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One Hit Cowboy (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Ye Zhixiong has released a new arcade game for the Android and iOS mobile platforms, and it’s called One Hit Cowboy. The premise of this addictive and challenging title is that you’re playing the role of a cowboy with a revolver, and only one bullet to fire at each enemy. Like in many other games of this kind, you have to act quickly and accurately, so that you can make sure the bullet hits the enemy and takes them out. You’ll be dealing with various types of enemies in this endless arcade game, as well as unlocking various characters and trying to beat your old high score, or those of your friends.

When it comes to this type of games, that’s pretty much the payoff – these games don’t try to reinvent the wheel, and you simply have to beat an existing high score, collect more characters, and try to go as far as possible. There’s really nothing to it, although as you’ll find out soon enough, this is one of those games that can be hard to master, despite the simple mechanics. Read on, as our One Hit Cowboy tips and hints will help your bullet find the enemy far more often than they don’t.

1. Timing Is The Most Important Thing To Master

As we mentioned above, and as the game’s developer had pointed out in the Android and iOS descriptions, this is a game that tests your speed and precision – there’s little time to take it easy, and there’s little room for error. But firing your revolver is simple enough – tap on the screen so you can fire, and do so when the bullets (which appear as red circles) are in the middle. Don’t worry if you miss at first – just don’t miss too often, and wait for the bullets to be in the middle once again. The game won’t penalize you too much if you miss every now and then, and you don’t have to worry either if you miss a lot in your first play-throughs – the goal in those runs is to improve your timing.

2. Speed Is Almost As Important

Now here’s where we have to mention speed. In case we and the game’s maker didn’t mention it enough, you have to be quick on the trigger. You won’t be technically punished if you misfire, but you need to be quick, as your enemies will also be firing at you. If you take too long to fire, then you may be fired at, and if you come to think of it that way, you CAN be punished for missing your taps. Let the timing guide your accuracy, but don’t take too much time to fire!

3. The Bullets Will Rotate Either Way

Before you tap, you have to get ready, because you’ll be watching the bullets and seeing if they rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. You’ll also have to keep an eye out for multiple enemies coming in waves – this could throw you off if you aren’t careful. But the main thing is looking at the bullets, seeing what type of rotation happens. For the first wave, the bullets will typically rotate clockwise, and this will continue for the next one or two waves. And once you reach the fourth wave, that’s when it may rotate counter-clockwise. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the already-existing challenge of timing your shots.

4. You’re Actually Unlocking Enemies, Not New Characters

Most games in the endless casual genre will allow you to unlock new characters, which are basically new skins that don’t change the gameplay, and don’t come with any advantages or disadvantages compared to your stock character. But One Hit Cowboy adds a twist to this mechanic by allowing you to unlock new enemies – you’ll still be stuck with the stock cowboy (see what we did there) regardless how often you play. Different enemies do change gameplay, but with another twist – more expensive enemies will earn you more coins. Other than that, however, there aren’t any visible changes relating to the gameplay, as everyone’s stats appear to stay the same, regardless of enemy.

So what can you buy with your coins, considering that there seems to be a cycle or sorts when you buy expensive enemies to earn more coins for killing them? Well, you can buy health packs, which will cost you 500 coins each in the in-game store. That allows you to revive your character immediately during your play-throughs. Then again, we would think twice if we were you, before buying these health packs – 500 coins is a premium amount of in-game currency, and you can only use these health packs once per play-through.

5. How To Play The Gatling Gun Mini-Game

One Hit Cowboy has a mini-game within it, and it involves the use of a Gatling gun. This is like a bonus round or a side mission, in a way, although we should warn you it can be quite challenging. You’re required to tap as quickly as possible and kill as many enemies as you could. Faster taps, of course, mean a higher potential to kill more enemies and earn more coins. But unlike some other mini-games or bonus rounds, you don’t need to worry if you don’t do well in the Gatling mini-game – you won’t get killed, so that’s a bit of consolation for not being able to earn a ton of extra coins.

These would be our tips, tricks and hints for One Hit Cowboy. Do you know more tips for the game? If so, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment section!