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Pocket Mortys Cheats & Hints: A List of All Crafting Recipes

Pocket Mortys has arrived for Android and iOS devices recently, and we’ve already got a detailed strategy guide for the game. But just as a backgrounder, this game is based on Adult Swim’s cartoon series Rick and Morty, with Rick being the alcoholic mad scientist and Morty being his grandson. This is a “Morty training” game that has a few role-playing game mechanics in it, and before you train those Mortys, you can collect them – all 70-plus of them. Basically, the game allows you to “command, combine, and level up your Mortys to prove that you’re the greatest Morty trainer of all space and time.”

Crafting is one of the most important mechanics in this game, as the items you craft will allow your Mortys to survive longer and continue being important members of your team. Normally, this is a trial-and-error process, pure hit-or-miss, and often very tedious. But with these Pocket Mortys cheats, we shall share with you a complete list of all crafting recipes, allowing you to create new items with no hassle or inconvenience whatsoever. Of course, you can choose not to use this cheat sheet and go through the whole trial-and-error process for the sheer challenge of it all. But if you find yourself stuck, we’ve got all the recipes here for you.

Before we proceed, however, here are a few quick words on how you can get all the items – it’s one thing to know the recipe, but finding the items is often a completely different story. Some of those items can be purchased with badges at Salesman Rick’s store, while some can be collected via rewards or as you teleport from one world to another and naturally progress through the game. So with all that said, here they are – all the crafting recipes in Pocket Mortys.

Morty Manipulator Chip: Supercharged battery + Circuit Board + Tin Can
Serum: Battery + Fleeb
Great Serum: Battery + Purified Fleeb
Sensational Serum: Supercharged Battery + Serum
Pure Serum: Supercharged Battery + Great Serum
Plutonic Rock: Battery + Bacteria Cell
Pure Plutonic Rock: Battery + Mutant Bacteria Cell
Halzinger: Battery + Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
Pure Halzinger: Battery + Purified Fleeb + Mutant Bacteria Cell
Level Up Mega Seed: Attack Mega Seed + Defense Mega Seed + Speed Mega Seed

Battery: Tin Can + Cable + Fleeb
Supercharged Battery: Battery + Turbulent Juice Tube
Microverse Battery: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Dark Matter Ball
Purified Fleeb: Fleeb + Turbulent Juice Tube
Mutant Bacteria Cell: Bacteria Cell + Turbulent Juice Tube
Dark Energy Ball: Fleeb + Bacteria Cell
Dark Matter Ball: Dark Energy Ball + Turbulent Juice Tube
Motherboard: Battery + Circuit + Cable
Dog Collar: Cable + Tin Can
Love Potion: Purified Fleeb + Mutant Bacteria Cell

Robot: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard
Butter Robot: Robot + Tin Can
Gwendolyn Doll: Robot + Love Potion
Time Crystal: Purified Fleeb + Dark Energy Ball
Time Stabilising Collar: Time Crystal + Dog Collar
Interdimensional Cable Box: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Time Crystal
Neutrino Bomb: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Dark Energy Ball
Interdimensional Goggles: Supercharged Battery + Time Crystal + Tin Can
IQ Enhancing Helmet: Supercharged Battery + Motherboard + Turbulent Juice Tube
Roy VR Headset: Interdimensional Goggles + IQ Enhancing Helmet