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Noodles (iOS) Guide: 3 Tips to Twist and Turn Your Way to Victory

Looking for an addictive Zen based puzzler game? Noodles is the perfect choice for all your puzzler needs with its attractive and easy to understand gameplay. Developed by Lummox Labs, the game has seen much success since its release and due to being regularly updated, it is a gamer’s favorite. Noodles is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes Store. At a tiny size of only 30MB, Noodles packs a powerful graphic punch along with some really relaxing Zen music in the background.

Noodles has the same main concept as many other puzzlers. You have to connect all the noodle shaped pieces with each other until no stray noodle is left on the board. This seems like a very simple task for the first few levels when there are only a few noodles on the board. However, as you progress throughout the levels, the difficulty level increases to incorporate many different and randomly arranged noodles. These noodle combinations will be much harder for you to solve and will take a considerable amount of time and thinking on your part.

If you want to continue trying to solve these harder levels on your own, then by all means you are free to do so. However if you think they are becoming too hard for you to solve and you are getting frustrated, follow the tips mentioned in this article. In addition to improving your overall gameplay, the tips will encourage you to think in a different direction that is required to beat the artificial intelligence of Noodles.

1. Aim For The Corners First

The game board in Noodles is a simple square shape and the arrangements you get at most levels will be centric. This means that they will appear to move out from the center of the board towards the corners or ends of the game board. Unknown to most players, the fastest way to solve any puzzle combination in Noodles is to begin connecting each corner noodle with the one adjacent to it. Complete the horizontal direction connections first before moving towards the noodle that is directly above the one that you are currently working on.

This approach towards connecting the noodles not only simplifies the connections, it makes it very easy for you to visualize in your mind that which combination requires what kind of connection solving. You may not feel the need to use the corner first method during the first ten levels as those are mostly oriented with all noodles concentrated in the center of the board. However, this method will be very useful for later levels when almost the entire game board is covered in Noodles and it is a complete mess to look at. Remember, practice is essential in this case and the more you try this method while playing Noodles, the faster you will get at solving levels.

2. Use Time To Your Advantage

Unlike most pipe connection based puzzlers, Noodles relieves you of an additional tension by removing the time barrier. As the main concept behind the game is to provide a Zen based experience to the players, this relaxation comes in as quite soothing while solving especially difficult levels. As time is your friend now, you need to use it your advantage as much as you can.

Being patient and performing moves in a calculated manner brings many rewards in this game. Think of meditation while you solve the puzzles. Do not try to hassle as hasty moves will make you forget the combinations you had made before. Play the game with a relaxed attitude and try to mentally note down all the different moves that you make while trying to connect one noodle with another one. When you have a complete mental record of the move history that you performed to get to a specific point, it will not be much of a problem for you to get out of a tight spot or out of a situation which was previously proving very frustrating for you.

Remember, time is your ally in Noodles and your patience will be greatly reward so do your best to resist the temptation to complete the level as quickly as possible. Focus on thinking before making every move and getting those moves perfectly right.

3. Learn To Rotate The Noodles

The main objective of the game is to connect each Noodle with another Noodle by rotating them. There are 3 different types of Noodles that you can rotate during the game. The C-shaped Noodle allows for rotation at ninety degrees and you can rotate it four times consecutively to bring it back to its original starting position. This Noodle can connect with two other Noodles using its two free ends. These are the most widespread type of Noodles in the game and needless to say you will have to gain complete mastery of the rotation mechanics of C-shaped Noodles.

Another common type of Noodle that you will encounter throughout the game is the Straight Noodle. There are two free ends on this Noodle but you have to be careful while rotating it because it is usually of a longer length than other types of Noodles which can cause it to get stuck between two other Noodles during a wrong rotation. Avoid playing too much with straight Noodles and leave them as they are originally placed on the board because most of the time they will automatically connect with other Noodles in the end.

The rarest type of Noodle in the game is the T-shaped Noodle. There are three free ends to this Noodle and it is very useful because it can easily bypass between different rows and columns. While rotating this Noodle you have to take care that one side which is the back of the Noodle is not available to make connections with other Noodles. Therefore always try to keep this flat side facing towards the boundary of the game board or towards an empty space where there are no Noodles present to make any connections.