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Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Build Your Pirate Empire

Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay is a game developed by Herocraft for Android that allows you to head to the seas for a turn-based strategy game that is, most of all, best played as a multiplayer title. You can take part in four types of battle and sail six types of pirate ships, and complete up to 100 levels, not including the bonus levels. You will also have to be prepared for random events in battle, such as monsters suddenly appearing, though you can also steal your opponents’ gold, among other game features.

This game involves a lot of strategizing and can be a bit complicated if you’re just getting into it. But if you want to finish off more experienced opponents and build an impressive fleet while at it, we’ve come up with some Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay cheats, tips and tricks that can help you figure things out even if you’ve only began playing the game recently.

1. Upgrade Your Attacking Ships’ Parts

Naturally, if you want to make your fleet of ships stronger, then you’ll want to level up the parts of your attacking ships. Simply go to your Shipyard and tap on the Repair button. Tap on the part icon found right above the ship’s avatar; this would then allow you to upgrade any part you wish.

2. Know How The Upgrades Can Improve Your Ships

Now, that you know that you have to upgrade parts after you repair them, here’s what they can do for you. If you upgrade your Hull, this will improve your defensive capabilities, thus making your ship more durable. Sails will make your ship faster, which can help you avoid monsters and traps. Cannons improve damage, and that’s going to serve you well in battle; this area should be upgraded if you want to deal out super damage and beat enemies in as few turns as possible. Finally, Gun Powder works by expanding the attack range of your ship.

3. Watch Out For Those Sea Monsters

As we said above in the game description recap, sea monsters can appear at random while you’re at battle. Always look for the boiling water as that’s a clear sign a sea monster is about to make its presence felt.

4. Use Sea Monster Traps To Trick Your Opponents

Sea monsters can be used to your benefit, even if they’re normally out there to get you. Try to lure AI ships towards the boiling water; if they pass there, they’ll be fair game for the sea monsters. Just be sure you yourself don’t go too near that boiling water, or you too will become lunch for these giants of the underwater.

5. Get More Coins, Here’s How

You’ll need coins in order to gain access to new ships, have a larger fleet, and buy new defenses for your ships. But how do you get them? First, you would want to upgrade your villa prior to upgrading your port and shipyard, so that way you can get more gold quickly. Doing this upgrade improves the villa’s production rate and capacity. Additionally, you can also complete quests to earn more gold, or play single-player missions. Lastly, you have the option to take the daily spin, with the coin rewards increasing for each consecutive day you log in.

Regardless how you plan to get more coins, you need to make sure you have enough storage space at your disposal. Upgrade your warehouse so you can increase its maximum capacity, thus allowing you to store more gold and not allow it to get wasted on account of a lack of storage.

6. Use Your Skills

Once your ship’s captain reaches a certain level, you’ll unlock skills, which are pretty much the captain’s magical abilities. This starts when your captain hits Level 2, upon which he gets the Healing skill. This skill, we’d say can serve you well in timed missions, as you’ll be under the clock to destroy enemy ships.

7. Upgrade And Repair Your Ships

Leveling up ships is easy – all you have to do is send them off to battle and they’ll level up organically. They can do this faster with more enemy ships destroyed. Look at the green circular bar on the profile photos of each ship, as that’ll tell you when you can expect a level-up; this happens when the green bar is all filled up.

Conversely, the red circular bar pertains to your ship’s hit points. That circle should remain filled up, to ensure that you win all battles. The more damaged your ship is, the more you’ll need to pay in order to fix it up.

8. Move Two Ships At The Same Time

Since all ship battles are turn-based, it’s best that you try to get as much mileage per turn, or as much mileage per series of turns. This means trying to move two ships simultaneously so you can pull off a double attack; move the first ship in one turn and move the second in the next, in such a way that they’re close together, but not too close.

9. Don’t Just Store Gold, But Other Items Too

While the Warehouse takes care of your gold, you’ll need some pirate stash stores in order to be wealthy in other areas. Upgrade the pirate stash stores consistently so you can have more gold and rum in reserve; each stash will cost you 7,000 coins.

10. Research Special Abilities In The Lab

Captains have special abilities, but ships do too. In order to unlock that special ability, you’ll want to create a laboratory and learn a new vessel skill as well. This would give your ships special abilities, thus further enhancing the strength of your fleet.

11. Get Some Success In Multiplayer Mode

Last, but not the least, here’s what you can do to gain some success in multiplayer mode. The AI”s matchmaking system will find you someone with a similar level, so just focus on unlocking at least one skill and sufficiently upgrading both your ships and your parts. This will help you in most, if not all multiplayer encounters you may have.