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Mystery Saiyan Guide, Tips & Cheats to Become the Ultimate Mystery Saiyan

Are you feeling the pressure from too much work? Are you frustrated and nothing is working out for you? Or are you just plain bored out of your mind? The solution to your hundred and one dilemmas in life is here. Battle your frustration and boredom by battling away on the screen of your smartphone in the brand new multiplayer card game Mystery Saiyan. This tap and swipe to play game is a product by the gaming powerhouse of Animation Baidai. Mystery Saiyan is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game comes in a reasonable package size of 210 MB and provides days and days of gameplay in that size unless you become so addicted that you manage to end the game in 24 hours. The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game. The most recent version of Mystery Saiyan is version 1.0.6 and was updated on 19 December 2017.

Mystery Saiyan is one of the rare purely tap and swipe to play action trading card games available both for Apple and Android operating devices. The game stems from a browser version of the game with the same concept that got immense popularity in a relatively short amount of time on the internet. Introduced in an age where flash gaming was the latest thing, the original Saiyan games quickly gained a loyal and devoted player base through the unique and extremely addictive gameplay. The mobile game Mystery Saiyan basically continues upon the original legacy of strategy based browser games and incorporates all the elements of gameplay in addition to providing a beautiful looking and highly interactive user interface. Where the original Trading Card browser based game was just a mindless clicking game where the main objective was to summon as many creatures as you can, the mobile game builds upon an interesting storyline and takes you on an adventure as you compete with your friends on Facebook and other social networks for the title of the Ultimate Mystery Saiyan!

Mystery Saiyan is similar in its basic essence to many other popular attack and defense strategy games like Clash of Clans and Age of Empires. The main objective is to destroy all the enemy cards and claim victory for your team before they get to you first. In addition, the extensive campaign mode in this game allows you to play as many of the legendary characters that the civilizations have known over the centuries. Mystery Saiyan introduces this concept through every style of character that you can possibly imagine and a gameplay which is very reminiscent of popular classics like Duel Mastersm Yu Gi Oh and The Age of Empires series. You play as the commanding force in your team and you have at your command characters consisting of both ranged and melee units and it is up to you to decide how to structure your army and arrange your cards for the strongest attack combo possible.

The gameplay mechanics of Mystery Saiyan are fairly straightforward and the game is designed to be played by players of all ages and genders so naturally the difficulty level is quite low. However, earning the title of Ultimate Saiyan in the game is something reserved only for the most dedicated and passionate players. The game has an exponential reward rate but that comes coupled with an even more sharply increasing price rate for upgrades and power ups in the game.

Purchasing in game items using the Golden Coins as they are referred to in Mystery Saiyan is also an alternative option for those players whose fingers start aching from tapping or swiping on the screen too much or if you think using the screen too much might be detrimental to the health of your smartphone. Therefore, if you are not a pay to play player, this guide includes some tips on how to proceed with your upgrades in order to level up the fastest and follow the fastest path to becoming the Ultimate Mystery Saiyan!

1. Choosing Your Cards Wisely

In each faction, there is an ensemble of two different kinds of Heroes that you can summon into the battlefield. “Melee” heroes are the characters which can only attack physically and from a very close range. These heroes usually wield weapons like swords, lances or axes and have a very high attack power and abilities. Their lack of range is usually compensated for by their large health points and good defensive as well as offensive skills. Similarly there are “Ranged” heroes in the game which can attack from different distances varying from character to character in the game. The Ranged heroes are usually found in the Saiyans guild and have a fair bit of magic at their disposal. This allows them to attack enemy creeps and heroes while staying at a safe distance. However these ranged heroes have much lesser hit points as compared to the stronger Melee heroes and therefore are much easier to kill. They also usually have a lower movement speed and a slow turn rate so escape is usually harder for them if caught unawares by a Melee enemy hero.

Both Melee and Ranged heroes have their uses in different games and your chances of winning or losing are partially already decided while the Hero picking/summoning phase is under process. For example, if your team has only Melee attack heroes and does not have a single Saiyan Ranged hero, it will do very badly in the early game phases especially if there are a lot of enemy monsters lined up against you. This hero line up has great late game potential due to the immense damage per second output of an all Melee team but it will be actually very hard for the Melee heroes to reach a point that will enable them to make items that will help them deal that damage in the late game phase. Similarly an All-Ranged hero team is a recipe for disaster because a single Enemy Melee hero with higher attack can easily take out two to three ranged heroes without dying.

There is simply no defined criteria for choosing the line-up for your team as the process is not under your control and the game throws random heroes at you for summoning purposes. However at the higher levels, it is prudent to actually plan during the extra time before picking any heroes and aim for combination line-ups. This is an excellent strategy in most cases and creates great synergy between the summoned heroes regardless of whether they belong to the same faction or not. A team that is entirely focused on dishing out extra damage or a team that includes many high attack heroes will surely be able to end the game much faster than a team which has heroes fighting solo after each battle. Remember, Mystery Saiyan is a strategic effort and you can win a game only and only if you synergize your plans with the requirements of a particular level.

2. The Race Against Time

Mystery Saiyan challenges your skill at strategizing effectively while also putting your reflexes and quick decision making to the test. You might not even notice the presence of a timer at the upper left corner of the screen of your smartphone during the early levels because they provide an ample amount of time for you to make good decisions concerning the fate of your team. However, as you advance to the higher levels you will notice that the game starts challenging you by giving you less and less time forcing you to make ill-advised decisions and thus jeopardizing your team as a result.

This situation can be easily avoided if you plan beforehand and judge the strength and weaknesses of your opponent even before the stage has commenced. You are able to see the overall heath and perks as well as the type of defensive troops and abilities that the enemy team possesses at the start of each level. Think of this as blueprints to the enemy characters and if you are able to exploit the information provided to your advantage, your team will most certainly come out on top as long as you take care of all other requirements as well.

Keeping an eye on the timer at all times will not only help you to gauge how much time you have left to lay waste to the team of your enemy without being destroyed yourself but it will also help you to make a much more effective strategy and you will focus on the characters that can finish the job according to the time that you have left on the clock. Mystery Saiyan also provides you with a lot of exotic items and upgrades which can turn the tide of any hard battle. If you are absolutely running short of time, you should try and utilize these exotic items and perks to level the odds in your favor.

3. Making Clever Moves

Mystery Saiyan is a game that pits your skill against the talent of thousands of players from all around the world. In order to prove yourself worthy of being called a Champion, you have to practice as much as you can in this game. An essential part of being called a pro player of Mystery Saiyan is to have killer reflexes and an extremely short reaction time. This is a game in which team fights take at most ten to fifteen seconds and in that limited time you have to make split second decisions about which skill to use or to refrain from making a move and saving your heroes from dying unnecessarily. This perfect timing is a product of sheer hard work and countless hours devoted to practice in the game.

In the first few levels of the game you will be falsely led to believe by the in game tutorials that there is plenty of time available for you to easily throw your cards at every level. However do not trust the developers on this because they have made sure that you are forced to try hard to even barely survive during the later levels. During the higher levels, you will instantly feel pushed by the need to act as fast as you can because if you don’t the enemy team will run you over and you will lose.

A key reflex that you need to focus on developing is the use of your skills. Instead of trying out a new hero every other day, choose a single hero that you like or you think you can play well after summoning him into battle. Give two to three hours of practice to fully understand what each skill of that hero does. Some new players get exasperated when a fight starts and begin to spam all of their skills. This is the main cause of those team fights with the enemy ending badly for your side. Each of your hero skill has a defined Area of Effect and using it beyond that area will net you no damage on the enemy heroes. Also, each skill has its separate mana cost which varies wildly and spamming all skills at once will only leave you drained of all your mana. This makes any kind of repeat summoning impossible for you.

Another reaction that you need to master is the sixth sense of detection in this game. This sense only comes with time as you play more and more games. Having a good sense means you literally get a gut feeling that something is wrong and you might be need to summon more heroes to combat a particularly difficult situation. Use this sense to your advantage and become the true Ultimate Mystery Saiyan!