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Part Time UFO Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Even aliens have to make a living. In HAL Laboratory’s new mobile game Part Time UFO, you will have to help UFO-kun in completing several odd jobs in order to make ends meet. Don’t worry because they mostly just involve stacking a bunch of stuff to get the job done. As UFO-kun, you will control a flying crane to take the objects where they need to be. This iOS-exclusive game’s humorous approach to creating jobs will keep you guessing what you will be stacking next. Start off with simple crates and boxes, then move on to stacking pancakes, fruits, and even cheerleaders! Once you are done with several jobs, use your hard-earned money to purchase new outfits. Go to work the next day wearing a hard hat or a chef costume. If you are having problems completing any job, don’t worry! Just read our Part Time UFO beginner’s guide for some important pointers!

1. Watch Your Swing

The game might seem easy at first, but as soon as you pick up your first object, you will realize how hard it can be to keep things stable while flying around. The objects you carry will swing precariously as you travel from one point to another. This will make it difficult for you to create a stable stack, especially when you already have a few items piled up. There will always be the risk of making the stack too unstable because of your swinging cargo.

The key here is to move carefully to keep the swinging to a minimum. It will test your patience, but it will be more frustrating to have to start over just because you couldn’t wait to get to your destination. There are instances where swinging can be useful, though. Some jobs will just require you to dump a bunch of cargo onto a truck or a boat. Swinging will allow you to toss your items on to the destination, minimizing the time it takes to complete the job.

2. Keep Shapes In Mind

It goes without saying, but the first few objects you lay down will determine how difficult your job will be later on. If you haphazardly plop down objects without thinking about their shape, you will have a tough time stacking things on top of it. Just carefully observe the shape of the objects you are carrying and try to create flat surfaces for stacking. The shape of objects will also help you determine the best way to pick them up.

3. Check The Background

Some items in the background are not just there for decoration. Keep an eye out for objects or characters that you can interact with. Some of these items will give you bonus points if you use them on your stack. Other items, however, are more important since they are required for getting medals. Try to pull out any of the items in the background. Sometimes it can even be part of another object, like a person’s wig.

4. Aim For Three Stars

Every job you complete will give you a rating. The most you can earn from each level is three medals. You need these medals to progress in the game. That means you have to do whatever it takes to get all three medals. There are different conditions for acquiring medals. It is not just a matter of completing the job. Some jobs will ask you to use an extra item, stack objects in specific areas, or meeting a stack height requirement. You won’t know what the condition will be, but you will be given a clue. There will be three pixelated images for each job. It is up to you to figure out what they mean.

5. Understand The Missions

There are different types of missions available in the game. Every location in the game has up to three missions for you to complete. Make sure you practice the skills you need for each type of mission. Knowing what is needed ahead of time will let you know how to handle the mission. We have listed several locations below for you to have an idea of what to expect.

Farm – Stacking
Worksite – Balancing, Evasion
Ocean – Claw Precision
High School – Balancing, Stacking
Museum – Balancing, Stacking
Circus – Balancing
Lab – Block Puzzles
Restaurant – Balancing, Stacking
The Moon – Battle

Complete all jobs and become the ultimate part timer! Just remember everything you learned from our Part Time UFO tips and tricks to ensure your success!