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Sdorica Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies You Need to Know

Rayark Games have made quite a name for themselves with titles like Cytus and Implosion under their belt. It comes as no surprise, then, that their latest mobile release, Sdorica, has become an instant hit. Featuring Rayark’s signature blend of stunning painted visuals and out-of-the-box gameplay, this game is like a breath of fresh air for all players who are tired of cookie cutter titles that are being churned out daily. This puzzle RPG utilizes a unique combat system where you need to match orbs in order to attack. It takes strategy to another level as players will need to think about character classes, board layout, and take individual skills into consideration before they make any moves. The game is not just about grinding for levels. You will need the help of our Sdorica cheats, tips and tricks if you want to ensure your success!

1. Level Up Your Team

how to level up your characters in sdorica

As we mentioned earlier, a part of your strategy should include the different types of characters you have on your team. You cannot just invest in one character and expect to progress far in this game. That means you need to strengthen your team in order to improve your combat effectiveness. One way to improve your team is to simply do battles and grind for levels. There is a lot more to it than grinding, though.

For example, if you increase your character’s Tier, you will be able to unlock new quests that are exclusive to that unit. Work on these quests in order to receive various rewards. Aside from that, you can also collect specific item sets that work well with your characters. When an item set Resonates with a character, he will gain new and improved abilities. Finally, you are looking for alternative ways to level up your characters, you can go to their screen in the roster menu. From there, you can use Soul Energy to level them up.

2. Master The Battle System

One of the reasons you cannot progress far in this game with just one character is the battle system. In order to attack, you will need to tap or swipe on colored orbs. The colored orbs are usually linked to a certain character or type of attack. Depending on the number of orbs you will be using, you will need to swipe or tap in a specific pattern. For example, if you want to use four orbs, they must form a square pattern. To activate them, you must swipe diagonally, from one corner to the other. It takes a while to remember these things, and the best way to master it is to simply engage in a lot of battles. Keep practicing and you will be able to spot and activate the patterns more quickly.

3. Think Before You Unleash

best attacking strategy in sdorica

When you swipe through a series of orbs and hold one the last one, you will see a description of what will happen when you unleash that attack. Before you do, make sure you consider if it is really the best move. There are times when it is better to save certain orbs for later. For example, if your target is already dying, you could save your full combo of orbs for the next enemy instead of wasting them in an overkill. You should also consider which targets to prioritize. Certain moves only affect the front row of enemies, but that spot is usually occupied by tanks. You might want to take out the squishy ranged units first with a different type of attack.

4. How To Revive Fallen Characters

While getting knocked out is pretty rare in this game due to the number of white healing orbs you get per turn, it is still a possibility. When one of your characters fall, there is still a chance for you to revive them. You will notice that their attack orbs will look withered. You will still be able to use those, but not for damaging enemies. Using withered orbs of your fallen characters will go towards reviving them. It is not as easy as it sounds, though. It takes 10 orbs to revive a character. That means, in an ideal situation, you will need at least three turns to revive one person. You will need to keep an eye on the health of the rest of your team to ensure they don’t get knocked out while you are reviving their teammate.

5. Use Your Soul Energy

how to use soul energy in sdorica

Soul Energy is a resource that you can acquire from completing missions. You will be able to collect it regularly if you play often enough. A lot of new players tend to hoard their Soul Energy, and that is fine. However, if you find that you are struggling to move forward, it won’t hurt to invest some of your Soul Energy. Don’t be afraid to spend all your Soul Energy on levelling up your characters. Make sure you prioritize your main team. Sometimes, all you need is a little push in order to overcome your next mission. A little Soul Energy invested in the right characters should do the trick.

6. Check For Resonance

Some items are more useful than others in the sense that they can Resonate with your characters. Make it a habit to check your items to see which ones will Resonate with your team members. When you have use the correct items, you will be able to improve your character’s existing ability. If you are lucky, you may even be able to unlock a powerful new skill. Just check your favorite characters and search the Market for the items you need to Resonate with them.

7. Check Your Mail

As a new player, your number one problem will be having enough resources to keep progressing in the game. It is a common mistake to overlook your mail. The game gives out enough resources through the missions you complete. What you should remember is to check your inbox for the different rewards that are sent to you. On top of that, you should also keep an eye out for the exclamation point in the Missions window. This will tell you where your rewards are waiting. Tap on them as soon as you spot them.

8. Participate In Events For Rewards

how to get  rewards in sdorica

The game regularly hosts various events where you can earn unique characters and abilities. To check which events are available, just head into the Events tab under Journey. One thing you should remember is that you will most likely need high-level characters in order to get anywhere in these events. The rewards are definitely worth the level grind, though.

If you are still new, you might want to check out the Nightfall and Ominous Throne events for Dylan and Theodore respectively. These should be accessible enough for you to be able to finish the first few rounds despite your relatively low levels. You can also try out the Venture event as these offer training quests that will help you raise Pang, Tica, and Naya to SR tier.

9. Recruit More Characters

The characters you start out with are reliable and will be able to get you into mid-game. However, if you want to get far, you will need to recruit even more team members. The easiest way to get more people on your team is through Infusions since these guarantee a new low-level character for your roster. Aside from this, you should also regularly participate in Events as soon as you can since those usually give out high-tier characters as rewards.

It is time to assemble the best team and win battles in Sdorica! Make sure you remember all the tips and tricks listed above and you will be wiping out enemies with ease!