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Pineapple Pen Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Score More Points

The most notorious musical ear worm of 2016 has finally been transformed into a mobile game. And it’s by none other than the master of casual gaming, Ketchapp. The company’s latest game is called Pineapple Pen, and the game includes the usual one-touch system, allowing you to tap to throw the pen and make it hit a pineapple or an apple. You can “experience joy” by aiming the pen properly and making a perfect hit two times in a row, and you can also challenge your friends and other players from around the world to see who’s the “true master of the pen.”

If you’re annoyed by that darned “PPAP” song, we can feel your pain – the song’s still a big hit, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. But this game, we’d say, is far more enjoyable than listening to someone talking about having a pen and a pineapple, especially if you get to be good at it. So join us as we now bring to you our list of Pineapple Pen tips and hints for getting more perfect hits and earning more coins/scoring more points in the game.

1. Take Advantage Of The Bonus Round

The game will allow you to go crazy with your throws in eight-hour intervals (or thereabouts). We’d call this the game’s answer to Fever Mode, as it allows you to throw a plethora of pens at the pineapple, allowing you to earn a ton of bonus coins. This could get you hundreds of coins at a time, which means you should have your notifications turned on so that you’re informed whenever you have a chance at the bonus round. And the sooner you complete the bonus round, the sooner you could play the next.

2. Watch Ad Videos

Every sixth or seventh loss, you’ll get a chance to watch an ad video, which will earn you 15 coins per video once you’ve completed the 30-second clip. But since those ad videos don’t often come up, you might want to speed up the process by losing as quickly as possible upon starting a new game. That should allow you to farm for coins by watching as many videos as possible in less possible time. It doesn’t matter how many points you’ve scored or how many coins you’ve earned, just as long as you’ve ended your run.

3. How Can You Score More Points Easily?

Talking about the scoring system, there are some fruits that could earn you one point, and other fruits that could score you two points. But if you see that there are two fruits on the screen at the same time, that’ll earn you four points per fruit if you hit them. These happen to be quite easy to hit, and if your pen misses its target the first time around, there’s still a chance you can get points by hitting the second fruit.

4. Use Your Coins To Buy New Pens

Once you earn 200 coins in the game, you can go to the in-game store and unlock and buy a new pen. The new pens only change the way they appear, and do not change the gameplay in any way, shape, or form. Remember that this is a Ketchapp game, where bells and whistles are strictly optional; collecting pens is all a matter of customization and collection, and that’s all you should expect from Pineapple Pen.

5. Beware The Slowdown

While it might seem like a good thing that the fruit begins to slow down at some points in your run, that might not be a good thing, especially if you’ve perfected your timing. Your pen will still move at the same speed it did before the fruits slowed down, which would require you to tweak your timing in such a way that you have a better chance of hitting the fruits. You can also turn off the game and reopen it so that the fruits move again at their normal pace.

Mistake it not – this can be a serious nuisance and it could throw you off big-time. But if you’re prepared and make the necessary adjustments, the slowdown shouldn’t bother you too much.