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Outcast Odyssey Tips, Tricks & Strategies: An In-Depth Guide to Success at Any Level of the Game

Outcast Odyssey is a new Bandai Namco title in the card collecting/card battle genre that “features deep and visceral card combat,” both in campaign and in PvP mode. There are more than 300 cards you can collect and evolve in this Android and iOS game, as well as 40 islands you can explore. Bandai adds that the game contains elements of dungeon crawler and card battler games alike, thus creating a “fast-paced (and) fun-to-play” game in a fantasy setting. You can also join guilds and play in Battle Arena mode and compete in different events for more prizes.

That’s Outcast Odyssey in a few quick sentences, but there really is a lot to learn about this game and the learning curve may be a bit daunting at first. But we’ve thankfully got a couple of Outcast Odyssey tips, tricks and strategies here that could a) settle you in if you’re starting or b) assist you if you’re stuck somewhere in the game and can’t move forward.

1. Understand The Rock-Paper-Scissors System

The elemental system in Outcast Odyssey involves some classic rock-paper-scissors mechanics. And it’s as simple as this – Nature beats Magic, Magic beats Tech, Tech beats Nature. Use this guide to find the weakest target in your enemy’s deck. And as an added bonus tip, save the final target (the one with the yellow orb-like shape) for your hero, as they usually deal out the most damage. Additionally, use the rock-paper-scissors mechanic (we can call it Nature-Magic-Tech for all intents and purposes) when it comes to weapon skills getting activated.

2. Complete As Many Islands As Possible

It may sound quite daunting, but there are distinct benefits to completing an island. Mainly, you get a unique four-star card for each island you complete, such as the Shield and Ribbon cards, for instance.

3. If You Know What You’re Up Against, Swap Cards

If you know what’s the deal with a certain opponent or monster, then swap cards until you find something suitable to play. Again, use Nature-Magic-Tech as your guide when choosing your cards or your deck in general. Choosing the right deck is very crucial here, so make sure you think before you build it.

4. Take Advantage Of Special Skills

Worried about an opponent who may have some devastating attacks in their arsenal? Try the Freeze, Sleep, and Stone skills to stop them from attacking, and when they’re stopped in their tracks, swoop in and attack them. One great example of cards with these skills is the Winged Unicorn (Sleep), which could wreak some havoc if paired with the right attack card.

5. How To Win In PvP Matches

Player-vs-player combat is a major part of what Outcast Odyssey is about, and you need to take it seriously. While you’ve still got a weak deck, you’ll typically see the same players quite often. Fight against the players with more Honor Points if you really have to choose. But mainly, you’ll want to start with the easy PvP challenges, before graduating to Medium, then Hard battles as you keep improving your deck. The tougher the opponent you defeat, the more honor points you’ll receive. Also, have a deck that includes all Attack or Attack/Defense designations, as your Defense cards’ special skills won’t work if you’ve got one in your PvP deck.

6. Have A High-Health Deck In PvP Mode

Another useful tip in player-vs-player is to build a deck with a lot of high-health cards. If your opponent has a lot of health, that reduces your chance of activating skills, though the inverse also applies; if your health trumps that of your opponent, you can expect an easier win than usual. Use this tip in conjunction with the other PvP tips and you’ll potentially be dominating the competition.

7. Build A Deck With Complementing Cards

When building a deck for Outcast Odyssey – and you can build more than one of these – you want cards of complementary nature to each other. For example, the Ribbon card has the Dash and Spiral skills, which means you need to add a Flying Unicorn, which enhances the Spiral skill with a Sleep skill. You should also take advantage of your hero’s abilities, picking cards that get boosted by these abilities. A basic example would be having lots of magic cards if your hero can boost these cards in specific.

8. Prioritize Getting A Five-Star Weapon Quickly

There are other things you can do to quickly build a formidable deck. For one, you should prioritize trying to score a five-star weapon or better as soon as you could, or probably have at least four cards with four-star weapons. And as your deck and your weapons become more powerful, activating weapon skills can result in high-damage combos that could vanquish the enemy before you know it.

9. Get The Best Possible Complement Of Cards

Packs and Bundles may cost a lot, but they do typically come with the best possible cards you can get. You can also get high-rare cards or rarer in Campaign mode by completing more islands. Bounties are another good source of impressive cards, particularly the five-star Bounty that’s available every Sunday; Bounties can also reward you with tons of gold and gems. Last, but not the least, do take the game’s advice seriously and join a guild. That way, you can take part in Guild Wars and get richly rewarded if you’re able to put together some impressive wins.

10. Enhance Before You Evolve

It’s going to take some time and a lot of patience, but when improving your cards, you should enhance first, then evolve. If you’re evolving with a deck of eight cards, that makes all the waiting worth it, but in order to do both of these similarly-named actions, you need some feeder cards. You’ll typically find them in Campaign mode, and usually in easier areas, which you can replay in order to get them for enhancing/evolution purposes. This farming/grinding tactic is also a good way to earn more gold, so feel free to replay those easy stages.