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RGB Express Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

RGB Express may sound like the name of a new Match 3 puzzle game, but it’s actually a totally different kind of puzzler, brought to you by Bad Crane. In this game, you’re in charge of shipping line RGB Express, but instead of delivering packages from door to door, you’re delivering colors – that’s right, colors. The game’s description tells you exactly how it works – you literally draw routes on your device so that each house gets the right package, and get to do so in up to 280 free levels. It’s a fun and easy game for mobile players of all ages, but if you’ve just discovered this game, we’ve got a number of RGB Express cheats, tips and tricks for your reference. And here they are.

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1. Buildings On Dead Ends Mean Your Route Is Almost Done

If you see a building at a dead end part of your route, that means that your route is almost completed. How is this so? It’s very easy – once the truck hits that part of the route, it can’t go back anymore. It may take some practice, but you may try imagining this route in your head before drawing out a route in the game.

2. Plan Routes For One Truck At A Time

Soon enough, you’ll be asked to draw multiple routes, and this may become a bit overwhelming for you. Not to worry, as the workaround for this is simply to plan one route for one truck, nothing more than that. Not only do your objectives become clearer, you also, in theory, get to take out the easy deliveries first before wrapping up with the toughest.

3. Hit On Play To Simulate Stages You Haven’t Completed

Feeling stuck and unable to come up with a route that works? RGB Express will still let you press the play button to simulate a stage that hasn’t been completed yet. Take note that we said “simulate,” not “complete” – simulating allows you to spot potential opportunities for a crash that you’ll want to avoid. And once you’ve spotted these possible dangers, you’ll know what not to do when planning a route for your trucks.

4. Be Careful, For The Orientation May Pull A Fast One

űWhat do we mean by this? Invariably, a truck’s orientation at the start may turn out to be misleading after all, meaning it won’t suggest the correct route the truck should be taking, or point you towards the actual goal. Before each stage starts, we suggest not paying any attention at all to the trucks’ orientation. Thinking of this would only throw you off once you start drawing routes out.

5. Other Distractions To Watch Out For

It’s not just the orientation of the trucks that may potentially throw you off. There are also repeated symbols on the routes, e.g. draw bridge symbols, that are actually there to throw a curve ball on you and prevent you from finding the correct route for your trucks. Keeping routes as simple as possible is always key in RGB Express.