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Pre-Registration Is Now Open For Netmarble’s New MMO Strategy Epic, Iron Throne

The team behind such popular titles as Seven Knights, Marvel: Future Fight, and most recently, Star Wars: Force Arena, publisher Netmarble are gearing up for the launch of their next game Iron Throne. An MMO Strategy game set in a fully-3D world of swords and sorcery, pre-registration is open now ahead of its launch on May 16th.

Tasking players to work their way up through the ranks in search of the crown, Iron Throne will see you embark on classic RPG quests, build your own castle empire, and reign in your own army in order to succeed.

Alongside a thoughtful campaign, you’ll be given the option to engage in modes that are both co-operative and competitive in nature. Traditional Team Deathmatch is present, for instance, while a dedicated Battle Royale offering is there just waiting for brave solo combatants to jump into. There’s never any risk of losing troops when taking part, letting you feel the thrill of PVP battles care-free.

If you feel you’re up for the challenge of conquering others in a quest for the kingship, why not stake such a claim early by pre-registering for Iron Throne today? If you do so, you’ll be welcomed by 1,000 gold, a Dimensional Conqueror Helm, and an accompanying Dimensional Conqueror Great Sword which will all aid in your ambitious quest.

Iron Throne is set to hit Android and iOS devices on May 16th, so get on board early and pre-register before then to receive exclusive rewards.