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Princess Tale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Form the Best Team and Beat Every Challenge

Princess Tale is South Korean game developer Gamepub’s latest idle RPG, that’s available globally on iOS and Android platforms. Despite the overabundance of idle RPGs on mobile, Princess Tale’s unique take on the genre with its cast of cute, all-female protagonists, coupled with plenty of mechanics that give rise to near-infinite variations of team composition and strategy, is sure to appeal to both fans of idle strategy RPGs and anime alike.

With a quick tutorial lesson to take you through the initial stages and an auto mode that makes everything extra convenient and easy for beginners, Princess Tale lets players of varying skills and experience levels breeze through the initial areas of the game and ensure that you get a good feel of combat before pouring in the challenge.

princess tale guide

If you have just ventured into the world of Princess Tale and want a fast and efficient growth and progression rate, our Princess Tale Beginner’s Guide has you covered as the tips and strategies we will lay out guarantees to help you build the best team and beat every challenge ahead of your adventure!

1. Reroll For The Best Starting Heroes

There are currently 41 characters to collect in Princess Tale and while their grades only start off at B for normal heroes and A for elite heroes, the former can be upgraded to S+ while the latter can be upgraded all the way to grade SSS. Naturally, elite characters are more difficult to pull from the gacha, and while there are other means of obtaining new characters, the Tavern is your primary source to recruit them.

If you are a total beginner in strategy RPGs or the gacha method of acquiring characters, you have to understand the concept of rerolling and how it can give you an advantage early on. As the gacha method is entirely based on the luck of draw, it has become common practice for RPG enthusiasts to employ the rerolling approach to ensure the best first draw or draws as much as possible.

As Princess Tale will start you off with a trio of normal characters, getting your hands on a couple or more elite types can benefit you not just in the early game, but from mid all the way to the end game as well. There is a matter of choosing from among your heroes which ones to invest in as it can be expected that your resources will never suffice to upgrade each and every one of them.

Although there are means of resetting units and take back everything you invested in them, it costs star, which is a premium currency you would rather spend on a whole lot of other things. As such, going through the initial pulls again and again is a viable option to ensure that you will start with some of the better heroes on your roster and main team.

rerolling for the best heroes in princess tale

To initiate a reroll, it is important that you initially play on a guest account. This means that you will not link your game progression to either your Google or Facebook account first. Once you have progressed through the tutorial and are free to venture on your own, you should collect event rewards and developer gifts from the mail.

Relative to this, be sure to claim some coupon code rewards as well for more stars. To do so, click on your avatar at the upper left side of the screen. Tap on the System tab at the bottom left of the page, and finally the coupon button. Input “MARKETNO1PT” and “PTGRANDOPEN” to earn various items. There are other coupon codes released but some of them have already expired at the time of this writing. Be sure to visit your mail afterwards to claim the rewards.

A pull from the tavern, which you can access via the base camp, costs 300 stars while a 10x pull only costs 2,700 stars. Naturally, the best way to go is to have enough for the latter. If all earned stars at this point do not leave you with enough to do a 10x pull twice, you can easily earn more by playing for a bit and unlock mission rewards.

In any case, a single 10x pull for a reroll can go a long way. We have managed to pull 2 elite heroes form 1 10x pull and are yet uncertain whether obtaining 3 elites is possible. For now, our top picks are Kate, Sana, Charlotte, and Salt.

If you do your first 10x pull and manage to nab 2 of the above heroes, or at least 2 others that you like, then you continue moving forward and link your game progress with either your Google or Facebook account. Otherwise, you should opt out of the game, clear the app data on your android device and start over. For iOS users, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the game if you decide to go for a reroll.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Adventure

The adventure mode in Princess Tale stands as the main game mode where to pick up all the basics of team composition and formation as well as your main source of resources early on. Initially as well, progression through the adventure mode will serve as your key to unlocking the rest of the game modes and features available in Princess Tale.

For starters, Princess Tale does not have a stamina or in-game energy mechanic that prevents you from progressing as far as your team can take you through the adventure map. The only thing that will prevent you from moving forward is the increasing level of difficulty the enemies have from one stage to the next. Each battle consists of only 1 wave of enemies and there are also no star ratings involved. This means that all it takes to get past the stage is to at least have one of your heroes survive the battle.

princess tale progression

The more significant impact that directly results from your progress in adventure mode lies with the idle rewards you continuously earn over time. The core feature of idle RPGs like Princess Tale lies in the auto hunting mode that always take place regardless of what you do. In Princess Tale, gold coins, hero EXP, and user EXP are earned every minute and the amount you receive will be based on how far you have progressed through the story mode.

For this reason, it is important to always push for progression through the campaign as the sooner your idle rewards grow, the faster it is you can strengthen your heroes and move further forward. Remember to regularly collect your hunting rewards by tapping on the treasure chest on the adventure screen.

3. Keep A Balanced And Synergistic Team

Having 41 heroes to unlock can certainly lead to a wide range of choices as to which characters to consider for your main team. It will naturally take a long while for you to collect all the heroes, especially the elite ones, but with Princess Tale’s New Player Care System, which grants players 2,700 stars for new players each day for 7 days, you will most certainly have more than enough heroes to choose from as members of your main team.

There is actually a lot of factors to consider in building a strong team in Princess Tale and while you can choose to ignore it and make it past the first area, you will soon find yourself struggling without a balanced and synergistic team on hand. As you will occasionally be recruiting new heroes to join your growing army, it is unavoidable that replacements will take place later on. At the very least, especially if you went for a reroll, you can start off with at least one hero who will be with you till the end game, and someone whom you will build the rest of the team around on.

For starters, heroes fall within 1 of 3 basic hero types: strength, intelligence, and speed types. A hero’s type largely determines their stats as well as their roles on the team. A strength type hero may either be a warrior or a knight. An intelligent type hero may either be a mage or a support unit. An agility type hero are mostly rangers, but there are agility type warriors as well.

princess tale team

Warriors have always been regarded as the most basic class in conventional RPGs. Warrior type characters are one of 2 melee combatants and serves as the more offensive of the 2. Knights, on the other hand, are the close combat experts that specialize more on defense and survival. Both warriors and knights are best set on the front row of the formation.

The mage and supporter being intelligence-based heroes are typically considered for the back row. Mages are expected to have strong offensive strength but lag behind others as far as defense is concerned. While a support unit may have higher survivability than the mage, it is important to keep them alive long enough to keep providing buffs or heals for their allies.

The ranger is considered in most respects as the physical counterpart of mages. While mages in Princess Tale will often have AoE spells that deal great damage, rangers are rather more selective when targeting. Both class types also have support skills they can utilize in addition to being main damage-dealers.

Another important factor to consider is the unit’s elemental affinity. Each hero in Princess Tale belong to 1 of 6 different elements. There are 4 basic elements and 2 special elements. The normal elements employ the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” approach in giving advantages and disadvantages in combat.

Fire is strong against wind but weak against water; wind is strong against nature but weak against fire; nature is strong against water but weak against wind; and water is strong against fire but weak against nature. Light and dark elements are in a way special and are both strong and weak against one another. Both these elements have no advantage or disadvantage against the normal elements and vice versa.

princess tale buff

While the conventional roster considering elemental affinity seems to point towards having a healthy enough mix of these elements to ensure that your team will not be gravely disadvantaged in the event that an enemy team is entirely made up of units of the same element, the better way to go is actually going for a more solid team as far as elemental attributes are concerned.

Princess Tale provides additional bonuses that apply to your entire team based on the elements represented by each member. As far as the 4 regular elements of fire, water, wind, and nature are concerned. Having at least 3 heroes of the same element in your team grants everyone a 10% ATK boost and a 10% HP boost. With 3 heroes of the same element and the remaining 2 belonging to another element, each unit gains an extra 15% ATK and 15% HP. When 4 heroes of the same element are present, everyone gains a 15% ATK boost and 20% HP boost. Lastly, when 5 heroes share the same basic element, ATK and HP is increased by 25%.

Light and dark elements also have unique effects on the team roster. A light elemental unit, in effect, can be treated as a substitute for any of the 4 basic elements. This means that if you have 4 fire units and a light unit, you will get the team buff for 5 units.

Dark elemental heroes are something else and provide unique buffs of their own. Having 1 dark elemental unit on your team provides a 30% DEF boost. 2 dark elemental heroes grant 25% MP recovery. 3 dark elemental units add a 15% critical hit chance for the team. 4 dark elemental heroes will increase everyone’s critical damage and 5 dark elemental heroes grant acceleration boost of 15.

Considering all these team buffs, it is recommended to go for a full team of heroes belonging to the same basic element or mix them in with 1 dark or any number of light elemental units. This will be a huge challenge early on due to the limitations of choices in your collection. Despite the tremendous difference in max capabilities between normal heroes and elite heroes, these team buffs should be enough reason for you to consider using normal heroes until after you have secured elite ones that fit the elemental profile of your team.

4. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

One of the main reasons why rerolling has become a necessity for players who clamor for absolute efficiency relates to having an edge right at the start of your adventure. Surely enough, staying active and regular grinding will eventually land you the heroes you want to get. The other reason, however, boils down to resource utilization as far as character upgrades go. Given that it takes a long while to fully upgrade members of your main team makes it an absolute must for you to be prudent when managing your limited resources.

Surely enough, resources pour in over time, and again, Princess Tale lets you reset any hero to regain the resources you invested in them. Being careful enough right from the start will save you resources and you would rather not spread resources too thinly across more than your main team members.

The most basic way to upgrade heroes is to level them up and this generally only requires gold and hero EXP. Naturally the costs increase per new level reached and in some milestones like level 10 to 11, 20 to 21, 40 to 41, and so on, Jewel of Goddess becomes an additional requirement. These milestones come with extra costs but also come with extra permanent perks. Either new skills will become available for the character or existing ones may level up as well.

princess tale hero upgrade

Heroes can also be equipped with different types of gears and each gear piece can be upgraded to some extent as well. Gears are aligned to hero types who can equip them which means that only strength type gears can be equipped on strength type heroes. As gears come in different rarities, you can expect that higher grade equipment provides better stats. At the very least, consider only upgrading rare grade equipment as better ones are certainly going to be within reach later on.

The more challenging aspect of upgrading heroes in Princess Tale can be done once you unlock the Temple of Goddess. This is the place within base camp where you can rank up a hero’s grade. To perform a grade promotion, you will need extra copies of the hero you want to promote or, in some cases, heroes of the same grade with the same element. The extra copies sacrificed will be gone forever but in the event that they are higher than level 1 and have gears on them, all the resources you invested and gears equipped will be returned to you.

Relative to this, be sure to claim stars after each new hero you unlock. You can click the story icon at the bottom right side of the hero’s page, open it and claim 100 stars at the upper right side of the hero’s page. There is also a Relationship chronicle worth peeking into within the base camp. Unlocking certain heroes and upgrading them to reach certain grades can unlock buffs that make them stronger permanently.

You actually do not need to keep the heroes on certain grade levels to enjoy the buffs. Let this feature serve as your guide on the pairs and trios of heroes you may want to prioritize for upgrades for some extra stat boosts.

5. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

If there is one thing that is an absolute given in online RPGs, it is the existence of guilds, alliances, clans, or factions. These player groups have grown beyond serving as an extension of a game’s social features and have long since become a staple feature not just in online RPGs, but numerous other game genres that promote cooperative gameplay and more player interaction.

The availability of guilds in Princess Tale comes early and once it becomes available, you should immediately join one. Like in any other game, the only alternative to joining any of the existing guilds is to, of course, create your very own. As a beginner, however, it is best to learn the ins and outs of guild management first, especially with regards to the time and dedication required to effectively keep one together.

princess tale guild

Guilds typically provide numerous perks and none of the drawbacks, leaving zero reasons for you to not consider being a member of one. Beyond being with a group of like-minded people whom you can chat with for some guidance on game aspects not fully clear with you, guilds provide plenty of additional rewards.

Within the guild H.Q., for starters, you can clean up some mess and be instantly be compensated with random resources as rewards. Every activity you engage in within the guild earns you guild coins that can be exchanged with gears at the shop.You might also notice a huge fluffy cat on the guild grounds.

This is the Boss Training Camp and you can challenge him 2x per day. This guild boss is not like conventional guild dungeon bosses where all guild members chip in to do damage. Each attempt you exhaust to battle the boss earns you chest rewards based on damage milestones you reach. Gold, guild coins, stars, and gears can be earned based on your performance.

princess tale battle

Remember to click on the guild member houses on the guild grounds, view fellow guild members’ profiles, and add them as a friend. Friends are important to have in Princess Tale as friendship points you can send to and receive from in-game friends are special currency you can use at the tavern.

6. Engage In Area Game Modes As Much As Possible

Princess Tale hosts a lot of extra game modes for you to revel in and each one comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. All these dungeons of sorts can be found lumped together within the area section on your screen. Unlike conventional extra game modes in most RPGs, not all game modes in Princess Tale have limited daily attempts tied into them and are instead restrictive based on your team’s overall power and capacity.

One of the most challenging and exciting game modes within the area is the Tower of Cromynong. Unlike conventional dungeon towers in most strategy RPGs, the Tower of Cromynong is not a survival run where your heroes do not recover HP after the battle. Instead, this game mode is seemingly endless and progression through the floors are continuous from one day to the next and your progress never resets.

princess tale tower of cromynong

Each floor you take on earns you rewards and gives you access to challenge the next floor. There is no harm in failing to beat a particular floor as you can retry as much as you want. As an added guide, you can click on the magnifying glass at the left side of each floor to see the teams and formations other players used to conquer the level.

The Sky Maze, on the other hand, works more like a survival run. Progress on the Sky Maze resets every 48 hours so you should push as far as you can go before each reset to claim as much rewards as you can. There is a bit of probability involved as you will roll a dice before making your move across different tiles. Your team’s HP does not recover after the battle but there are tiles scattered about that replenishes lost health. Sky Maze consists of 3 stages, with the succeeding ones expectedly more challenging than the first.

princess tale sky maze

No strategy RPG is complete without its own brand of PvP combat. The Colosseum in Princess Tale will eventually serve as the ultimate test to see just how formidable your team is, pitted against another player’s team. While most beginners would potentially hesitate partaking in PvP combat, the mechanics of Princess Tale’s Colosseum makes it easy enough for beginners to revel in an automated duel.

The matches in the Colosseum are automated and quick. You can choose from among a selected list of players which one to challenge and points are awarded for every win. Although you only have 3 attempts to challenge other players per day, you can have extra attempts through the use of colosseum tickets. Points earned can be exchanged for hero shards and other rare items by clicking on the colosseum icon at the upper right side of the page.

princess tale colosseum

The Request Board is one of the game modes that require the least effort. You basically need to send out some of your heroes on errands and claim rewards upon their return. Each mission in the request board requires specific elements of heroes or grades. You can easily comply with most and can send out even level 1 heroes. The more requests you accomplish, the more experience is earned and the request board itself will reach higher levels, opening up requests that are of higher difficulty.

Higher difficulty of request missions simply mean more heroes as requirements or higher grade of heroes. There are solo requests you can accomplish just with your own heroes and there are team requests you can only comply with if you are a member of a guild as one of the members of the teams you send out for these requests should be an ally’s hero.

princess tale night watch

Another effortless way to earn extra rewards is playing the mini-game. Once it is open, you will choose 1 out of 5 competing characters in a race. If your bet is among the top 3 contestants you win a prize. It is entirely a gamble so do not let percentages of votes affect your decision. There will be an indication on the mini-game structure whenever casting votes and claiming prizes are open.

7. Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

Princess Tale certainly doesn’t hold out on proving every player opportunities to stock up on resources they continuously need. While every battle or mission you engage in within the adventure, are game modes, and your guild, in addition to idle rewards, should fill your daily needs for resources to upgrade your top heroes and recruit some more, the numerous quests included serves as an extra means for you to earn even more resources.

You can view available quests via its icon at the upper right side of the screen. Quests in Princess Tale are divided across 3 groups: daily quests, weekly quests, and main quests. Daily quests are the easiest set of missions you can accomplish and resets each day.

Points are earned for every task you fulfill and chest rewards are unlocked at the top of the page for every milestone you reach. You actually only need to amass 100 points to secure the top rewards but then again, these quests ought to serve as your guide towards engaging in the daily routine activities that help your make good progress in your adventure.

earning more rewards in princess tale

Weekly quests work much like daily quests but are stretched throughout each week. Contrary to the usual conventions, weekly quest objectives often do not relate directly to daily quests. This means that accomplishing daily quests may not necessarily bring you closer to accomplishing weekly quest objectives. Just the same, the list of objectives should be viewed regularly to have it serve as your guide towards progression.

Last, but definitely not the least, are main quests that stand as your achievements across all aspects of your journey. Main quests may require some time to accomplish but each task on its own comes with a reward. Stars, heroes, and tickets are common rewards for accomplishing main quest objectives, which means that the sooner you accomplish a feat, the better it will be for you and your heroes.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

There are certainly a lot of rewards to earn in your adventure within the world of Princess Tale especially if you are very active in pursing quests and engaging in every open game mode. Beyond these opportunities, however, plenty more rewards can be earned via special events.

For the most part, these events are available for a limited period of time, and largely cater to new players. If you are just starting out, it is a must for you to take advantage of every event available to tremendously boost your progression in your adventure.

On top of the usual attendance stamps for daily prizes, the attendance event is certainly one to take advantage of. This grants you 2,700 gems each day for 7 days. A huge opportunity to earn lots of rewards and progress rapidly is the 7-day Beginner’s Mission Event. Starting from day 1 of your dive into the game, a set of missions will be unlocked. A new set will be available every day for a week and you have 10 days to accomplish as many missions as you can.

princess tale special events

Although you will only see some of the missions when they unlock on specific days, accomplishing them beforehand marks them as completed and you can instantly claim rewards. You can likewise accomplish missions from the previous days. Beyond rare rewards for each objective cleared, points are also given for every mission you clear and amassing 35 points within the 10-day period earns you an Elite Hero Card.

There is also a Lotus Festival Trade Event where Lotus Flowers you earn from completing daily missions can be exchanged for new heroes. Note that the best rewards from this event costs the most so push as hard as you can to save up Lotus Flowers for the best exchange items.

Relative to all these practically free resources and items, remember to visit the Trading Post via its icon at the upper left side of your screen. There are daily, weekly, and monthly packages you can purchase for free and anything free is good. Always remember to visit your mail as well as gifts and other rewards are directed towards it instead of your bag. Also, check for more coupon codes by visiting Princess Tale’s social media accounts.

We are expecting for more content and events to be added to Princess Tale’s already robust offerings but for now, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of tips and strategies to utilize on your succeeding battles and that you enjoyed every bit of what we presented. If you happen to chance upon some cool and neat tricks in your own adventures, we are looking forward as well to hearing from you about them in the comments!