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Pocket MapleStory Tips, Tricks & Guide to Get Better Equipment and Weapons

The first part of our Pocket MapleStory strategy guide showed you a lot, but there’s far more to learn about this game than what we already told you. But before we move on to our second part, we should remind you that this is the iOS version of Wizet’s 2D side-scrolling RPG; there’s still no Android version available. You can create your own hero, form or join guilds, and battle different types of enemies, like you would in your traditional RPG, but as we said before, this one happens to be deeper and more immersive than most.

We’re keeping it short and sweet for the description, being that we already talked you through a long list of tips and tricks for Pocket MapleStory. So with that said, let’s get to the second part in our two-part series.

1. Buying Weapons, Armor, Potions, And More

When buying items, you’ll want to go to the equipment store, specifically choosing the blue up arrow next to the abbreviation ATT. Here you can buy any weapon, piece of armor, or accessory you want, though when equipping them on your hero, you can’t use items that have the red Stop symbol above them. These items can only be equipped once your character reaches a certain level. Tap on Slot after you tap on an item so that it can be automatically fitted. As for removing items, tap on the item, then tap on Cancel. Equipment can be acquired by completing the game’s quests, though we’ll tell you below about another neat way in which you can acquire them.

2. Getting Better Items – How Do You Do It?

On a quirky note, the Candy Shop is where you’ll have to go to if you want to check out items in capsules you can equip your hero with, may it be his/her weapons, armor, or accessories. Hit the capsule machine tab and you’ll see one of each – a weapon capsule, an armor capsule, an accessory capsule – with a list of items that can be included in the capsules. Select Item LV before tapping on a capsule so you can choose the level of your random item.

Regular capsule sets will cost you mesos, which is the game’s standard currency. Premium capsule sets, on the other hand, require special coupons that can only be acquired by completing special quests, winning daily rewards, or buying the game and becoming a VIP player. Obviously, you’ll want the Premium or Super Premium capsule sets once you’re able to afford them.

3. You Have Full Control Over How To Improve Your Hero

As we told you in the first part, you can add stat points to your hero’s attributes once you level them up. If points are added to an attribute (e.g. Intelligence), that improves a set of abilities under that attribute. In Intelligence’s case, those abilities include Accuracy, Mastery, and Max HP.

The game offers an option for you to let the AI do the adding of points itself. We strongly recommend you not to use this option. Instead, simply tap on No when you’re asked if you want the AI to do the allocation. The AI, aside from being overly simplistic, leaves you with less freedom to customize your character, while you, on the other hand, can completely control which attributes you want to focus on when improving your hero.

4. How Do Skills Work In The Game?

Skills are different from the attributes we told you about earlier, though we do admit it can be a bit confusing because these are two similar terms. Semantics aside, Pocket MapleStory heroes have active and passive skills; the former refers to those you can activate by hitting a shortcut button, while the latter are those that can only be launched if you perform a certain action or reach a certain goal. Skill points are activated by Level 10, and each time you level up your character, you get one skill point each.

Also pay attention to what the NPCs tell you; they’ll drop clues about which path your hero should take, so try to remember the key points of your hero’s discussions with the NPCs. New skill sets are unlocked once you’ve got job advancement.

For added convenience, go to your character’s menu, then Profile, then Skill. Search for his or her active skills and tap on the one you like before tapping on the Shortcut button. This allows you to add an active skill to your list of shortcuts, making it easier for you to launch the skill when in battle against enemies. Just remember, though, that active skills require mana potions, which, like HP potions, can be acquired as rewards for quests or dailies.

5. Save Time By Teleporting

You’ll only be putting your hero at unnecessary risk by having them gingerly make their way through seemingly countless monsters. You don’t want their HP to reach zero for no real reason. What you can do instead is to use the Teleport feature, which is activated by hitting the boot icon on the right hand side of your screen. This is a great way to get back home or to go to your quest’s region.

6. Choose A Sub-Class Before Crafting Items

One of the game’s NPCs is the Crafting Merchant, who will let you make your own equipment. But before you can craft weapons, armor, or more, you need a sub-class or a profession. These include Alchemist, Accessory Craftsman, Weapon Blacksmith, and a whole lot more. You can change profession any time, just as long as you’re willing to pay mesos.

7. Use Scrolls And Magic Cubes To Make Items Stronger

Your weapons and other forms of equipment can benefit through the scrolls and magic cubes you can infuse into them. These scrolls and cubes can be found by completing main and side quests, though there is, of course, no guarantee you’ll get them right off the bat. And it’s as simple as tapping on Equipment from your player profile, tapping on your equipment, then tapping on Upgrade.

Enchantment scrolls are pretty much self-explanatory, while Magic, or Miracle Cubes add new attributes to the weapon you’re currently using.