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Pinchworm Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

What’s the deal with Unity and Variety’s new iOS game Pinchworm? As you may have noticed, this casual game’s been getting a lot of attention since its release late last month. The game puts you in the role of a worm, with the “love of your life” having been kidnapped by an evil bird. While trying to save that love of your life, you can collect up to 14 characters with their own unique worlds and backstories, collect up to 30 award badges of increasing difficulty to attain, and a “custom” scoreboard where you can compete to beat out other human players and show off the worms you’ve unlocked. Unity and Variety also claims that this game is “super addictive,” and despite its seeming simplicity, it comes from a company with clout – the people behind Unity and Variety used to be with Facebook.

Now, that we’ve ran down the basics, it’s now time to help you out with the basics of playing the game itself. If this is your first time to play the game, we would definitely suggest that you continue reading for our list of Pinchworm tips and tricks.

1. A Run-Through Of The Basics

In Pinchworm, all you need to do to dive down is to pinch outwards, and if you need to move up, you’ll just have to do the opposite and pinch inwards. It may seem confusing at first, but that’s exactly why the game is called Pinchworm – pinching is the main mechanic. Be careful when pinching on your screen, as doing the wrong action or failing to do anything may lead you straight into an obstacle, potentially ending your game sooner than you’d like. You also have three “lives” per run; the first time you hit an obstacle, you’ll be moved to the left, the second time you’ll be moved even further to that direction, the third time your game will be over.

2. The Benefits Of Losing Some Lives

Of course, the best thing to do would be to try not to get hit by any obstacles. You’ve got to be as careful as possible when playing the game, but in the event you do hit an obstacle, it can potentially be easier for you to avoid the next obstacle, as being moved to the left does give you more time to react after being warned by the game. Yes, it does seem as if you can score more points after getting hit once or twice, but you shouldn’t try to deliberately get hit either; remember that all you get are three lives!

3. How To Earn More Coins

The game’s main form of currency is coins, and you can naturally collect them by playing the game and gathering them as they randomly show up. However, you can also earn coins after your character dies; just watch a video when prompted, and you can get some free coins in return.

4. What’s In It For You If You Buy New Worms?

The worms in this game may have their own backstory, but they won’t change the way this game plays on your device. That’s pretty much fair, as this is a simple, casual game, and since a good majority of the worms cost 99 coins each. Goldsworth is the only exception, as he costs 999 coins, or $9.99 worth of your actual money. But then again, collecting worms can help you break some of that in-game monotony. The worms you collect after the four stock ones you’re given at the start of the game will all be playing in a different environment.