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Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Save the World

Conventional RPGs typically entail a lot of grinding just to keep up with the continuously increasing demands of the adventure. It’s either you spend hundreds of hours, making you exclusively dedicate your free time to the hunts and grinds, or, in the case of freemium adventures, shell out some real cash to gain some advantage. In a way, what strays from these conventions are idle RPGs as this RPG subgenre ensures that you will always take steps forward, even if you are offline and away from the game.

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG sets you off on a never-ending adventure where there is as much action as there is character growth. As a girl who was mysteriously transported into pixel world, you immediately get immersed in a constant battle against hordes of monsters and their bosses.

pixel fantasia idle rpg cover

Though you take command of only a single character, there are spirits and pets to aid you in your journey. With various weapons and gears to equip and upgrade and an abundance of other power-ups available to you, you will certainly feel the rapid growth of your power every single step of the adventure.

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG can be expected to be as simple and easy to understand and enjoy just like its description says. Despite having an absence of any tutorial or anything of semblance to an introductory guide, Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG assures that even for complete and total beginners to idle RPGs, or even mobile games for that matter, grasping the basic gameplay mechanics and features will be guaranteed as much as growth and progression.

pixel fantasia idle rpg gameplay

Despite its simple gameplay mechanics, Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG offers a plethora of content to ensure that active engagement in strengthening your hero and conquering challenges will become a bigger part of your journey relative to its idle earning aspect.

Again, you can always keep moving forward regardless of your choices in the game, but if you are the type of adventurer who is raring to become the strongest, then be sure to read our Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Beginner’s Guide. We have come up with a collection of tips, tricks and strategies so you can dominate every challenge that comes your way!

1. Prioritize Accomplishing Quests

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG makes it look like you will the ground running as soon as you drop in on its world. You will begin fighting an endless horde of monsters and will potentially stop for a bit and wonder about what you need to do. There will certainly be plenty of icons around the main screen that you would want to peek into and there will likewise be plenty of time to explore each one of those as you move forward. The first thing you should focus your attention on is the quest that flashes on the left side of the screen.

pixel fantasia idle rpg quest

The quest objectives in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG are rather very simple and while it will soon reach a point where some of those targets will become repetitive, the best part is that these quest targets introduce you to the game’s numerous features and game modes. In essence, quests are not an extra layer of work that necessitates extra effort from your end but rather, the objectives serve as your basic guide towards growing your character and enjoying everything the adventure has to offer.

Accomplishing main quest objectives is also among the primary sources of rubies for you and rubies are what you consume to summon gears, spirits, and even pets. Although you will have an abundance of it in the early part of your adventure, you should soon consider earning as much of it as you can. In this sense, clearing quest targets at a faster rate will not only cause a faster pace of advancement in your journey but a more rapid rate of earning rubies as well.

pixel fantasia idle rpg objective

Considering the variety of quest targets you will find in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG, it can be divided into 2 basic categories: Ones that you can accomplish ahead of the quest popping up; and ones you have to target after the quest appears. Reaching a certain stage in the main campaign or dungeon and upgrading to a certain point are examples of the first type of quest. In essence, you can go beyond the target if it is more convenient for you or if it would be more beneficial. In any case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself well enough with Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG before you attempt to go all out on anything.

The other half of the quest targets, which are the repetitive ones, cycle around the tasks of killing a certain number of monsters as well as summoning items, spirits, or even pets. Even if you have accomplished these basic tasks several times over, what would only count for the quest at hand are the ones you perform while the quest target has appeared. With regard to monster kills you will always be able to perform the task without much of a hassle. For the summoning part, however, it is best to always ensure that you have more than enough resources to perform the needed number of summons when the quest pops up.

pixel fantasia idle rpg weapon summon

It might be difficult to believe early on but you will experience being stuck on a particular quest at some point in your adventure. With enemy bosses you can challenge outright through the boss button at the upper right side of the screen, you will quickly breeze through a lot of them in the early part of your adventure. For the most part, it would even be a 1-hit kill and the timer that counts down during the boss battle will hardly even lose a second. At some point later, however, you can expect some bosses to become unbeatable for you given your current strength.

2. Keep The Boosts Active

Before we dig deeper into the rest of the features and game modes in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG, along with the respective tips and strategies relevant to each of them, it is worth giving notice to some ad boosts that exist in the adventure. There are plenty of ad boosts that you will find difficult to ignore but we consider at least 3 of them to be a cut above the rest. These are the ad boosts that can tremendously help you move forward in your adventure at a much faster rate and while their effects are only for a limited period, each one is well worth the miniscule effort.

pixel fantasia idle rpg slime kill

These ad boosts can be located at the upper left side of the screen, just below your name and HP bar, and to the right of the save button. The first boost to activate is the speed buff and playing a short video ad to activate this doubles your movement speed. In essence, this will cut down the time it would take to kill monsters by half, effectively doubling EXP and gold rewards for each kill.

The next buff is a strength buff that multiplies your attack by 5x. It seems a little bit excessive considering that you will easily be able to deal amounts of damage beyond what you can normally count to in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG. While this enhancement also ensures a much faster rate of progression, a 400% increase in your overall damage can very much spell the difference between successfully defeating a boss or not. In later adventures, this will become a necessity as well for you to conquer the various dungeons in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG.

Finally, there is also a buff that multiplies the gold you earn by 5x. There is no doubt that you would easily amass more gold in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG than you would in any of the previous adventures you have had. However, Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG also makes the need for increasing amounts of gold as endless as the adventure itself.

Like everything else, you will have an overabundance of gold, as a basic currency, to make you tire yourself out if you use it to increase your level and stats one at a time. Several hundreds or thousands of upgrades later on, however, you will easily come to a point where you will need a lot more gold than what you have.

pixel fantasia idle rpg damage

This trio of ad boosts will only let you play a 15 to 30-second video ad for the boosts to activate. Even with a total sum of 90 seconds to play all these ads, each of these boosts last for 2 hours, which is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that these boosts apply only when you are online.

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG provides a power-saving mode for instances when you want to grind idly on the main campaign stage and the rewards you get from this, boosted by the ad buffs we discussed, will be tremendously bigger than what you can earn if you are offline and away from the game. Just the same, you can still earn plenty of idle rewards while offline but the ad boosts will not activate during these times.

3. Balance Out Upgrades On Your Heroine

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG is a straightforward idle RPG yet its numerous features practically ensure that the character you grow and develop will be unlike any of the ones built by other players. Strengthening your heroine can be attributed to a lot of different aspects of the game but there are already plenty of enhancements applicable to the heroine on her own.

Your character will have a starting level of 1 and no amount of killing monsters will earn her EXP for that to reach the subsequent levels. Instead, EXP you earn goes to the account level, which is different from the character’s level. Raising your heroine’s level can be done via the growth menu that you can access thru the Growth button on the lower left side of the screen.

pixel fantasia idle rpg level up

Leveling up only requires gold and each new level reached increases basic stat attributes like Damage, HP, HP Regeneration, Defense Rate, and Defense Penetration. You can expect that each subsequent level-up will be a little more expensive than the previous one but you will also surely enjoy leveling up 100 at a time early on. Levelling up your heroine will initially form part of the earlier repeating quests but you will soon enough want to spend gold to do so on your own later on.

Although basic stat attributes already increase with each new level you reach, there is a separate tab for stats in the Growth menu where you need to spend gold for enhancements as well. This is where you can enhance specific stats so, in a way, you can customize your character’s performance in combat based on the stats you prioritize for upgrades.

Initially, only different stats can be leveled up and these are Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Block Chance, and Block Rate. The first 2 are evidently for offense while the latter 2 are for defense. Although raising these stats to a certain level forms part of the main quest early on, you will soon have the liberty to upgrade them without adhering to the quest targets.

pixel fantasia idle rpg stats

Reaching certain milestones on these basic stat attributes will unlock their “True” versions, which are a separate and distinct set of attributes to enhance as well, and progressing enough with those stats will soon unlock the “Ultimate” set and finally the “Soul” set of stat attributes. There will be additional stat attributes to unlock as well like Basic Attack Power and Defense Penetration. Each stat has different max levels, ensuring a long grind before you can max out or cap all of them.

Even though the exponentially increasing prices in gold of each subsequent stat level up is, in a way, a restrictive measure to encourage you to spread out your investments, you still have the liberty of prioritizing one attribute over the others. Save for the latter sets of stats that can only be unlocked upon reaching certain level milestones, achieving the latter can still mean having even more stat options to choose from as far as upgrading is concerned.

In idle clicker business sim games, we would generally recommend going for the cheaper options first when it comes to upgrades. The rationale behind this is that with cheaper purchases, you will sooner end up with more upgrades purchased at some point. However, the currency in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG can get extremely huge in such a short time that purchases made on upgrades will be too tedious if performed one at a time all the time. Although we do not recommend outright ticking the max option on, there will eventually be a time when doing so would be the best way to go.

pixel fantasia idle rpg daily attendance reward

For starters, however, we recommend attempting to balance out stat investments. As an example, let us take on Critical Chance and Critical Damage as a pair that should be leveled up together. Critical Chance deals with the probability of dealing critical hits and as far as damage outputs go, critical hits will always deal the highest damage.

Critical Damage, on the other hand, improves how much percent the increase in damage would be if a critical hit occurs. With this, more investment made on the former will more likely yield instances of critical hits but if each does not pack as much damage as it should, it would be somewhat pointless. In this sense, raising both equally should be considered.

Perhaps one of the more pressing dichotomies later on, relative to stat investment prioritizations, is choosing between offense and defense. In the early part of your adventure, what you would most likely experience is a full HP bar across most, if not all, of the battles you engage in. If and when you do lose a battle, it is highly likely a result of not zeroing out the enemy’s HP in time, particularly the main campaign bosses.

In this regard, we recommend spending a little more on offense first whenever you can and whenever you have to choose. On the other hand, if you start experiencing a depletion of HP, or a failure to complete a challenge as a result of getting KO’ed, then that would be a solid hint to start investing equally in defense.

pixel fantasia idle rpg transcend

Beyond levels and stats, your character in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG can grow further with the Transcend feature. Transcending very much works like leveling up your character, save for it is more expensive but at the same time more rewarding. You need Power Stones and Magic Stones to transcend your heroine, both of which can be obtained primarily from the Magic Stone Mine. In contrast with leveling up, Transcending will not improve Defense Rate and Defense Penetration. It will, instead, increase Attack Speed, Skill Attack, and Item Drop Rate with each higher ascension level.

In addition to stat improvements, reaching certain milestones in terms of transcending unlocks ability slots on the next tab of the Growth Window. Every 5 levels of transcending reached unlock a new ability slot but only up to level 30 until you reach the adventure’s next difficulty level. Abilities are passive boosts that you can acquire randomly through the use of magic stones. The magic stone currency as well as ability stones are needed to craft magic stones.

The latter magic stones have different rarity grades with the higher ones yielding better passive abilities for your character. Crafting magic stones will improve the crafting level of the blacksmith, enabling you to have higher chances of obtaining higher-grade magic stones later on. Higher-grade ones can also be obtained by merging lower-grade magic stones.

pixel fantasia idle rpg ability

As the abilities granted by the magic stones are completely random, you might be easily inclined to change abilities over and over. Be sure to prioritize having an ability set to each open slot first and having a good idea in mind about the passive abilities you want to obtain. You will have limited chances to reroll these abilities so be sure to swap out the ones you like the least first. Again, this will be yet another avenue to have a customized character build and one where there is a dichotomy between being built more for offense or defense.

Although every player will start out wearing the same outfit when the adventure in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG begins, Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG provides over 40 costumes to unlock and collect. Some of these costumes are locked behind premium purchases, but you can still nab some through actively playing. Each costume has an owned effect and a hidden ability can be unlocked randomly by consuming Slime Pieces, which you can gather from the Slime Dungeon.

pixel fantasia idle rpg costume

Hidden abilities you can unlock are random and have rarity grades as well, which means that if you can afford to, you should reroll for the best hidden abilities you can get. While aesthetics will vary depending on which costume you decide to equip, so long as you have unlocked the costume and its hidden ability, it will apply to your character.

4. Summon And Merge At Will

At this point in your adventure, you should already know that rubies are a special currency you need to perform all sorts of summoning. Gears, pets, and spirits can all be summoned via the summon button at the bottom of the screen. For most of your journey, this icon will have an exclamation mark on it indicating that a summoning can be performed. You will be performing summons by the thousands on each of the available categories throughout your adventure and still come to find an abundance of rubies still nesting in your grasp.

Weapons, shields, rings, and soon, even pendants will form part of the gears you will equip your character with. As the summon feature is where the center of Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG’s gacha mechanics, you can expect there to be a lot of luck involved with every draw you spend on it. Every item to summon has a rarity grade and the most common grades will naturally be the easiest to acquire, guaranteeing you will have an overabundance of the most basic items at the end of your draws.

pixel fantasia idle rpg summon

In any case, even the normal or basic grade items in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG have much value as you can merge multiple copies of them to randomly generate a higher tier item. For example, if you have 5 F-grade weapons, you can merge them and have an F+ one, and so on. Each higher-grade version of an item has tremendous increases in both the Equip Effects and Owned Effect.

pixel fantasia idle rpg weapons

Spirits are a unique feature in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG. You will summon them in the form of cards and each one holds unique abilities that aid you in combat. As can be expected, spirits also have rarity grades but not as many as the gears. Spirits can be Normal, Mid, High, or Supreme and you can obtain the first 3 rarities from summoning.

pixel fantasia idle rpg summoning

Just like gears, you can merge 5 spirits of the same rarity to obtain a higher grade. However, for the Supreme Spirit types, you need a high spirit with a maxed-out level. Although only the active skills of the trio of spirits you equip can be used in combat, you can benefit from the passive buffs that each spirit you own has. Mid, High, and Ultimate Spirits you can view, merge, and upgrade via the Spirit button at the bottom of the screen will show their Team Effect on the first tab of their window.

pixel fantasia idle rpg spirit merge

Given the plethora of gears and spirits you will be summoning regularly; it will only be natural to have an abundance of duplicates as well. There is no reason or benefit in holding on to these duplicates so merging everything should be considered to automatically follow summoning. Again, merging will yield higher-grade counterparts of the item so even if you are not lucky enough to obtain the highest grade possible via the gacha, you can still yield the top-grade gears and spirits thru merging.

There are free ways to summon gears and spirits by watching ads for each of them. Using rubies, you will have the option to summon 10 or 33. Since the latter option costs exactly 3 times as much as the former, we recommend always considering it as the best option since you get extra 3 items. Be sure to consider summoning to a milestone as well. Every summon you purchase fills up a bar and you will receive rewards each time the bar fills up and the summoning level increases. To some extent, this serves as an indicator as well of how balanced your summoning has been across the numerous items to summon.

pixel fantasia idle rpg summon level reward

5. Be Selective With Upgrades

Summoning as many items as you can and merging them you yield higher-grade items are not the end of your ways to increase your power relative to the gears and spirits you summon. Every piece of equipment and every spirit you own also has a level that can be increased, with the latter even having extra features relative to upgrades. Although you can go wild with the summoning and merging parts of this feature, upgrades should be met with a bit of prudence as the needed resources to perform these enhancements are not as abundantly available as rubies.

In the early part of your adventure, raising your gear’s level to a certain milestone will form part of the quest objectives. What is needed, however, is total levels upgraded, which can be split across the different equipment you have. Moving forward, you would be inclined to level up gears even if no quest targets are asking you to do so. This is where you need to be a little more discerning in terms of which gear to invest more in.

pixel fantasia idle rpg fairy blessing

Weapons, shields, rings, and even the more expensive pendants each have 24 rarity grades you can obtain from summoning. Given the very low chance of securing the top SR+ grade items, you will likely obtain one from merging. After summoning several thousand times and merging just about as much, you will likely still be far from having the top-grade item across every gear type. As upgrades are attached to the piece of gear, switching to a higher grade tier means discarding all those upgrades invested in altogether.

Suppose your best weapon has an R+ rarity grade, you should only upgrade it to a limit. You will eventually obtain a higher grade weapon, especially considering that there are 8 higher grades ahead of the path. Upgrades cost precious Magic Stones and when you switch to a higher weapon, the upgraded lower-grade weapon will just be used as a merge material whose value is just equal to its level 1 copies.

One of the key features of spirits is that they have 1 of 4 different attributes. Except for the Normal attribute, the trio elements of Fire, Nature, and Water follow the conventional rock-paper-scissors mechanics of dealing and receiving extra damage. Fire bests Nature while Nature bests Water. An advantageous element will deal twice as much damage against the disadvantaged element while the disadvantaged element will only deal 70% damage against the superior element. Spirits with no element are unaffected by the rock-paper-scissors mechanics and will deal and receive 100% damage at all times.

pixel fantasia idle rpg fight

Under the Team Effect tab of the Spirit’s information, you will only initially see the “Engraving” button on it. A random ability to engrave can be seen at the upper area of the window while the percentage applied can be seen at the bottom. If you like the ability you have, then you can readily proceed to upgrade. If not, then you can hit the “Change” button and pay 10 Spirit Stones to reroll for a different passive.

pixel fantasia idle rpg team effect

Engraving is clouded with uncertainty as well as the random attribute of the feature makes it challenging to yield a completely successful engraving throughout. At the very least, you can see successful and failed engravings as indicated by the lit stones. Be sure to consider resetting only if you can afford to do so as a full set of engraving can be costly as well. Likewise, we recommend doing this for the high spirits in your roster only and the ultimate ones you may unlock later.

The other tab, Unique Skills, is a spirit’s active skills used in combat. These skills can be upgraded with each level of the spirit. For you to level up a spirit, you need extra copies of their cards, as well as Spirit Stones. Levelling up can be expensive and even if you have a plethora of Spirit Stones, you can witness it slowly empty if you level up spirits without control. For best results be selective as to which spirits you want to level up. At some point in your adventure, you can level up and maintain different sets of spirits as you may need to concentrate on their elemental attribute against some bosses later on.

pixel fantasia idle rpg unique skills

You will see your equipped Spirit’s cards appear in combat as their respective abilities trigger. The 3 skills you see will belong to the first spirit you equip but the passive boosts of all 3 apply to you across all battles.

To make the combat-intensive adventure in the world of Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG seem a lot less lonely, you will have pets to accompany you across every challenge. Pets, just like gears and spirits, can be summoned but since there are fewer variants of pets available, summoning them will be fewer at a time and have slightly higher costs.

pixel fantasia idle rpg pets

Pets cannot be merged to obtain their higher-grade counterparts but extra copies of pets you already have can be used to level them up. You can equip up to 6 pets at a time, gaining all their respective boosts. However, only one of them can be set to follow you around as you move about in combat. In this sense, it only becomes reasonable to equip and invest in the 6 pets you have of the highest rarity.

pixel fantasia idle rpg snow tiger yuki

Pets can be leveled up using gold but given that you have a lot of other things to spend gold on, you should again consider spending gold for pets very prudently. Crystals obtained from the slime dungeon can also be used to level up your pets and then there is a final option to use duplicate pets. In every option, costs exponentially increase with each level. We recommend using crystals for your rarest pet and then using duplicates for the other pets.

6. Expend Attempts In Every Dungeon

The lengthy campaign of monster mobs and bosses in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG is sure to require a lot of power-ups and upgrades performed along the way. Given all the upgrade and enhancement options we have discussed so far in the tips and strategies above; it should already be evident that you will also need to constantly farm the special resources to sustain upgrades across every available venue. While pursuing the campaign stands as a priority early on, the limited attempts you have to take on each available dungeon should take precedence, especially before the end of each day.

Dungeons unlock one after another in the early part of your adventure and progression through each dungeon’s earlier levels also forms part of the initial sets of quest targets. Once you have been well acquainted with each dungeon, it should become almost routine for you to empty your keys or tickets to run through or sweep each one. You can access the dungeons through its icon that slides up after you hit the battle icon at the bottom of the page.

pixel fantasia idle rpg dungeon

There are 4 basic dungeons and 4 special dungeons to unlock. One of the reasons we consider it very important to prioritize quest completions is that dungeons are among the things that unlock following certain milestones in quest completions. The sooner you unlock a dungeon and the sooner you can expend the limited daily attempts on each one, the better it will be for you as far as resource generation is concerned, directly improving your heroine’s growth as well.

pixel fantasia idle rpg progress

The first among the basic dungeons is the Magic Stone Mine where magic stones and power stones are obtained. There is a progress bar in this dungeon that you need to fill to 100%. Doing so will clear the level and allow you to take on the next one, provided you still have a mine ticket. Next up is the Sealed Ruins where Spirit Stones and auras can be obtained. In this dungeon, you are tasked to eliminate a mob of monsters and a boss monster within a limited time. Monsters will rage after a certain period, making them stronger and making the challenge more difficult for you.

pixel fantasia idle rpg magic stone mine

The Slime Dungeon will have you eliminate an endless barrage of slime monsters for 30 seconds and your goal is to eliminate a specified number before time runs out. In a way, you can tell how you will fare in the latter stages considering the number of slimes you kill on the present level. This is your source of Slime Pieces and Crystals.

pixel fantasia idle rpg slime dungeon

The Dragon Nest is a unique special dungeon where you test your heroine’s ability to deal damage in contrast with every other adventurer in the server. You are given 3 tickets each day and you can save them towards the end of the week when you are at your strongest. The damage you deal to the dragon determines the points you earn and the points you have determine your rank for the season. Your rank determines how many rubies you earn for the week.

pixel fantasia idle rpg dragon nest

Gold is a basic currency you will continue to earn even if you are offline and away from the game. However, the increasing demand for more gold to continue strengthening your character in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG naturally creates a clamor for additional sources of it. Thankfully, there is a Gold Storage special dungeon where you can farm large amounts of gold per run. You will continue to assault waves of monsters with each one exponentially getting stronger. Every kill earns you extra time to spend on the run and the number of monsters you eliminate determines the amount of gold you earn.

pixel fantasia idle rpg gold

Your best performance in the Gold Storage is also compared to the performances of other adventurers and your rank for the week or season is instantly determined. Your rank can earn you temporary buffs that further improve the gold you earn for the succeeding season.

7. Spend As Much As You Can On Skill Books

Considering gear summons, mergers, and upgrades along with spirit summons and enhancements as well as pet equips and level-ups to bolster your heroine’s combat power, there will come a time when the increase in power all these items bring will still be huge but not aptly enough to sustain the speedy pace of progression you enjoyed in the early stages of your adventure. In fact, in our case, we got stuck on the normal stage 50 boss as our defense penetration was not sufficient to put a dent in it in the first couple of attempts.

Once you have cleared this boss, the final icon at the bottom of the screen will finally become available and this is the Skill Book feature that will once again set the pace of your power growth to overdrive. Skill Books can be summoned here using rubies and just like the rest of the items you are used to spending rubies on, Skill Books also have different rarity grades.

pixel fantasia idle rpg skill book

Although skill books cannot be merged, even the most basic ones have the value of up to several copies each. This is because an extra copy of each book is needed to level up the specific skill book. Once a skill book has reached its max level, you can begin selling copies you no longer need. Summoning skill books will be expensive considering their ruby cost in contrast with other summon purchases.

At the same time, you will still need to perform the earlier summons from time to time in line with the cyclical quest targets. By spending as much as you can, we mean still saving some rubies for emergency summons as per the requirements of some quests.

8. Accomplish Missions And Season Pass Targets

The lengthy main campaign coupled with the numerous dungeons and game modes to revel in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG certainly necessitates some actual active time to spend on the adventure. Additionally, summoning items, pets, and spirits along with the various upgrades available across the journey ensures a lot of busy moments while you are in it.

Although the outright rewards you can amass just with what has been already discussed can be considered more than sufficient to ensure sustainable growth and progression, Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG still provides plenty of extra opportunities for you to earn even more rewards. A tandem of these features is the missions and game pass aspects of the game, both of which can be accessed through their respective icons at the upper right side of the screen.

Missions can be easily compared to quests in the sense that both encourage you to go about the usual activities that you should engage in relative to your drive to move forward in your adventure. Just like quests, missions are not an extra layer of requirements to bar you from moving further ahead and should instead be perceived as an extra guide to follow to ensure a smoother flow of progression.

pixel fantasia idle rpg daily mission

Missions are divided between daily missions and endless missions. Daily missions are in a sense limited for a day and accomplishing each of these objectives gives you a sense of assurance that you have been aptly active for the day, although still not as active as can be. The term “endless missions” speaks for itself as a similar target will appear once you have accomplished the mission and claimed its respective reward. Both sets of missions provide incentives for you to push towards completing them. Again, rubies are abundant in Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG but free ones, especially ones you can practically earn effortlessly are always worth having.

pixel fantasia idle rpg endless mission

The Season Pass may appear as a strong enticement campaign to lure you into paying a premium on Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG. However, even the free pass in the adventure can net you a lot of rewards at no extra cost whatsoever. Season pass targets all center around monster kills and Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG allows you to kill monsters even when you are asleep. In this regard, we reiterate the 3 buffs we mentioned earlier that you should always keep active and likewise encourage spending time online, even on power save mode, to keep these ad boosts active and hasten your monster kills.

pixel fantasia idle rpg season pass

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG certainly still holds an abundance of game modes and features we have yet to peek into despite going through a lot of them but while we will leave the rest of the surprises for you to uncover, we are very confident that the simple tips and strategies we discussed above should more than suffice to help you dominate every challenge in the adventure that comes your way.

If you happen to have spent more hours, or days, immersing yourself in the simple yet expansive world within Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG and have your very own tips and strategies to share, feel free to share one, some, or all of them with us down in the comments!