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Panda Pop Cheats: 8 Fantastic Tips & Tricks to Clear All Levels

Panda Pop is a game wherein the goal is to rescue baby pandas by popping bubbles and as the game describes itself you’re going to be saving them from an “evil baboon” who has kidnapped them. The game has more than 250 different levels, a number of power-ups and combo hits and an addictive gameplay, that can leave you playing Panda Pop for hours on end, or at least as long as your phone or tablet can take you. But you wouldn’t want to be playing this game for hours not getting anywhere, which is why we’ve come up with these Panda Pop cheats for you to check out.

1. Don’t Mind The Leftover Bubbles

Just as long as you’ve achieved your goal in each level, which is to save the baby pandas, you’re all good – no need to chase after more bubbles than what you can handle, as that may distract you from your objective. Remember, there’s a reason why the game is called Panda Pop.

2. Aim First Before Shooting

You can do this by dragging left or right on your device’s screen before releasing the bubble. This should improve your accuracy, as opposed to randomly shooting those bubbles in hopes that something will stick. You can also cancel your aim by dragging your finger toward the mother panda.

3. Plan Ahead By Memorizing Each Level’s Layout

Before each level begins, you’ll see the layout of these levels for a few seconds while the game is loading. You can even take screenshots of these levels on your phone, so that you can map out strategies even before you start playing the game.

4. Why You Shouldn’t Mind The Wall Texture

Simple – wall texture doesn’t have any effect on how a bubble bounces. Even if certain walls may look angled, your bubbles will still bounce the same way, just as long as you’re aiming properly.

5. Use Power-Ups First, Toss Bubbles Later

Since having more bubbles in your possession at the end of a level means additional bonus points, you’ll want to use power-ups first before shooting bubbles.

6. Combine Power-Ups If Possible, But Not Always

Combining power-ups can often make them more effective, but there are some times in which it might not be a good idea. One lantern, for instance, would be more efficient in shooting bubbles, as opposed to combining multiple lanterns at the same time.

7. Pay Attention To Color-Changing Bubbles

Once you reach later levels, you’ll notice the presence of color-changing bubbles. These colors change in a specific pattern, so pay close attention if you don’t want these to be an obstacle going forward.

8. Shoot For The Special Achievements

Achievements are part and parcel of most good mobile games, and while they are, at the end of the day, mostly optional in nature, hitting these achievements will reward you with some free goodies. These include power-ups and extra lives; for example, you can get a bonus life by earning 50 stars.


Monday 28th of March 2022

I cannot get past level 1533 and I am getting very frustrated. I don’t have all of the power tools to help me win. Help!


Sunday 1st of March 2020

Are there rules/guidelines re: how to get through locked walls?

Terrie Sewell

Thursday 9th of May 2019

Level 1891 is super hard I have been playing that same one a week I can get all no mlm more boosters or bombs can u help

Tracy Toney

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

Level 148 only gives me 18 bubbles to shoot Is it possible to complete with only 18 shots ? My answer is no


Monday 29th of July 2019

Yes. I got 18 balls too. No way to get it through


Saturday 1st of June 2019

I looked up videos on how to beat the level because I’m having the same issue. Everyone else is getting 77 balls to start.

fisheye. DAVIS

Friday 15th of March 2019

Now that the glitches are finally fixed, (and nothing for this inconvience), the aim is now extremly shakey on long distance shots and precise on the short ones. Very fishey.