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Power Rangers: All Stars Beginner’s Guide: 15 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Assemble the Best Team

It is time for some power-packed nostalgia! Power Rangers: All Stars is Nexon’s latest RPG for mobile devices, and the child in everyone is brimming with excitement. The game lets you join your favorite Power Rangers in battle. The story follows Ranger Operators Red, Yellow, and Blue from Power Rangers RPM as they go to Corinth, the last inhabited city on Earth. While trying to investigate the Venjix activity inside a laboratory, they discover a portal to a parallel dimension full of monsters!

Your job will be to work with the different Rangers from throughout history in order to assemble the ultimate Ranger team and send those monsters where they belong. The game features Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the Samurai series. That means there are over 50 Rangers to recruit, and you must choose only 5 of them to join you in battle. It’s a good thing our Power Rangers: All Stars tips, cheats and strategies are here to help you build the best possible team!

1. Balance Out Your Teams

The game allows you to build up to three different teams of Rangers. You don’t need to put Rangers from the same series in a single team. This gives you the chance to experiment with the dynamics of the different characters that you recruit. It is a good idea to use up all three team slots with different strategies in mind.

power rangers all stars best team

Before you start thinking of randomly putting together an all-Pink team, though, you should think about balance. The game utilizes an element relationship system that make certain colors strong against some and weak against others. That means you should maintain a good mix of colors or elements in your teams to ensure that you do not put yourself at a disadvantage.

Another consideration is the balance of roles. Each Ranger has a specialized role. Some are for offense, others for defense, and others still for support. Make sure you have at least one healer on your team to keep everyone alive. You would also want at least two melee Rangers for your front line and three ranged ones for the back line. If you are bringing along a friend’s Ranger, choose a strong ranged one as well.

2. Focus On Your Melee Rangers

When you are in battle, you will be given the option to choose which Ranger to control. You should focus primarily on your melee Rangers since the ranged ones are smart enough to attack from a safe distance. You will need to manually move your melee Rangers out of harm’s way and always be prepared to use your healing ability when someone’s HP goes low. You should also take advantage of special attacks whenever possible, especially when you are faced off against enemy Bosses.

3. Power Up Your Rangers

Rangers may be strong, be they still have a lot of room for growth. The enemies will keep getting stronger, so make sure you invest in your Rangers’ levels as well. Upgrading your Rangers will give them access to new abilities, strengthen their equipment, and allow them to equip orbs. Of course, you will need resources to be able to upgrade them. Max out your XP Refinery Level in order to gain more Ranger XP every time you use XP Gems.

4. Work On Your Synergies

Individual Rangers can become strong, but those who work well together can be unbeatable. Whenever you recruit a new Ranger, make sure you level him up right away and test his synergy with your existing teams. Go to the Team Setting screen and check Combo Attribute lineups. Taking advantage of each Ranger’s combo potential can significantly increase your combat power.

power rangers all stars tips

Another thing to consider is their elemental relationship. The elements are the colors, so it’s pretty easy to keep track of. Red is strong against Yellow. Yellow is strong against Green. Green is strong against Blue. Blue is strong against Pink, and Pink is strong against Red. Black and White are both strong against each other.

5. Learn When To Cancel Attacks

One of the most important lessons you need to learn in combat is to know when to cancel attacks. This is especially true during the early stages of the game when you only have one move available and it takes a full minute to recover from it. If you will only be killing off one enemy with that move due to the current positioning of units, it may be better to just cancel your attack and wait for a better opportunity. Otherwise, you would end up standing by while the enemies pummel you to death. To cancel an attack, simply swipe downwards while you are aiming. You can also cancel an attack by tapping on the same button you used to start it.

6. Complete The Different Missions

As with any RPG, there are missions for you to complete in Power Rangers: All Stars. Completing them means you will receive Player XP, coins, Ranger pieces, and upgrade items afterwards. The Missions tab is essentially the game’s campaign mode, so you will really need to go through it at least once. There is a benefit to replaying the same missions, though. You will need to strengthen you team first. When you are confident in your team, you can head back to completed missions to take them on again in Hard mode. Of course, you will be receiving even better rewards for your efforts. If you feel like farming for more loot, you can spend your Clear Tickets on instantly clearing any of your completed missions.

7. Send Your Idle Rangers On Research

When you progress in the game, you will eventually unlock the Research tab. This will allow you to send out some of your Rangers on Research battles. These are timed missions where your Rangers will fight on their own and return with various rewards once the timer is done. Completing missions in Hard mode will give you more Research battle options, so these two go hand in hand. Characters who are sent on these battles will still be available for use in other modes. That means you are free to send your favorite Rangers if you need to.

8. Level Up To Unlock More Content

power rangers all stars guide

Aside from your Rangers’ levels, you should also pay attention to your Player level. Raising your Player level will increase your maximum stamina, allowing you to do more in the game. You are rewarded with additional stamina to use. More importantly, leveling up will give you access to the other modes of the game. Check out the list of features below and which levels you need to reach in order to unlock them.

Missions – Available from the start
Friends – Reach level 6
Daily Missions (Normal) – Reach level 7
Dimensional Exploration – Reach level 8
Research – Reach level 10
Alliance – Reach level 12
Dimensional Rift (PvP) – Reach level 15
Alliance Raid – Available 24 hours after joining an Alliance

9. There Are Even More Missions

Aside from the campaign missions, the game gives you five Daily missions that you can complete in exchange for Ranger Equipment Evolution Materials. Each Daily mission can be completed up to six times, so it is a good way to collect evolution materials. The game also gives you Dimensional Exploration tasks which can be completed up to five times. Even if you do not have time to progress in the campaign missions, try to make time to complete these extra missions to ensure maximum resource gain. You can use Clear Tickets to make quick work of them after completing them the first time.

10. Is The Mega Power Pass Worth It?

First off, what is a Power Pass? Tap on the Power Pass icon and you will be taken to a screen with a grid and a bunch of icons on it. Each grid box represents a tier level, and the icon inside it, if there is any, is the reward you will receive upon reaching that tier. The game gives you challenges to aim for. Each challenge you overcome will reward you with points that will go towards raising your tier level.

power rangers all stars cheats

As you will probably see, there are a lot of blanks in the Power Pass grid. Right below it, however, is the Mega Power Pass grid which has rewards on each box. Some boxes even have two rewards in them. That may seem tempting and everything, but you will need to purchase the Mega Power Pass with real money before you can claim those rewards. To put it simply, no it is not. There are no rewards that are exclusive to the Mega Power Pass. That means you will eventually be able to acquire them through other means.

11. Claim Your Challenge Rewards

When you are on the main menu, tap on the bottom right corner to go to the Challenges tab. This will give you a list of Daily, Weekly, Achievement, and Repeat Area challenges that can be completed. Each challenge will give you some type of reward upon completion. As you could probably guess, the more difficult the challenge is, the better the reward will be. Some of the challenges, though, are just milestones in the game, so you may end up completing them without realizing it. Make sure you check this tab often to see if you have completed anything recently.

12. How To Beat Orb Missions

how to unlock megazord in power rangers all stars

Orbs missions are no walk in the park. They are impossible to defeat using Rangers alone. You will need the power of Megazords in order to succeed. You will need to complete the first 15 Guided Challenges in order to unlock your first Megazord. Unfortunately, it may not be enough to get you through all the Orb missions. A Megazord can only stay in battle for a limited time. If it fails to destroy the enemy boss within that time, your Rangers will be left behind to wait for certain death. Try to unlock more Megazords before you consider advancing to the next Orb mission.

13. Find Some Good Buddies

Power Rangers: All Stars has a social aspect where you can add friends and share Rangers with them. You can also send and receive hearts with your buddies. Hearts can then be used in the Special Shop to purchase more stamina. Make sure you choose strong and active friends from the list suggested in-game. Don’t forget to regularly bump off inactive friends to make room for more people.

You can also join an Alliance in order to get even more support from fellow players. Alliance members can participate in raids, trade items, take on challenges together, and even acquire boosts. Just as with maintaining active friends, you should also choose an Alliance with a lot of active members. An Alliance is only useful if the members actually play, so feel free to ditch the one you are in if nobody ever goes online.

14. Watch Ads For Freebies

Ads have really become the lifeblood of free players. Luckily, the game also has a few ad offers up for grabs. Go to the main menu and tap on the Watch Ads option on the left side. Each video advertisement will reward you with coins or crystals afterwards. You can only take advantage of the ad offers once per day, so make sure you don’t miss your chance. Once you have earned a few coins, you should make your rounds through the Valor, Alliance, and Rift Shops to see what’s in stock. There are a few good deals that come up from time to time.

15. Check Your Mail For Rewards

The game gives out rewards for checking in every day. These are all sent to your mailbox, so make sure you claim it before it disappears. Other rewards will also be sent to your mailbox. These include compensation, event rewards, and more. The game is pretty generous to active players in terms of rewards. Checking your mail regularly will help ensure you don’t miss out on any of the freebies that come your way.

It is time to send the monsters back to the alternate dimension in Power Rangers: All Stars! Remember the tips and tricks listed above if you want to have the best Ranger team there is!