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Pearl’s Peril Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Solve All Mysteries

Mystery, betrayal, and murder await when Pearl receives a letter informing her of her father’s death. She immediately suspects foul play, and flies straight to Artemis Island where it all happened. Pearl’s Peril is an awesome hidden object game from Wooga, the developer behind June’s Journey, where you are tasked to help Pearl seek justice for her father by searching for clues in different locations. The more clues you find, the more of the truth is revealed. Those who Pearl considered to be friends may be hiding deep dark secrets.

pearls peril guide

There are twists and turns in every corner, but you must see it through to the end. The puzzles start off easy, with the clues and objects easy to find. As you progress, however, the objects you are looking for become more difficult to find. But fear not, as our Pearl’s Peril guide is here, including tips, cheats and strategies to solve all mysteries in the game!

1. Cheat The Clock

how to cheat the clock in pearl's peril

There is no visible timer on the screen, but your score is affected by how quickly you find all the objects. If you want to save some time, you can cheat the clock by staying on the starting screen of a stage. You will be asked to tap anywhere in order to start. Don’t tap just yet because you will be able to see a darkened version of the room in the background. You can check out the list at the bottom of the screen and try to find as many items as you can before tapping on anything.

2. How To Multiply Your Score

When you tap on two objects in quick succession, a multiplier bonus will appear at the top of the screen. The more items you find before the multiplier depletes, the higher the bonus will be. This is another benefit of checking the scene before starting. You will be able to tap on the objects quickly as soon as you begin. You can get as much as a 9x multiplier for your score if you are quick enough, helping you acquire a high score.

3. Hints Are Unlimited

pearl's peril hints

If you find yourself in a pinch, you can tap on the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the screen. It will highlight a random object from the list. Unlike in other hidden object games, the hints in Pearl’s Peril are not consumable. That means you get to use it as many times as you like. The only catch is you have to wait for it to go on cooldown before you can use it again, so you will be wasting precious time. Also, since the hint randomly selects which object to show you, it is best if you use it only when you have one or two items remaining on your list.

Keep in mind that using a hint will immediately forfeit the hint bonus for your score. That means you will most likely forfeit any chances of getting the top score in a round where you used a hint. Of course, you can always try for a better score in the next round.

4. Don’t Go Tap-Crazy

pearl's peril tricks

Tapping on the screen without finding an object counts as a failed tap. You don’t get penalized right away if you make one or two failed taps. The game does not even remove the multiplier bonus if you tap incorrectly. That does not mean you should just go around tapping on every inch of the screen in a desperate attempt to find objects. Too many failed taps and the game will tell you to give it a rest. The screen will lock up and you will have to wait a few seconds before you can try again.

Another thing you should consider when tapping on the screen is your score. If you don’t make any incorrect taps throughout a round, you will be rewarded with an Accuracy Bonus at the end. This is a huge boost in score that can help you secure that top score and earn more coins in the process.

5. Object Positions Don’t Change

pearl's peril strategies

A good thing to remember when playing this game is that object positions in a location do not change. That means if you found an item in one spot, you can be sure to find it again in the exact same position in future rounds even in the difficulty increases.

You are probably thinking that makes the game too easy. That’s not exactly true. Every time you complete a round, more items are added in the scene for the next round. The list of items you need to find also grows. That means the scenes become more cluttered as you progress. If you do not focus, you will end up forgetting where you found items in your earlier runs.

6. Words Can Mean Different Things

Just because one scene that listed “five” meant the number 5 does not mean you should be looking for the same digit in every other location that says “five” in the list. You could be looking for the word “five” or even a drawing of five sticks similar to how scores are drawn in children’s games.

An object listed as “lightning bolt” can be an actual lightning bolt in the sky in one location and it can be a carving of a bolt in another. Do not limit yourself to a single interpretation of a word. If you can’t seem to find an object by looking for a literal image, you might need to think outside the box and come up with possible alternate meanings for the words on the list.

7. Find Every Clue

how to find every clue in pearl's peril

Every location in the game contains three clues. You can find these clues by replaying the locations. In the level selection screen, you will see three question marks. These question marks will be filled in by each clue you find, so you will know if you have found all the clues in a level if all marks are replaced by an image.

The game allows you to move on to the next chapter even if you haven’t found all the clues. Staying on the current chapter to unlock all clues, however, will allow you to get a better picture of what is happening in the story. As an added bonus, you get a new puzzle after unlocking all clues for a chapter. Once you solve that puzzle, you will be rewarded with Cash, the game’s premium currency.

8. How To Unlock More Puzzles

how to unlock more puzzles in pearl's peril

Unlocking new locations and puzzles require a number of things. First, you need to follow the story because the basic locations are unlocked as the story progresses. A second requirement is to simply earn badges by replaying existing locations. The number of badges required for each location will appear in the level selection screen.

Finally, you will need to meet the required Prestige level to unlock new locations. The same is true for unlocking new chapters. Even if you complete the previous chapter, you will still need to have the required number of badges and Prestige level in order to move on to the next chapter.

9. Build Up Your Island

Unlike in other games where decorations only serve as a costly mini game, you get to build up and decorate the entire island here. There is an assortment of buildings, tiles, and decorative structures available for you to construct. Each piece you add to the island has an equivalent number of Prestige.

Buildings and structures add more Prestige, but they generally cost more and take time to build. If you just need a couple of Prestige points to unlock the next location, you can just purchase a few tiles that give you one point apiece.

10. Upgrade The Island Buildings

how to unlock the island buildings in pearl's peril

Aside from awarding you with much-needed Prestige points, buildings also give you coins over time. The higher the level of the building, the more coins you earn. This serves as a more stable source of income for you on top of the rewards you get from playing puzzles. To upgrade a building, you will need to collect upgrade materials. These can be purchased using Cash, or you can replay puzzles for a chance to earn materials as rewards.

Once you have the required materials for an upgrade, a star icon will appear above your building. Tap on it then tap on the button to confirm upgrade. Upgrading takes time, similar to constructing new buildings. You can wait for it to finish or you can spend Cash to speed things up. We recommend that you stick to waiting, though, unless you are willing to spend real money on the game.

11. Expand Your Territory

how to expand territory in pearl's peril

If you look at the main map, you will notice that most of the island is covered in fog. You won’t be able to build on the foggy areas until you unlock them. Each part of the foggy areas requires a certain number of badges, compasses, and coins. Of course, these become more expensive the further away they are from the main villa. Badges are earned by replaying levels.

The badge icons fill up depending on your score for each round, but you can keep replaying until they are full. Compasses are given as rewards for playing puzzles. You won’t always get them as reward, so you might need to play a few times before you can get one. Coins, of course, are acquired as rewards or through building income.

The first section you can open up is on the left side of Grandmother’s Tomb. A key icon will appear if you have met all the requirements for exploring that area. Tap on the key to unlock and you will instantly be able to start building there. The more land you unlock, the more buildings you can construct. That means more income for you as time goes by.

12. Complete Tasks On Pearl’s Planner

how to complete tasks on pearl's planner in pearl's peril

At the bottom of the map, just beside where the red plane is docked, is a bulletin board. This is Pearl’s Planner. It lists down tasks for you to complete. Tasks could include playing specific levels, earning a number of badges, or constructing a number of decorations.

Completing these tasks will reward you with coins, energy, Cash, and even upgrade materials. You will need to complete a task in order to open up new tasks. A gift icon will appear above the bulletin board if you have completed a task. Make sure you claim the reward as soon as possible because the next task will not appear until you do.

13. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

pearl's peril achievement rewards

The best source of premium currency in Pearl’s Peril is through Achievement rewards. Each Achievement has three milestones, and the higher the milestone, the more Cash you are given as reward. Tap on the trophy icon at the bottom of the screen to check which Achievements are close to completion. An exclamation mark will appear on the trophy icon if you have rewards waiting for you in the Achievements section.

Most of the Achievements will be met as you play the game. These include traveling to new locations, unlocking scenes, collecting clues, and so on. Other Achievements need more intentional actions such as constructing decorations, upgrading buildings, or reaching a certain score. Always check if there is anything you need to do in order to reach a certain Achievement milestone.

14. Play The Daily Puzzle

pearl's peril daily puzzle

Similarly to other hidden object games, in Pearl’s Peril you earn daily rewards for simply logging in for the first time each day. Aside from the daily reward, however, a Daily Puzzle is available. This is a torn image that you need to assemble in order to get the reward.

The key to solving the daily puzzle is to start with the corners. Pieces will automatically snap on if you drag them near the correct partners. If you have completed the image and you are still not getting the reward, you might need to align the parts of the image properly. Drag a part of the photo until you see the flash of light that indicates it has snapped on to the other parts. The reward will appear once all the pieces have snapped on correctly.

Completing daily puzzles will give you daily rewards, but that is not all. If you complete 30 daily puzzles, a major reward is waiting for you. This reward includes coins, Cash, energy, and more, so be diligent in completing the daily puzzle. If you accidentally dismissed the daily puzzle window, you can easily revisit it by tapping on the puzzle piece icon at the bottom of the screen.

15. Invite More Friends

Pearl’s Peril has a social feature that allows you to invite your Facebook friends to play the game. Friends who are already playing the game will also automatically appear on your in-game friend list. You can ask your friends for energy if you run out, but you only get one energy per friend.

Having a lot of friends means you get more free energy per day. Friends can also send each other energy without asking. Just tap on the envelope icon at the bottom of the screen, put a check on the friends you want to send energy to, then hit the Send button.

It is time to make sure justice is served to those who betrayed Pearl’s father! Follow the Pearl’s Peril tips, cheats and strategies listed above to find the culprit in no time! If you have come across additional tips, need some help or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!


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