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Oinky Boinky Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Earn More Coins and Complete More Levels

Mobile game maker Rekkener’s new game Oinky Boinky is now available for iOS devices, and it adds a new twist to the casual/arcade gaming genre in mobile. It’s a “challenging laugh-out-loud animal game” where you will help Oinky bounce his pals all the way to the farm to exotic lands. The game is chock full of pig-related and other types of puns, as locations include “The Pig Apple” and “Hamsterdam,” while Oinky’s friends (over 30 of them) include the likes of Harvey Koalatel, Muay Tiger, and others. It’s a physics-based game in terms of mechanics, and with your in-game currency you can unlock new characters, buy homes, and do a number of other things.

As this is a new game, you’re probably getting ready to download the game, or you may already have it on your iPhone or iPad and are figuring out how to play it. (Or you may be an Android user and are waiting for the game to arrive on the Play Store – no word if it would, though!) Whatever the case is, our collection of Oinky Boinky tips, tricks and hints should help in your quest for pork-fection in this game, while also helping you collect more coins for free so you can buy those characters and homes.

1. Practice Your Timing And Angles

Oinky Boinky, as we said in the game overview, relies on physics for its in-game mechanics. And that requires the right timing in certain situations, as well as proper angling of your bounces. For the first area, you’ll want to inflate Oinky only when Boinky is right above him, and time it correctly. For the second area, meaning your angles, feel free to bounce left and right so you’ll have a feel for choosing the location where you should bounce Boinky on Oinky, thus giving the former character just the right trajectory.

2. Center Oinky And Boinky

Oinky, regardless how low or how high you’re bouncing him, will always be located in the center of your screen. But Boinky also needs to be in or around the middle part of your screen to ensure you a better chance of getting it right and completing more levels.

3. Homes Are Better Than Hotels

While hotels are extremely convenient, allowing you another chance to complete a level once you’re extremely close to finishing it, they are also quite expensive. What you can do instead is not to touch those coins for hotel reservations; save them up for homes, and replay previous levels in the meantime. If you’ve already beaten a level, that improves your chances of doing the same thing again.

4. Make Good Use Of The Landmarks

In real life, landmarks can be a real life saver. You may be lost and might not know where to go or what to do next, but familiar landmarks are always a breath of fresh air if you can’t find you way around. Likewise, that also applies in Oinky Boinky, as some levels may give you difficulty by making it hard for you to figure out where you’re at. Use those buildings, mountains, and other structures to remind you what part of the playing field you’re at, and remember that each of the levels/locations has one central object that you just can’t miss.

5. Watch The Ads For More Coins

Like many other mobile games, Oinky Boinky will give you the option to watch advertisement videos so you can earn more coins. To be exact, you’ll get to earn 75 coins per ad video, which may not be much, though those free coins will add up over time as you watch more of these ads. Yes, it could be tedious to watch those videos, but it’s worth it in the end, and it sure beats having to complete impossible challenges or sign up to free trials that require your credit card information.

6. Let Boinky Get The Coins

Want another way to earn coins? Read on, as this could be tricky. The game will allow you to move Boinky left and right while airborne, in order for him to gather coins that are out of your grasp. While you want to generally ensure that he remains in the middle of the screen, as we told you in an earlier tip, this is great if you want to gather coins faster. Again, the key to getting this right is good old fashioned practice.

7. Make Sure To Open Gifts

Another way you can earn more coins in this game is to open the gifts you receive. Look at the top left corner of your screen for the gift countdown – this will tell you when your next gift is due to arrive, so pay close attention to it and make sure you open your gift as soon as possible to get another one sooner.

8. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Teleporter

The Teleporter can come in handy as it could take you to a place in the game you haven’t been to yet. But there’s also the chance that it will transport you to a place that you’ve actually been in before. That kind of dulls it for a lot of players, but the risks here won’t cost you any progress in most cases. Don’t fear the teleporter – use it, because who knows whether this could get you to a new area with no effort whatsoever?

9. Go For The All Perfects Bonus

Normally, you’ll want to overlook mistakes such as early bounces – as long as you complete the level, you should be fine. But there’s a reason to aim for precision and perfection when playing levels after Hamsterdam. You can get an All Perfects bonus when the eagle catches you if you’re able to complete those levels without the dreaded early bounces; your bonus gets bigger the farther off you land. Think of this as a mini-game that doesn’t have any real bearing on your progress, but could help you win some all-important bonuses.