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Red Bull Air Race 2 Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Take to the skies and show your amazing flying skills to the world. Red Bull Air Race 2 is a game that cannot be confined to simply one Genre. Racing, Simulation, Adventure and even Arcade elements are present in this game which makes it a perfect choice for every gamer young or old. The game has been developed by none other than Red Bull themselves; yes you heard right, the world famous energy drink now has a racing game out for you. Red Bull Air Race 2 is a sequel to the insanely famous Red Bull Air Race The Game and it does an excellent job of keeping the legacy of the series alive. The game has awesome graphics and an immersive experience all packed into a reasonable package of 282MB.

Red Bull Air Race 2 offers a complete racing pilot experience to the players. You are a beginner and start off with a low end plane climbing your way up the rankings as you complete each challenge. The game teaches you to respect the grind and hard work that professional racing pilots have to face before they become champions. As you advance through the game you will also be able to upgrade your airplane into a racing powerhouse.

Even though the game looks like it is all fun and games, Red Bull Air Race 2 has a seriously competitive side to it. Featuring Regional, Worldwide and Class tournaments, you can challenge yourself to even greater heights by matching your racing skills with people all around the world. If you do not want to interact with the rest of the world and prefer to race with yourself, the game has got that covered for you as well. The career mode launches you into the sky with an old beat up plane and a maintenance crew which you can hire and customize at your leisure. Completing the challenges given to you by the game will grant you points which you can use towards upgrading your airplane or adding different perks to your crew.

So is your adrenaline pumping yet? Are you ready to race? Then pick up your device and follow these tips as you begin your journey towards fame and glory.

1. Master The Controls

Red Bull Air Race 2 is a racing game and the single most important thing for you to learn is mastering the controls for your airplane. Every racing game tests the skills of players through a combination of challenges and control. Red Bull Air Race 2 is no different as you have to perform many complex maneuvers in order to complete the difficult challenges.

The game supports both touch and tilt input controls. It is entirely up to your comfort to select the type of control that you would like. However for a truly immersive gaming experience which makes you feel like you are actually the pilot, it is recommended to become a master of the tilt controls. Using the tilt controls you will become very involved in the gameplay as you control your device making the plane turn in the correct direction.

2. Learning Maneuvers Is The Key To Your Success

Red Bull Air Race 2 has introduced a sharp movement to the sides known as a bank. Learning to correctly “Bank” your aircraft while flying is absolutely essential to increasing your mastery of the airplane because it will greatly help you while performing tight and difficult maneuvers. While banking your aircraft, always remember to draw an imaginary line where you think the plane’s center of gravity will lie at that moment and take extreme care to not go over that line while flying in the bank position. If you excessively bank your airplane will flip over and it is very likely that you will lose control of the plane.

The banking movement is very useful for performing the “Slalom” maneuver where you have to turn your plane sideways and twist between the pylons in a zig zag pattern. Most of the game challenges are based on the Slalom and if you can master the banking of your airplane, beating records will become easy for you.

Another maneuver that can earn you loads of extra points is the “Vertical Turn”. This is a stunt which involves you pulling your plane into a straight climb until it is nearly perpendicular to the ground or sea below and then sharply pulling the throttle to cause your airplane to turn backwards on itself in a loop. This maneuver requires very good mastery of the controls because your plane is likely to crash during the looping part of the stunt. Remember mastering the controls takes time and practice will make you perfect.

3. Upgrade Your Plane And Rule The Skies

Technically the main objective of the game is to upgrade your airplane until no one can match it in the skies. With every challenge that you complete or tournament that you win you will gain points that you can use towards getting better components for your airplane.

Always remember to upgrade your plane intelligently. Too much of speed and very low turning ability will make things even more difficult for you than a normal plane. Upgrade according to your assessment of the performance characteristics where you airplane is lagging behind. For example if you find slaloms to be very challenging even though you have mastered controls, then do not spend points upgrading the speed or acceleration of your plane. You need to focus upon the banking feature to help you get through slaloms. If you are finding it difficult to make vertical turns then upgrade the power of your airplane or increase the acceleration.

4. Always Keep An Eye On Your Competition

What makes Red Bull Air Race 2 such an enjoyable experience is the sense of real racing that it gives to players. Whether you are competing in an online tournament or doing time trials, the game always generates tough opponents that you have to deal with while beating the time clock. In case of time trials these are phantom planes and you will have to keep an eye on their progress because the phantom planes are actually present for you to increase your flying skills. You not only have to beat the planes and come first you also have to do it in the least time possible in order to earn the coveted gold trophy.