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Pro Feel Golf Cheats & Tips: 6 Hints to Become a Professional Golfer

Looking for a realistic mobile golf experience? Pro Feel Golf may be the game for you, though we should add that “realistic” is in relation to mobile gaming in general. That said, this iOS title allows you to do more than just aim for the lowest score possible – you’ll also get to upgrade your golf clubs and play against friends in multiplayer competition. Since we hope to turn you into this game’s equivalent of Tiger Woods, or at least try to help you get that lowest (and best) score, here are several Pro Feel Golf cheats, tips and tricks you may want to try out.

1. Participate In Daily Challenges

Daily challenges aren’t a mandatory part of the Pro Feel Golf gaming experience, but as is the case with many “optional” mini-games and challenges, you will definitely be better for playing them. In specific, dailies in Pro Feel Golf allow you to earn more coins, which you can use for upgrades and new equipment. However, you will want to act quickly, as these daily challenges sometimes are available for only a few hours, instead of the whole day.

2. Add Spin To Your Shots

Tapping on the center of the golf ball means there won’t be any spin when you fire your shots, but tapping elsewhere does have some interesting effects. A topspin (tapping on top of the ball), for instance, decreases carry (total distance) and increases run (distance after first bounce). A backspin, or a tap on the bottom, does the opposite, increasing carry and decreasing run. Tapping on the left side allows your ball to fade, and tapping on the right side allows for a draw.

3. Combine Those Spins

We told you about topspins, backspins, and sidespins, but did you know you can combine some of them to go past certain obstacles? We suggest trying different combinations depending on the obstacles you encounter.

4. Don’t Just Play For One Star, Play For Three

You may think it’s all well and good to leave things at one star and move on to the next level. But there are rewards for overachieving and aiming for three stars. The more stars you earn, the more upgrades you can unlock. But how can you get to two, or better yet, three stars? It’s simple – take note of your goals per level, which may include, but not be limited to using specific golf clubs or making use of power-ups.

5. Keep An Eye On The Putting Grid

This is important, as it’ll show you whether the course is going downhill (blue) or uphill (red). Plan your shots carefully, and make use of the putting grid to help you strategize in advance.

6. Master Those Fast Taps

As you progress in Pro Feel Golf, you’ll find yourself having to tap quicker and quicker – get used to doing this, as a wild shot won’t do your game any good. And when you think you’re going to hit a bad shot, don’t tap your screen. Instead, wait till the ball meter is full, then until it goes back down; this cancels your shot and gives you another chance.