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Roller Polar Cheats: 4 Fantastic Tips to Master the Game

Roller Polar is a mobile game that puts you in control of a polar bear, with the mechanics involving you taking said polar bear down a mountain as he rides on a snowball. You’ll have to avoid a number of obstacles, including boulders, trees, and other forms of wildlife. And as you go further down the mountain, the snowball keeps “rolling faster and faster.” Yes, this is a rather casual game in terms of its mechanics and gameplay, as Roller Polar’s description promises that the game is “easy to pick up but difficult to master” – where have we read/heard that before? Still, there are some nice touches to the game apart from the casual gameplay – if it’s daytime in real life, it will be daytime in-game, and vice versa for night time play.

So with that having been said, let’s bring you four Roller Polar cheats that will help you get the highest possible score and improve your overall game.

1. Learn From Your Missed Jumps

As the game’s description pointed out, your polar bear will have to deal with some obstacles on his way down the mountain. These include obstacles that are set up in a way that leaves you no choice but to clear all of them in one jump. This could be quite difficult, and there may be instances where you’ll miss the jump and subsequently end the game, but in such case, trying again and learning from your mistakes makes sense – if you don’t succeed at clearing the obstacles the first time, try again.

2. Don’t Just Keep Your Eyes On The Snowball

We understand that it would be a natural instinct for one to keep an eye on the snowball, and that alone, as that’s what the polar bear rides on. But in Roller Polar, it’s important for you to monitor both the snowball and the obstacles ahead of you; take note that obstacles appear in sets, and there will be a quick pause in between these sets.

3. Types Of Obstacles To Clear

As you may have guessed, the main challenge in Roller Polar is avoiding obstacles – rolling down a mountain isn’t rocket science, after all. When it comes to obstacle types, rocks will be the most common, and are also the easiest to clear as long as you properly time your leap. Trees, on the other hand, are harder to clear than rocks, and would require a double jump if you’re facing trees alone. As for animals, it all depends on how large they are – penguins and beavers shouldn’t be a problem as they’re about as easy to avoid as rocks. Reindeer, however, have large antlers which you would need to clear with a bigger jump. It’s the flying birds that you have to be careful about, as they tend to fly straight at the polar bear, or just right above him.

4. Beware Of The Snowman

In real life, snowmen are harmless, cute, inanimate figures, but in the world of Roller Polar, they’re the toughest obstacle to overcome. That’s because once you jump over a snowman, they’ll break down into different parts, which would give you multiple new obstacles to clear instead of one big obstacle.