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Pastry Paradise Cheats and Tips: 6 Tricks You Need to Know

Gameloft’s Pastry Paradise is another one of those matching games that come with a more elaborate backdrop than what the mechanics of the game suggest on the surface. As Hannah, “the sweetest chef in the land,” you’ll be tasked to put a stop to the dastardly activities of Mr. Moelleux, “the crooked cook who’s baking up nothing but trouble and bad food.” It’s a puzzle game at the end of the day, one that isn’t that unlike Candy Crush Saga and other popular titles and one that many refer to as a Candy Crush clone. Now, that’s not entirely a bad thing, but if you’re new to “match three” titles, we’ve got some Pastry Paradise cheats we’d like you to check out if you’re looking to clear more levels and earn more points.

1. When All Fails, Ask Your Friends For Help

Pastry Paradise requires hearts for you to go from one level to the next. This is, in effect, the game’s equivalent of lives, and if you’re all out of hearts, you can connect your game to Facebook and see if you can get some help from friends. Sure, some may react by posting a “Please stop sending me game requests” status, but if you know someone who also plays the game, those are the people you’ll want to ask.

2. …Or Do The Time Lapse Cheat

Exit Pastry Paradise, remove the game from your cache, shift the time on your device forward, and restart the game. That’s all there is to it, and that will also bring your heart level back to full.

3. Create Rainbow Cakes

As rainbow cakes have the ability to remove all the pastries from your board, try to create one whenever possible. Better yet, create two rainbow cakes and swap their positions on the board for an even more powerful effect.

4. Aim For Three-Star Level

Now not a lot of gamers are as concerned about star levels as others, and that’s understandable, as getting three stars out of a possible three usually means a higher score and nothing more. But in Pastry Paradise’s case, getting three stars will earn you a special prize that could earn you even more money, while more stars in general means more chances to unlock more bakeries and more new in-game regions. Hit the stars as you see them on your display and you’ll see how many points you need to reach that level.

5. Play The Game Every Day

Pastry Paradise also gives out rewards to those who play the game every day without fail, even if it’s just checking in for a minute or two.

6. Memorize The Boards

It wouldn’t hurt at all to memorize the boards per level, or at least memorize as much of the board as possible, as well as the objectives within a level. That gives you the chance to replay a level and outdo your previous score, or plan things out before retrying a level.

Tiffany Finley

Sunday 6th of September 2020

1.Freeze time so that you can match yup as many cakes 2. Use y the wand to switch up cakes for the one you need.

Pamela Bell

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

I am at level 99 and am stuck on how to defeat it.. Its got 2 honey jars i dont know how to complete this level??? Thanks tips would help...