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Real-Time Fantasy MMO Art Of Conquest Is Now Featured On The App Stores

Lilith Games’ latest game is a rich fantasy strategy MMO titled Art of Conquest. Mixing the best of MMORPGs, real-time strategy, and base-building games, Art of Conquest delivers a lavish fantasy world for players to explore and conquer, and its efforts certainly haven’t gone unnoticed with the game being featured by both Google and Apple in over 140 countries.

Travel to the land of Nore, where you choose from one of five fantasy races before pledging your allegiance to one of six warring kingdoms. You’ll establish your very own castle, where you’ll manage and level up your troops and heroes, construct war machines, and prepare your defences.

Rather than seeking out enemies via automated matchmaking, Art of Conquest encourages you to set out and explore the world. The land of Nore occupies a huge continent ripe for exploring. Set out into the wilderness to uncover resources and conquer your enemies.

Art of Conquest gives you full control over how battles flow. After engaging with an opponent, you get to choose where to place your units and heroes on the battlefield. It will require a good eye for strategy to master your foes. As the fight unfolds, use your heroes unique active abilities to gain the upper hand.

You don’t have to go it alone, though. Join a House (a guild in medieval parlance) and team up with other members of your kingdom to combine forces and become a truly powerful ruler in the world. A little teamwork goes a long way in Art of Conquest, and there’s strength in numbers.

You can find Art of Conquest available to download right now on iOS and Android.

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