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Paddington Run Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Everyone’s favorite mild-mannered bear is coming up with a new film. And what better way is there to celebrate this than to play with him on your mobile devices? Paddington Run is Gameloft’s latest entry in the endless runner genre, featuring Paddington Bear, that’s now available for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you get to help him run through the streets of London as he picks up jars of marmalade. You can also take on different challenges and collect all 18 costumes for Paddington. The good news is that the costumes are not just for show. Each one has its own perks that can help you run even farther. Do you have what it takes to beat the infamous London rush? If you find yourself struggling, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Paddington Run strategy guide for some help!

1. Dress Up For The Win

As we mentioned above, the costumes you unlock have perks that can help you in the game. You can’t just pick whatever outfit you like, however. There are costumes that provide perks only for specific areas in the game. For example, if you are going for a run in Central London, you may want to put on the Classic Paddington costume as it makes boot power ups last longer for that area. Don’t worry about knowing which outfit you should use. The game will recommend an outfit before you start a run, so you can just follow the recommendation in order to take advantage of costume perks.

2. Use Gems On Suitcases

If you are a Paddington fan, you would know how magical his suitcase is. In this game, however, there are several suitcases available for purchase. Suitcases contain random outfit cards that will help you gain access to more outfits. The silver suitcase can be purchased using marmalade, but these only contain uncommon outfits. If you want some rare costumes, you are going to have to shell out some gems for gold suitcases. Don’t bother spending any of your free gems on revives and other things. Just buy as many gold suitcases as you can in order to get the best costumes in the game.

3. Spend Marmalade On Upgrades

Aside from unlocking outfits using marmalade, you can also spend it on upgrades. You can upgrade toys and boots which will increase their duration in game. Of course, outfits can also be upgraded. Costume upgrades boost the bonus effects you get from wearing them, so upgrade your most-used outfits whenever you can.

4. Pick Up Tokens

As you play Paddington Run, you will sometimes see a golden token. Golden tokens are used on the prize wheel in order to get a random prize. Prizes can be pretty awesome, so make sure you pick up any token you see. In fact, don’t hesitate to risk ending your run just to get that token. You can always start another run, but you won’t know when the next token will pop up, so always prioritize getting the golden token.

5. Beware Of Power Up Baits

The game tends to bait you into obstacles by using power ups. You would always be tempted to go towards a power up, so it is easy to miss an obstacle that comes right after. Make sure you always look ahead to see if the power up you are about to pick up is placed suspiciously. If you think it might be risky, feel free to ignore the power up and keep on running.

Help Paddington get through London Traffic in Paddington Run! Make sure you follow our tips and tricks above and you will be hoarding marmalade jars in no time!