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Pacific Warships Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win More Naval Battles

Pacific Warships is an online multiplayer warships battle game by GDCompany. With beautiful graphics and easy to adapt gameplay, this game has the potential to become your next multiplayer obsession. Each battle has two teams of six players each, pitting against each other.

You are awarded one “rookie” ship at the start of the game. The game relies on “credits” and “gold” as its main currencies. You can use credits to purchase newer ships or to upgrade your current one. But in order to be able to upgrade a certain part of your ship, you need to collect or buy the relevant blueprints first. You can level up in the game by playing to earn skill points. They are used to upgrade your captain skills, which helps improve your ship’s health, speed, and firepower.

pacific warships guide

The game controls are easy to understand. You have the choice of moving at two different speeds forward. Only one speed level when you are reversing. You have to touch and hold on the turn buttons to keep the ship turning. Your rookie ship has the ability to repair itself using drones and attack using your primary canons. Higher tier ships have more capabilities such as invisibility for a limited time and torpedoes tube as your secondary weapon.

Now, let’s move on to our Pacific Warships, tips, cheats and strategies to help you quickly get the warship of your dreams and crush your enemies in the game.

Pacific Warships Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1. Be A Team Player

Don’t separate from your team members. You will usually find yourself in a group of three players at the start of each session. Follow your group into battle. The ships are easily damaged when you take fire from enemy ships. Meaning in one on one battle, even if you manage to win, you will be left with barely 30% health. Fighting in groups gives you the edge as the opponent ship can only fire at one ship at a time.

2. Use Your Surroundings

pacific warships surroundings

The maps are filled with small islands. There to provide cover for those who are wise enough to use them. If you see that there are multiple ships headed your way, turn to the nearest island and circle around it to get behind the approaching enemy ships. There are many different ways that you can gain tactical advantage using a good understanding of your surroundings.

3. Earn More Credits, Here’s How

You can earn more credits when fighting by collecting flags, hitting the enemy ships, delivering the kill shots to damaged enemy ships and by gaining different badges such as Kill Assist or Capture Assist. The more credits you earn early on, the quicker you can buy better ships when they are unlocked. Earning more credits also helps you level up faster in the game. You can even sell your old ships that you are not using anymore for credits.

4. Be Patient

When you level up in the game, new and better ships are unlocked. But don’t be hasty. There are several ships unlocked at the same time. You can make leaps in progress by just holding out a little longer for the best ship. It often takes a few more battles to earn enough credits to be able to buy the strongest ship. Often these ships have a higher overall rating and other abilities such as torpedo tubes or invisibility.

5. Make The Ship Your Own

pacific warships weapon upgrades

You can chose the kind of fighter you want to be. You can pick out your captain skills and decide if you want your ships to have better defenses, better speed or more firepower. Each ship has one particular strength such as defense, repairs, high damage primary weapons etc.

Make the ship and game your own by deciding what you want to focus on and make your ship stronger by upgrading your weapons, chassis, camouflage or structure.

6. Run For Cover

If your ship is taking too much damage, run for cover behind one of the islands on the map. They provide you relief from the battle and give you a chance to repair your ship without continuously taking damage. It’s possible that the enemy ship might follow you behind the island. The trick is to keep moving around the island in circles and keep an eye on your enemy. Watch their movements and if they have stopped, you can stop too. Give yourself as much time as you need to regain your firepower and repair drones.

7. One On One Battles

One on one battles can be tough. At best, you can expect to get out of one with low health. If you see an enemy ship coming at you and you can predict that it’s going to turn into a one on one battle, steer towards your allies or towards the islands. As soon as your enemy is in range, start firing. Predict their position by the time your shots are going to reach them. Because remember they are moving too. If you get to your allies, they can help you by joining the battle. If you get to one of the islands, you can use it to repair your ship.

This game is a thrill and action filled adventure. Use our Pacific Warships strategy guide to progress quickly in the game and get the best ships and abilities while crushing your enemies in battle and smashing their ships to pieces. Have fun wreaking havoc with your friends and blowing your enemies to oblivion.