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Pokémon GO Guide & Cheats: How to Collect Great Balls, Master Balls and Ultra Balls

Goodness gracious, great PokéBalls of fire! That’s something someone has probably uttered by now, what with Niantic’s Android and iOS game Pokémon GO still extremely popular all over the world, even in places where the game has not gotten an official launch. This is the game where you can collect Pokémon in the real world, stepping outside your home with your phone in hand as you go hunting at the nearest PokéStop or two. And catching those Pokémon can be done by throwing PokéBalls their way – it’s preferable to launch a trick shot, or a curveball, for better results.

Aside from the PokéBalls, there are also rarer types of balls out there which you can use while trying to catch Pokémon. These include Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls. These are higher-tier balls that are substantially more powerful than the common PokéBalls, and given their rarity, they’re the kind of balls you want to throw if you’re looking for Rare, Epic, or Legendary Pokémon. So how do you get more of these? We can help you with that, as our newest Pokémon GO strategy guide deals with the many ways you can get more Great, Master, and Ultra Balls.

1. You Start With Nothing

If you’re an experienced Pokémon GO player, you’re probably finding yourself dissatisfied because those garden-variety PokéBalls aren’t doing the trick like they used to when catching Pokémon. But if you haven’t even started playing yet, you’ll have to keep in mind that you won’t start with any ball type in your possession – no Great Balls, no Master Balls, no Ultraballs, no nothing. They won’t be available at PokéStops either, and you wouldn’t be able to buy them in the game, should you be willing to spend some extra dough. And they’re not available for a reason – you have to get your experience to a high enough level so that you can unlock certain features or items, Great, Master, and Ultra Balls included. But you won’t need to worry yet, as these special balls won’t become really handy until you’ve leveled up well enough.

2. How Does The Leveling Up System Work With Regards To These Special Balls?

By leveling up, you’ll eventually get to access different types of balls beyond your standard PokéBalls. For starters, you’ll get 20 Great Balls by making it to level 12. And once you reach Llvel 20, you will then unlock the Ultra Balls. Master Balls are the most powerful, though at this time, we’re not quite sure what level they get unlocked. Some say they appear at level 30, while others say it may come a bit later, but aiming for Level 30 is a fairly educated guess.

After you reach the required level for each type of special balls, you can head over to your nearest PokéStops to find those items, just like you’d go there for the other items available in the game.

3. Make Use Of The Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs are capable of earning you twice the experience for a good 30 minutes. Use these eggs if you want to level up at a much faster pace, allowing you not only to unlock the Great, Ultra, and Master Balls, but also to earn those balls faster as bonuses for making it to a new level.

4. Use The Razz Berries Too

Provided you have yet to unlock the Ultra Balls, you can use your Razz Berries together with the Great Balls for more chances of catching more Pokémon. And if you’ve got Ultra Balls unlocked, you can then use Razz Berries with your Ultra Balls. That would make any Pokémon in question easier for you to catch.

5. What PokéStops Are Best For Finding Special Balls?

You should choose Pokéstop areas with the most PokéStops if you’re adding to your current count of Great, Master, and Ultra Balls. But which areas are best, and which ones have the most PokéStops? As of the current time, these include old cities, historic landmarks and attractions, museums, church districts, places with lots of murals, memorial parks, etc. PokéStops at those areas tend to be busier, though you should also keep in mind that there have been quite a few complaints about Pokémon GO players arguably desecrating those areas in question. Make sure you’re still playing this game honestly and responsibly, not to mention respectfully; if a place explicitly forbids Pokémon hunting, then you may need to look elsewhere.

6. Use A GPS Spoofer At Your Own Risk

Now this is another dangerous process, but it’s worth a try, especially if your part of town (or your part of the world) is lacking in PokéStops. It’s possible to bring a GPS spoofer along with you, which would mimic the feeling of being in a more crowded part of town. However, we should also warn you that using a GPS spoofer is often associated with cheating; if the folks at Niantic find you out and discover you’ve been using your spoofer for unethical purposes, there’s a good chance you may be banned, or at the very least sanctioned by the company. Sure, you can use a spoofer if you insist, but make sure to use it only for Great Balls, Master Balls, and Ultra Balls.

7. Wait For More Updates To Come In

Playing the waiting game as far as updates go may also pay off in the end, though you should, by all means, continue playing in the meantime. There’s a solid chance that the people behind Pokémon GO will introduce new features with each update, and though you shouldn’t quote us on this, or take this as an actual assurance that it’s coming, we can always hope that the game will one day allow us to use our Pokécoins to buy Great, Master, and Ultra Balls.

8. Wait For The Next Special Event

As this is a new game, there should be more Pokémon GO-centric events coming up in the future, either hosted by Niantic, Nintendo, or both. Again, it’s too early to say anything decisive with regards to this, but there’s a possibility that you could win Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls if you do well enough in those events.

9. Don’t Use Those Balls Unless You Need Them

When push comes to shove, you don’t want to be short of Great, Master, and Ultra Balls. That means you will have to save them and keep them stashed, unless there’s a time when they really would come in necessary. For instance, you should only be using your Great Balls if you’re hunting for rare Pokémon that cannot be trapped with a regular “great” or “nice shot”. When using them against rare Pokémons, use them in conjunction with a Razz Berry, as well as another PokéBall. Also, save your Ultra Balls ands Master Balls for the most rarest ones out there.

These would be our tips and tricks for getting more great balls, master balls and ultra balls in Pokémon GO. Do you know other hints for the game? Let us know by leaving a message in the comment section below! In case you want to read all of our tips and tricks for Pokémon GO, then be sure to click here!