap

Be sure to take advantage of the helper system as well. This is Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY’s feature that lets you take another player’s character with you into battle. Note that you can only use helpers 10 times per day so be sure to utilize them wisely.

6. Expend Attempts In Other Game Modes

The main campaign in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is just one of the many adventures that await you within its world. As you make progress within the main campaign, milestones you reach will unlock additional dungeons and game modes. While the main campaign will stand as your primary source of various upgrade and enhancement materials, the rest of the game modes to engage in will basically provide you with specific resources you will constantly be in need of.

The campaign button on the home screen actually does not lead you straight to Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY’s main campaign as the main campaign stands as 1 of the 4 distinct game modes to engage in within the campaign. Next to the main tory, we consider daily dungeons as the next most important game mode to progress in especially since trainers, coins, evolution stones, and other important resources can be farmed from it.

seven mortal sins x-tasy game modes

Each daily dungeon provides you with limited tickets or attempts that reset each day, meaning that to achieve efficiency in farming, you have to at least expend all your attempts each day. Progressing the main story becomes important again as you would want to unlock the different daily dungeons as soon as possible.

Daily dungeons have stages much like the main story campaign does with each new stage being more challenging than the previous one. There are first time completion rewards as well as regular rewards for each run. We recommend pushing forward as far as you can across the daily dungeon stages. If you simply cannot move forward and nearing the end of the day, then the most viable course of action is to expend tickets on the previously conquered level.

seven mortal sins x-tasy fight

Kizuna quests are a unique game mode where you can acquire items that you can use to boost a cat’s karma. Each cast or character has specific items they want and you can give it to them by clicking on their karma within the cast list window. Increasing karma can earn you gems as well as lead to unlocking the rest of a cast’s challenge in the Kizuna Quests.

Finally, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY holds a bounty of time-limited events that doesn’t just provide opportunities for players to earn additional rewards but also provide new and unique challenges to revel in. Following the completion of stage 4-10 in the main story campaign, you can partake in the limited events.

seven mortal sins x-tasy kizuna quests

No strategy is complete without its share of PvP content for players to test their mettle against one another. Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY holds different arena game modes with the first one becoming available after you finish campaign stage 4-5. If you are the type of beginner who may have inhibitions partaking in any PvP-themed content, you should not hesitate to expend your attempts as there will always be something to gain from each match.

The Limbus Arena stands as the most basic PvP arena in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY with your team of 5 cast members fighting against another player’s team. You can choose from among 5 opponents as to which one to challenge and while your enemies will be on auto mode, you will have the option to control your team manually.

seven mortal sins x-tasy match roster

Matches earn you honor points that you can exchange for a wide variety of great items from the arena shop and your rank and tier at the end of the week determines the amount of extra rewards that you can earn.

7. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, alliances, clans, factions, as well as various sorts of player groupings will always be a central feature of most online games. Most especially for RPGs and strategy games, the value of guilds and of being a member of one serves more than merely being an extension of the virtual world’s social aspects.

Guilds typically provide added incentives and exclusive content and rewards not available to a non-member and while you can always opt to stay outside of any given guild, you will tend to miss out on all the benefits it affords all its members at no extra cost.

seven mortal sins x-tasy guild

By clicking on the guild button at the bottom of the home screen as soon as it becomes available, you will be presented with a list of guilds you can instantly join or at least apply to. There will naturally be an option for you to choose creating your very own guild but we recommend beginners to always opt for joining an existing one first. Being a guild leader entails a huge responsibility as your presence and active participation alone will have an impact on the activeness of all your members.

Once you have joined a guild, merely signing up already leads to extra rewards that each and every member can enjoy. More members signing in on the guild each day means more free stamina for everyone. You can also immediately partake in the daily raid.

seven mortal sins x-tasy damage

The daily raid has challenges that differ daily, giving advantages as well as disadvantages to different elemental affinities. At some point, you may have to come up with teams specific to different challenges. You basically earn points depending on damage dealt to the raid boss and points you earn determine rewards for yourself as well as your guild. You have 3 attempts to engage in the boss raid each day with the best run being considered for points.

8. Accomplish Daily Missions And Achievements

Practically every battle you engage in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY earns you sufficient rewards and the more efficient you are at expending stamina as well as the various tickets at your disposal in the other game modes, the more rewards you are likely to earn. While most immediate and first time rewards you earn appear to be generous enough, Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY actually provide additional means for you to earn even more rewards and the missions and achievements features are just 2 of these means.

By clicking on the missions icon at the upper right side of the home screen, you will see lists of daily missions and achievements that you can accomplish for extra reward. Both sets of targets do not necessarily entail extra time and effort considering that all objectives within each set of targets are well in line with the usual activities you engage in.

seven mortal sins x-tasy daily missions

On top of rewards to earn, we recommend browsing through the list of objectives under both daily missions and achievements as these serve as a helpful guide for you in establishing your daily routine as well as help you focus more on aspects of the adventure you may be missing a bit out on.

Daily missions are comprised of the easiest objectives there are and chances are that you will be able to accomplish most of the targets without even knowing what they specifically are. In any case, you can always jut hit the “GO!” button on the lower right corner of each objective to be moved instantly to where you can accomplish them.

seven mortal sins x-tasy achievements

Achievements, in contrast with daily missions, reflect milestones you have reached across different areas of the game. Some of the achievement targets may take a while for you to accomplish but accomplishing them is inevitable. The only difference is that the more actively engaged you are, the faster it will be likely for you to accomplish some feats. Gems are the typical rewards for accomplishing achievements so the sooner you claim them the better it will be for your adventure moving forward.

9. Take Advantage Of Limited Events

We already made mention of limited events being part of the extra game modes you will find within the campaign in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY. These extra adventures are actually just a small part of what Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY offers its players considering that there are numerous time-limited and special events taking place in the game simultaneously.

Event banners will usually be flashed in cycles on the lower left side of the home screen. Clicking on them will take you to the events window where you will need to scroll down just to see how many different banners there are for each ongoing event.

seven mortal sins x-tasy event

The typical exclamation mark can be seen on some of these banners indicating rewards you can claim following the accomplishment of objectives you probably did not know even existed. More importantly, however, you should check each banner out and take note of ones where objectives need to be met for you to claim extra rewards.

You should also take note of some events’ limited availability as remaining days for specific events will be shown on the lower right side of their banner. Just like daily missions and achievements in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, time-limited events do not necessarily require you to exert extra effort, with the exception of ones that come with adventure stages where progression within them determines additional rewards for you to earn.

More often than not, time-limited event objectives go in line with daily missions as well as the usual activities you should engage in on a regular basis. Considering the value of extra rewards to be earned from these special events, however, it is very important to be aware of targets set and make an effort to accomplish as many of them within the limited period of time provided.

seven mortal sins x-tasy lucky roulette

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY certainly holds more than what we can cover in a single article but, for now, this is where we wrap up our Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY beginner’s guide. We are fairly confident that we covered the basics of the game. We are certain that the tips and strategies we presented will enable you to take on the rest of the challenges that will come your way. If it so happens that you stumbled upon some neat tip, trick, or strategy on top of what we discussed, do not hesitate to share them with us down below!