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Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Rare Cats Guide: How to Get Cream-San, Frosty, Ms. Fortune and More

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a game that’s been quite the hit since its release late last year. You’ve probably seen it topping the Android and iOS charts, and maybe you’ve been playing it for a while. But just in case you need a refresher on what to expect, this is a game where you collect cats of varying rarities. There are more than 40 different cats in the game, and attracting cats is as easy as placing toys and treats in the yard, and waiting for the cats to arrive. But some cats will be much harder than others to find, and in order to get them to visit your yard, you’ll need specific items. And once these cats visit, you will then log their appearance in the Catbook, effectively adding them to your collection.

We’ve shared with you a couple of detailed Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector strategy guides in the past, that you can check out right here. And now that we’re revisiting the game, we thought we’d share with you some tips and tricks on how to get some of the rarer cats in the game, including Cream-San, Senor Don Gato, Billy the Kitten, brand-new addition Frosty and many more.

Billy The Kitten

This is the cowboy cat in the game, and despite his meek appearance, he’s got a power level of 250, same as Mr. Meowgi, whom we’ll be getting to in a bit. Buy the Cowboy Hat for 400 silver and Billy will mosey on down to your yard. Food preferences are surprisingly common, as Bitz and Tuna are good enough to bring him over.

Bob The Cat

After Billy, we move on next to Bob – Bob the Cat, that is. He’s a mountaineer-type who only makes an appearance on top of the Cat Metropolis, which costs 50 gold. With a power level of 40, he’s not exactly the most powerful cat in your yard, should he make an appearance.

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow, a.k.a. Camouflage Cat, draws inspiration from all things military-related, though the items you’ll have to buy to bring him over don’t seem to have anything to do with the military. The Earthenware Pot (20 gold), however, does resemble his hat, and so does the bowl-like feature on the Sunken Fireplace (70 gold).

Conductor Whiskers

Conductor Whiskers, also known as Tama or Train Cat, lives up to his name. Buy the Twisty Rail (20 gold) and the Cardboard Choo-Choo (60 gold) to lure Conductor Whiskers to the yard, but be patient as he doesn’t appear too often. His power level is at a mere 50, so don’t be surprised if he’s gone soon after he arrives.


Also known as Peaches, Kuriimus-san, and Creamy, Cream-san is arguably the most popular cat in Neko Atsume, at least among the rarer felines in the game. And while spotting Cream-san can be quite the challenge as it doesn’t tend to show up too often in the yard, there are several toys that you can buy in order to attract it. These toys include the Tiramisu Cube (28 gold), Cardboard Café (50 gold), and the Heating Stove (600 silver), all of which Cream-san will enjoy once it visits your yard.


Frosty is one of the game’s more recent feline additions, and is distinguishable by its white fur, green ears, and red eyes. This happens to be a very lazy cat, as it doesn’t play with any toys, rather favoring pillows, cushions, mats, and other items used for lounging around. Simply put, you’ll want to focus on buying these items in order to attract lazy Frosty, including the sky blue Snowy Pillow (220 silver) and the Bureau with Pot (950 silver). But even if Frosty tends to be sedentary, you should also bear in mind that it won’t stay in your yard for so long due to its extremely weak (5 points) power level.

Guy Furry

The Chef Cat of Neko Atsume, Guy Furry seemingly exists and appears in your yard for one reason alone, and that’s to cook pizza or make some ice cream. He does that with the Heating Stove (600 silver) and the Glass Vase (350 silver) respectively, and while it’s interesting that the game has a cat that likes to cook, it appears that the other cats couldn’t care less about his culinary skills; the pizza and ice cream he makes isn’t counted as food items. He has a very low power level of 30, which means he’s off to another cooking engagement soon after he does his stuff in the kitchen.

Joe Dimeowgio

Clearly inspired by the baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, it’s no surprise what you’ll need to convince him to figuratively play ball and visit your yard. The Baseball (90 silver) allows Joe to step up to the plate, but he’ll just stare at the plate and not take a swing. His low power rating of 28 means he’ll likely intentionally walk himself out of the yard before he has a chance to swing.


No relation to the Nepalese capital – this cat has the appearance of a Japanese feudal lord. That means stuff like the Lacquered Bowl and Temari Ball, which both cost 25 gold, will pique his interest. He’s got a fairly decent power level of 150.

Lady Meow-Meow

Some have taken to calling her Anna Wintour, due to her resemblance to the Vogue editor. Still, you don’t need to spend much to bring her over, as the Luxurious Hammock costs just 35 gold. She’s got a power level of 100, which isn’t bad, but not too good either, and in terms of habits, she will usually laze around in the hammock and do nothing else.

Mr. Meowgi

Though he is alternately known as Samurai-San, Mr. Meowgi’s name and appearance is an obvious nod to the kindly old mentor (Mr. Miyagi) in the Karate Kid films. He’s a sword-wielder like Senor Don Gato (see below), and will stay for quite a while even if he doesn’t tip a lot, thanks to his power level of 250. Purchase the Scratching Log for 30 gold and the Sakura Pillow for 220 silver as they help Mr. Meowgi in his fighting and meditation respectively.

Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune, despite the word play related to her name, attracts wealth and good luck and keeps homes away from evil spirits, as she is based on the Japanese superstition known as “beckoning cat.” As such, she’s also known as Lucky Cat or Maneki Neko. Buy the Cardboard House for 40 gold to make her appear, but don’t expect her to be around for long due to her power level of 20.


Not really a rare cat by the game’s definition, but he does have a rather unusual appearance, with one green eye and one yellow eye. That gives Pepper the alternate name of Odd-Eye, though we can’t get the David Bowie connection in his second alternate name Bowie-san. You’ve got a wide range of items you can buy to lure Pepper, including a lot of scratching items – the Scratching Log (30 gold), Board (180 silver), and Post (240 silver) all work well for Pepper. His power level is 165, making him likely to stay long and not get bullied out of the yard.

Ramses The Great

Ramses the Great is alternately referred to as Pharaoh Cat or Sphinx, and is, as you may have guessed, an Egyptian-themed feline. Buy the Pyramid Tent for 190 silver to attract him, and keep him around for long; he has an impressive power level of 230. This cat isn’t too fussy with food, just as long as you don’t feed him any sashimi.

Saint Purrtrick

Also known as Two Tails, Saint Purrtrick also tends to be fond of lounging around. He’s also easily distinguishable for having two tails. You don’t need to feed him anything special, and not only is he lazy, he also tends to stay for long, due to his power level of 222. As for the items you can buy to entice Saint Purrtrick over to your yard, try buying the Silk Crepe Pillow (20 gold) or the Japanese Kotatsu (60 gold).

Sassy Fran

Also known as the Café Cat, Sassy Fran will only appear in the Cardboard Café, which is priced at 50 gold. She also happens to live up to her name, as she’s got a power rating of 180 and is quite hard to be bullied around by other nearby cats.

Senor Don Gato

With an appearance akin to Puss in Boots, Senor Don Gato prefers the Mister Mouse toy, which costs 140 silver. Power level is quite low at 30, which seems a bit strange considering his swashbuckling appearance, but it is what it is.


Tubbs is predictably a fat cat, and due to his girth it’s no surprise that he can consume one bowl of food in one go. He loves food, and doesn’t seem to be the picky type. Still, that comes with the downside of other cats not wanting to be around him for too long, though he himself tends not to be shifted due to his 130 power level/rating. Buy the Giant Cushion for 25 gold – this normally can fit two cats, but Tubbs (a.k.a. Meowby Dick) is huge enough to fit in it all by himself. Make sure you snap a lot of photos if you find him sleeping in the cushion, as he tends to be a light sleeper.

Xerxes IX

Xerxes IX also goes by a couple other royalty-related names, Prince or the Japanese version Purinsu-san. Although he can be filed under the “rare cats” category, Xerxes IX is surprisingly easy to lure to the yard. Just buy the Zanzibar Cushion for 20 gold and buy premium food and he’s sure to head over for a bit, with emphasis on “a bit.” Xerxes IX’s power rating is only 70, which means he’s not going to stay for long, if definitely longer than Frosty.