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Rise of Darkness Cheats & Strategies: 7 Awesome Tips You Should Know

Rise of Darkness is a role playing mobile game by Tony CMGE that boasts of some impressive graphics and an interesting storyline. According to the developer, the only hope to restore peace and order following the invasion of the Underworld Demons can be found in a blood crystal that contains the power of the ancient Fiends. Your goal is to take over the blood crystal, release the power, and dominate those demons. You can transform into Fiends, upgrade your skills with Runes for more impressive combos, and do a whole lot more to your character in different modes. That out of the way, we’ve compiled a list of Rise of Darkness cheats, strategies and tips, that you can use if you’ve been playing the game for some time, but have fallen into a rut and aren’t sure how to proceed next.

1. Replay Stages

You can always return to a stage after you’ve completed it, and redo the stage by means of mop-ups. These mop-ups can be used one at a time without having to pay, or you can also use five at a time if you’ve got royalty privileges. Any mop-ups can be used to level up quickly and earn gold fast.

2. Mop-Ups Can Also Earn You More Equipment

Aside from levels and gold, mop-ups can also help you earn more equipment quicker. Of course, it’s much more affordable and convenient to get new pieces of equipment in battle, as opposed to buying these items.

3. Save Demon Transformation For Boss Battles

Don’t waste your ability to turn into a demon in easy battles. You’ll only want to transform into one in boss battles, or if you’re dealing with a particularly difficult level or battle.

4. Run Around When Facing Huge Armies

If you’ve got a number of enemies to deal with, it’s best to run around them in order to lure them and get them together in one big group, then attack them one at a time when they’re all clumped up in that group.

5. Equip Your Rarest Items

Your rare items are the most powerful ones you’ve got, so these are the items that you want to equip. Look at the base power before upgrading a piece of equipment – do not look at upgraded or forged power when it comes to equipping items.

6. Forge Equipped Items In Time

Once you’re definitely sure you’ve got the rarest possible item, that’s when you can forge them. Forgement, spirit, or enhancement stones (as they’re called in the game) and gold are used to forge your equipment to the highest possible level. Once you un-sync your equipment, it will be gone immediately, but through that you’ll get enhancement stones in their place and you can use these stones to enhance whatever rare items you have.

7. Team Up With People To Get More Friendship Points

Friendship points serve as a premium form of currency in the sense that you can use those points to buy items in the shop. So with that in mind, you’ll want to team up with more people and take advantage of Rise of Darkness’ social element.