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Orbia Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Become the Ultimate Orb Flinger

Orbia is a mobile game that has a relaxing play style as well as clean, crisp, and nicely themed graphics. This game can get so infuriatingly intense, as you are able to see where you need to get to but you’re continuously denied by those fluffy guardians! Orbia is Jox Development’s first game on the market and they’ve done a great job. A game with simple mechanics paired with neat graphics will always be a winner in our books.

The aim of the Orbia is to work your way through different themed maps, checkpoint to checkpoint whilst avoiding unwanted collisions with the fluffy but deadly enemies that repeatedly circle your pathway. Orbia is a one-tap game featuring bonuses, power-ups and a range of different skins for your character, each of which offers a variety of skill buffs.

Not only does Orbia display positive stats of how well you’re doing during a certain map, such as your progress or dashes in a row, but Jox Development also like to remind you of how often you fail too, ours is higher than we’d like to admit, very kind of them.

For those looking to get a head start and dash their to victory so they can lord it over their friends, then follow our Orbia guide below for the top cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Focus On The Big Three: Patience – Timing – Confidence

Believe it or not, if you can master any of these three principles then you’ll be well on your way to a successful dashing spree! But don’t be mistaken, one won’t be enough to reach those final levels, it takes all three to become an Orbia master.


The enemies that circle your jump locations and checkpoints all work in set patterns, some obvious and others less so. The key is to just sit, wait, and watch until you’ve seen a full cycle of their movements. Doing this you’ll be able to take note of how many openings are available and which ones pose you the least amount of risk.


Crucial to success, once you’ve spotted what opportunities you have of to reach your next location it’s time to make the move. You’ll need to judge both the movement speed and direction of your enemy to correctly work out when you need to tap. Don’t let the current position of enemies affect your decision, as you’ll have to think about where they’re going to be not where they are. This may mean launching yourself towards a wall of enemy fluff balls in order to hit the gap they will be moving out of.


Go for it! Trust yourself and your gut feeling. The amount of times you’re able to repeatedly dash from one checkpoint to another is crazy as long as you have the confidence to do so. You’re subconsciously figuring out enemy movements speeds and patterns all the time whilst playing, so sometimes it’s worth the leap of faith and tap when you feel it’s right.

2. Working Out Those Enemy Movement Patterns

As you progress further along the map, reaching those high-level numbers, then you’ll notice the enemy patterns can start to become a lot more erratic. Don’t let this intimidate you, they all still follow a basic pattern structure so you don’t have to worry about any random twists or turns. The trick to conquering the more difficult patterns links back to patience, you’re not on a timer so just sit and observe. The in-game boosters or skin upgrades can also help give you an edge over the more challenging levels.

3. Making The Boosters Work For You

A lot of the in-game boosters are unavoidable as the appear sporadically at jump locations, some even phasing in and out – make sure you time these jumps well to maximise chances of success. The best boosters to hit are cheating chilli’s and dash speed.

Dash speed doesn’t just increase your movement speed from point-to-point but also provides you with a path direction indicator. This can come in real handy when timing your taps with more difficulty levels.

Cheating Chilli’s will skip you straight through an enemy shield and to your next marker. The only problem is, chilli’s appear randomly throughout the map so just make sure to hit them when you get the chance in order to get that little bit closer to your next checkpoint save.

Whilst other boosters such as the hourglass and extra shields can be helpful for slowing down those faster moving enemies or giving you that extra chance to bounce across, respectively, they aren’t the most useful in the game.

4. Unlockable Skins

The most reliable and effective way to increase your chances of blasting through levels is skins. Each skin comes with a set of unique stat boosters and reducers. For example, some skins can reduce enemy movement speed whilst increasing your dash speed or they can add more shields and improve the chance to bounce of monsters and survive. The key is to find the best combination of skills that best suits your play style. Our favourite combination is a reduction in your player size whilst also increasing your dash speed, this lets us sneak through more difficult gaps and beat our way past higher speed enemies. Skins can be unlocked in three ways; in-game currency (crystals), real-world currency, and throughout the course of the map. Whilst the best skins are those that will cost real-world currency, you can still get some great ones by spending those hard-earned crystals. Also, some skins only unlock when you reach certain levels for each map.

5. Crystals

Being your in-game currency, crystals are used to purchase three items. The most important use being skin purchasing, skins being incredibly helpful when facing particularly difficult levels. Secondly, new maps. In order to access a new range of maps you first have to save up crystals to buy them, new maps offer new challenges and new skins so are definitely worth buying when you’re reaching the higher levels of the game. Finally, you can also purchase epic jumps, these can be purchased after death and will launch you back to your best-achieved jump spot. You should really only use epic jumps if you were close to the next level’s checkpoint.

You can earn crystals in-game through reaching jump spots, daily rewards, quests, and presents. Daily rewards are great and increase in value each consecutive day so it’s definitely worth getting your taps in each day. Presents are offered randomly throughout gameplay along with jump spot crystals so they’re really just little pick-me-ups you occasionally come across.

By far the most generous crystal collection method, quests. Quests offer a crystal reward for hitting a given level however, quest conditions vary throughout the game. Conditions take shape in the same form as your skin bonuses i.e. dash speed +20% or shields: 2, the most challenging condition you’ll come across eyes: off. Having eyes set to off is just as terrifying as it sounds, all enemies turn invisible and the element of luck really comes into play. This is when a skin with extra shields will really come in handy.

6. Get To Those Checkpoints

Every level is clearly marked in the game with a numbered jump spot and zero enemies floating around it. These level markers are your checkpoints, acting as mini save locations. Getting to a new checkpoint will prevent you from having to work your way through those pesky enemies again so when approaching the end of your current level take extra care and make sure you get that save!

7. Stuck At On A Seemingly Impossible Level?

The developer was kind enough to include a shuffle level option on the death screen. This lets us reshuffle enemy patterns and attributes giving us a second chance of flying past them. We only recommended shuffling levels if you’ve taken the time to study the level at hand, and have had a good few attempts before trying out a different combination.

Orbia is a game where patience really is the key. Mastering enemy movement patterns, finding the right skin for your play style, all come into making you the best Orbia player out there. For those who really want to show off, Jox/Dev have even added a built-in gameplay recorder so you can send videos of you dashing through levels like they’re nothing to your friends or even post them directly to Facebook. Follow our quick help guide above and you’ll be well on your way to maxing out those levels.